Wildart Photographer Of The Year; "Eyes" Category Winners

Wildart Photographer Of The Year; “Eyes” Category Winners

Wildart Photographer Of The Year Is A Multi-Category Wildlife Photography Competition. 

Recently, the winners of the “eyes” section have been announced in this event, and the best of them can compete with the winners of the remaining teams.

Wildart Photographer of the Year, or WAPOTY for short, is a wildlife photography competition created by and judged by wildlife photographers. WAPOTY has just announced the winners of the “Eyes” category and will announce the winners of other classes by the end of 2021.

Focusing on supporting environmental protection, this competition offers ten categories with a total prize pool of £13,000. The winners of each category will compete for the WildArt Photographer of the Year title and receive an additional £3,000.

A bunch of eyes was the chosen theme for March, overseen by Josh Kalicki. Josh is one of North America’s leading bird photographers with a wealth of knowledge about photographing other species.

WildArt’s judging team comprises wildlife photographers who have previously won photography competitions, including Josh. Invited from around the world, these judges have diverse styles and expertise.

The winner of the 2021 Eyes category is Terry Enfield from the UK, who captured a close-up image of a mountain gorilla titled Contact. Enfield won £500 and can now compete for the Wildart Photographer of the Year title, with winners in other categories to be announced by the end of the year.

Winner of the gold award in the eyes section

Gold Award Winner Eyes / Contact / Terry Enfield

  • Photo Title: Call
  • Photographer’s name: Terry Enfield
  • Photography Location: England
  • Prize: 500 pounds

The winning photo shows a mountain gorilla making eye contact with the photographer through a hole in a tree it made by eating its bark. The photographer says he spent a lot of time capturing this image until, finally, the gorilla made eye contact with him through the hole and looked at the lens of his Nikon D5 camera.

Winner of the silver prize in the eyes section

Invisible / Bianca Blanc / The Netherlands

  • Photo Title: Invisible
  • Photographer’s name: Bianca Blank
  • Photography Location: Holland
  • Prize: £200

Bronze award winner in the eyes section

Glass Frog Eyes / Alessandro Chizzi / Italy / WildArt Photographer of the Year Eyes category

  • Photo Title: Glass frog eyes
  • Photographer’s name: Alessandro Chizi
  • Photography Location: Italy
  • Prize: £100

Forced to Compromise / Daniel Daria / Photographer of the Year WildArt category eyes

  • Photo Title: forced to compromise
  • Name of the photographer: Daniel Daria
  • Photography Location: United States of America

Open Eyes / Alain Poirot / WildArt Photographer of the Year Eyes category

  • Photo Title: Open eyes
  • Photographer name: Alain Poirot

Fiery Eyes / Bernard Schubert / WildArt Photographer of the Year Eyes category

  •  Photo Title: Fiery eyes
  • Name of the photographer: Bernard Schubert
  • Photography Location: Austria

Antennas / Thomas Knech-Bystrik / WildArt Photographer of the Year Category of eyes

  • Photo Title: Antennas
  • Photographer’s name: Thomas Knecht-Bystrica
  • Photography Location: Hungary

Forest Owl / Lukas Jabonski / WildArt Photographer of the Year Eyes category

  • Photo title: forest owl
  • Photographer’s name: Lukas Jablonski
  • Photography Location: Poland

Diana Anderson / WildArt Photographer of the Year Eyes category

  • Photo title: I see you
  • Photographer’s name: Diana Anderson
  • Photography location: Australia

Attraction of birds / Birch genus / Photographer of the year WildArt category of eyes

  • Photo Title: The attraction of birds
  • Photographer’s name: Jenness Tos
  • Photography Location: Sweden

Sarmari Monster / Ripan Biswas / WildArt Photographer of the Year Eye category

  • Photo Title: Sarmari monster
  • Name of the photographer: Ripan Biswas
  • Photography Location: India

 Jeremy Robbins/WildArt Photographer of the Year Eyes category

  • Photo Title: Siblings
  • Photographer’s name: Jeremy Robbins
  • Photography Location: England

Morgan Munrath/WildArt Photographer of the Year Eyes category

  • Photo Title: star-shaped pupils
  • Photographer’s name: Morgan Munnar
  • Photography Location: France

The complete list of winners and all the photographers’ valuable images can be seen on the WAPOTY website.