Wildlife Comedy Photography Award 2019

Wildlife Comedy Photography Award 2019

In This Article, You Will See The Finalists Of The “Wildlife Comedy Photography Awards 2019”; Spectacular Images Of Animals Playfully Smiling At The Camera And In A Moment; an Interesting Image Of Them Is Captured By The Photographer.

Animal photography is one of the best subjects, and many competitions are held yearly.

However, photographing animals is a tough challenge; Because you are dealing with unpredictable subjects who don’t want to do your bidding and strike their poses. For example, you can’t tell animals to sit still and smile at the camera and focus on your camera.

They are more playful than children in many cases, and you should be ready to record their behavior and movements at the moment. In many cases and moments of photography, the animal moves in a direction that the photographer does not expect.

In addition, they do not react well to the flashlight of the photographers’ cameras and run away with their eyes closed. For this reason, it is necessary to do most of the photography with natural light and professional light metering.

Now imagine how hard it takes to record funny photos of animals. Audiences are always looking for pictures and hunting moments of animals, and recording a moment, especially of them, can be very gratifying and worthy of attention.

This competition has six categories:

  • Alex Walker’s Earth Creatures Series
  • The range of organisms in the air
  • ThinkTank Junior photo
  • Amazing internet portfolio
  • Underwater Olympus
  • Video clips

The Wildlife Comedy Photography Contest 2019, now in its fifth edition 2019, thrilled everyone with the high quality of the contestants, both technically and comedically.

However, according to the founders of the photography awards, there is an important message behind this seemingly fun competition. Paul Johnson-Hicks and Tom Sollam wrote on their website that everything in this race is about conservation. According to the founders of this competition, the purpose of holding this course is to take the flag of wildlife protection.

They say, “We want you to take up the banner of wildlife conservation.

Hit the drums, hit the cymbals, and make some noise. We need to spread the word that wildlife is in danger worldwide. We need to do something to save the environment.” They started the website bornfree.org.ukhave been introduced, which can be referred to begin taking steps to protect the environment.

Due to the high level of competition in the fifth round of this competition, the judges were faced with an almost impossible task. The judges finally selected 40 finalists for this competition. Entry to this competition is free for the public.

The winner of this competition will receive a prize of a week-long safari in Kenya for two with the Alex Walker series. For more information, visit the Wildlife Comedy Photo website.

1. family discussion

Boredpanda interviewed Tom Salom (one of the founders) about the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. In this interview, Salom stated that this year’s entries are the best selection of finalists ever in the competition. He called this competition without borders and announced its entries from 80 countries and more than thousands of photos.

“Wildlife photographers are a mix of about 30 percent professionals and 70 percent amateurs,” Salem says. Our key message in the competition is that everyone can do something to help protect the environment. There is no need for a great effort; Rather, even a little effort from each of us is enough to make a significant change.”

2. Oh wow!

In the past, environmental protection was not given serious attention. Still, nowadays, in terms of the importance and dangers that threaten the environment, governments and international organizations pay more attention to environmental protection by holding conferences and approving related conventions. It is straightforward to do many things to protect the environment. Salom says, for example, don’t buy a product containing palm oil; palm oil plantations destroy rainforests and affect the world’s climate. These products have a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also necessary to know that organic effects are less harmful to the environment and reduce the risk of cancer due to their low nitrate content, and it is better to use them.

If you come across people who take economic advantage of various animal and plant species in nature during your travels, do not buy from them under any circumstances and immediately inform the environmental protection unit of the region about the available documents.

 3. Happy snowy owl

Give yourself a mission. Try to avoid non-recyclable products, says Salom. For example, how about avoiding buying a bottle of non-recyclable yogurt every week? This is easily possible. Also, save water. Try not to shower after every little sweat, or take shorter showers and water your gardens less often. It is interesting to know that if we don’t leave the water on constantly while brushing our teeth, we may be able to avoid wasting about 200 gallons of water daily. By leaving the water open, more than 19 liters of water is easily consumed. Imagine if we all do all these things: billions of billions of liters of fresh water could be saved and could flow into rivers. This water can water the fish, keep the lakes and make the forests, trees, and plants flourish. A forest that grows and increases the earth’s oxygen plays a vital role in the life of humanity. This can provide homes and food for many of the world’s wild animals.

