Why should we use SSL? The impact of HTTPS on site SEO

You must be aware of the latest updates of browsers such as Google Chrome. Until now, if the secure HTTPS protocol was used on a site, a green icon would be displayed, indicating that the site is secure. But in the latest update, less than a month has passed since its release, this situation has been reversed and sites that do not have SSL will be displayed with a Not Secure icon and message. What can this type of display mean except that browsers like Google are encouraging site administrators to use HTTPS? Using the secure HTTP protocol has advantages, among which the effect of ssl on site SEO can be mentioned.

In this tutorial from Hostfa’s knowledge base, I am going to introduce the effect of SSL on the site’s SEO and the use of HTTPS on the site, so that you can be informed about the benefits of using SSL for your site, and now that you have read this article, you will quickly think Make a solution to use HTTPS on your site. At the end, we will give you a smart suggestion.

What is the effect of ssl on site SEO? Why should we use HTTPS?

If you don’t know what SSL is and how it works in general, before continuing reading this article, go to the article What is HTTPS? To learn about HTTPS, refer to the carrier pigeon method. In this article, I tried in a very simple way using a carrier pigeon and of course with the help of Sina, Peyman, Mr. Ryan and Alan Turing to introduce how the HTTPS secure protocol was created and what happened during data exchange in this The protocol is done, I will pay.

What is the effect of ssl on site SEO?   Why should we use HTTPS?

Well, as I mentioned above, in a way, browsers are trying to make the administrators of these sites prioritize the use of HTTPS by showing that the sites that do not have SSL are not secure, and in the future, we will see that most of the sites in are to exchange users’ data on the secure HTTPS protocol. Therefore, having benefits such as site security is a high priority for search engines to open a special account on this option. I will continue to introduce all the benefits that the use of SSL can have on the site and the site’s SEO.

1. Higher speed than HTTP

In order to be able to use HTTPS, which is the same as HTTP/2, both the user’s browser and the SSL security certificate must be installed and activated on your site. After these two things are observed, it will be possible to access and receive site data through the secure HTTPS protocol. Now, based on the statistics published a few months ago by Mozilla and Load Impact, the final conclusion was that it was expected that 50 to 70 percent of sites that use SSL would have better speed and performance, and the same thing happened.

What is the effect of ssl on site SEO?   Why should we use HTTPS?

As you can see in the picture above, if you open the site using the HTTP protocol, you must go through 9 general steps to establish a connection with the site, process information and finally receive information. But if this connection is done via HTTPS, two of these steps are done simultaneously, which are one of the steps that have a great impact on the site’s loading speed. In this case, we see faster data loading.

2. Increase website SEO and ranking

The main positive impact that the use of HTTPS will have on our site is in terms of SEO. It was in 2014 that Matt Katz, one of the managers of the Google department, announced that, currently, the use of the HTTPS protocol is considered a light but effective criterion in the ranking of websites by Google. So it can be said that the use of SSL on sites is very important for Google. Of course, after 4 years and the widespread use of HTTPS, it cannot be said that it will still have the same effect on the site’s SEO. But it is one of the SEO factors of Google that is more noticeable.

What is the effect of ssl on site SEO?  Why should we use HTTPS?

The image you see above is related to SSL by Default Usage Statistics of the builtwith.com site, which shows the latest statistics related to the use of the HTTPS secure protocol worldwide. As you can see, among the 1 million most popular sites in the world, 15.87% of sites use HTTPS.

What is the effect of ssl on site SEO?  Why should we use HTTPS?

In the picture above, you can see the statistics related to Iran, where 50% of the security certificates used in Iranian websites are related to let’s encrypt. The next option is the free SSL offered by Cpanel, which accounts for 7.76% of this statistic. to view these statistics online and up-to- You can visit https://trends.builtwith.com/ssl//country/Iran date.

3. More security

The next thing that stands out the most and is one of the main advantages of using SSL is related to the security of sites. Every day, various data from simple login forms to pages such as payment are done on the Internet, where sensitive information is exchanged between users, the problem in using HTTP is that it is possible to listen to this information and with a little concentration. Such information can be stolen on that site. But if HTTPS is used, security is guaranteed in this case and there will be no problem.

Some people do not consider this issue as something important and because of this they will cause problems like WordPress hacking . Using HTTPS is important even for the simplest site. Even if your site generally contains several pages where you can receive information from users.

4. Easier data referencing

You must have noticed this problem when installing SSL , or it has happened to you that when a page of your site has an HTTP address, the green lock icon related to HTTPS is not displayed on that page, and therefore the page is still not completely secure. This link can be from your own site or taken from another site. It is for this reason that it is recommended that the links inside the pages are all HTTPS in order to have high security and correct transmission.

For example, if we use the Google Analytics statistics aggregator in our site, let’s come and make the code related to the statistics aggregator so that it is loaded with HTTP, we will face the same problem. But if we modify the link to HTTPS, the problem will be solved. The reason for this issue is the same data reference between two sites through the same protocol, if both are using HTTPS, not only will the exchange be better, but the speed of the site will also improve.

5. Increasing users’ trust

The last thing that is one of the effects of using SSL on the site is related to the creation of trust that will be created between users. With the data becoming sensitive on the internet, the situation has become such that users are sensitive to this data and will avoid sites that do not properly comply with security measures. The percentage of users who are concerned about the security issue on a site reaches 75%, who are particularly sensitive to this issue, and if a site does not comply with the security issue, they avoid it as much as possible and try to avoid a similar site that has security issues. have followed and are active in the same field, they can use it.