4. to relax

The planet has limited and very vulnerable resources, and the growing threats of climate change mean that all people must be aware of their effects on the environment and be responsible for protecting the environment. With the depletion of natural resources, life on the planet will become unbalanced and complex, and the lives of humans and animals will be endangered. So we must do our best to protect the earth.

Dealing with deforestation is one of the most important ways to protect the environment, and paper recycling is the best solution to deal with deforestation. We can all recycle various wastes, including paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and glass, to prevent deforestation and make the most of it by writing or printing on both sides of the article. Unfortunately, only 14% of all plastics worldwide are recyclable. Can someone innovate and think about the remaining 86% of plastics? Governments and NGOs in this field should encourage people to live without plastic and use non-plastic materials and bypass some notes and laws; they should prohibit single-use plastics.

5. He’s right behind me… isn’t he?

Today, most brands in the field of fashion and clothing pay a lot of attention to the recycling industry and are trying to produce their goods in such a way that it is possible to recycle them. So you can buy from brands that fulfill their commitments to protecting nature. Using cloth bags is not difficult at all. So try always to have a cloth bag to put your purchases in. Because even if you go shopping without a prior intention, you can put it in your bag instead of a plastic bag. Avoid using plastic bags as much as possible.

6. Moose? Which reindeer?

Environmental protection is influenced by three intertwined factors: ecological laws, ethics, and education. Due to the growth of population and technology, the biophysical environment is sometimes neglected. There is no agreement on the extent of the impact of human activities on the environment, and conservation measures are occasionally criticized. The protection of the environment should be recognized, and governments must create restrictions against activities that destroy the environment. Since the 1960s, environmental activist movements have become aware of various issues in this field.

Each of these three factors affects the environment both at the level of international decisions and behavioral and personal values. For environmental protection to become a reality, communities must make progress in these areas and drive environmental decisions.

7. Sorry

At first glance, the things mentioned may seem like simple activities; But with these simple actions, you can care about the environment and what happens in it. You can, for example, encourage your friends and family about some of the simple things mentioned above. Talk about environmental protection on social media, at parties, and at work. Find great conservation organizations and connect with them via email or social media.

The limited access of families to environmental education and lack of awareness programs for people has caused ignorance and neglect of citizens towards environmental protection. Sadly, the activities of the audio and visual media and public publications are minimal in raising awareness of environmental pollution’s harms and providing solutions to citizens. So you, as a responsible person, can write letters and emails to the representative of your city and province and encourage them to help wild animals around the world and in your environment. You have a voice; We all have a voice. So don’t be afraid to use it.

8. Stealing life by…

9. The wishes of the squirrel

10. Hello

11. Chest Bomb (a greeting or celebration move in which two people jump and press their chests together)

12. Warning: Territory marking

13. Monday morning fatigue

14. One two three four five… I’m coming for you!

15. Hello

16. funny steve

17. The laughter of the zebra

18. spaceman

19. Dancing… yes

20. A day full of bad luck

21. Who likes peanuts? Chipmunks at the University of Michigan

22. Unpleasant offer

23. A couple of ice skating

24. Wrong Waltz

25. To be or not to be?

26. hidden

27. Surfing in the South Atlantic

28. Rare

29. Is this a bird or a plane?

30. Lost

31. wait!

32. Fight by tickling the sea otter

33. Lion

34. Strolling on the path

35. Open my arms!

36. Grizzly kids

37. what are you looking for?

38. Hip Hop Rabbits

39. Baboon fishing

We need to inform people who come to nature for recreation so that they leave no other traces except footprints. The most important thing that every person can do to preserve the environment is to record their moments with photography, avoid writing souvenirs on trees, and avoid taking any animal, plant, fossil, etc. samples separately. Every person must be aware that disobeying the rules damages the ecosystem cycle and leaves a human footprint in the environment.

Today, people believe that protecting the environment rests with the government and environmental activists. Still, you should know that this is an excuse and a false belief to avoid responsibility.

The earth belongs to all of us, and if humans don’t care about the planet, who will protect it?

Therefore, each person should protect the environment for a better life for themselves and future generations.