Why should we use a blog for the site?

Business owners try not to lag behind the competitive world, but those who do not prove themselves to the user will never succeed! With the passage of time and the emergence of various startups and brands these days, having a blog for any site has become an essential need. It does not matter if the purpose of blogging is to have a personal blog where you publish daily content or to have a blog for your company that deals with the services provided and the necessary training about your product. However, for whatever purpose you plan to build a blog, having a blog and producing content will bring you the benefits of blogging. Of course, blogging here does not mean building a blog on blogging services. In this article from the Fa Host Knowledge Base, I will introduce the benefits of blogging and some great reasons why we should use the blog for the site? Let me use this article to implement the implementation of your blog on your site in the shortest possible time with the great reasons that make the use of the blog progress. Finally, you will fully understand that. Why should we use a blog for the site?

In this tutorial, we will examine the benefits of having a blog on the site:


  • Why should we use a blog for the site?
  • The Benefits of Blogging and the Benefits of Having a Blog

Why should we use a blog for the site?

So far, the purpose of blogging is to create a blog on the main domain of the site, which can be on the main site itself or to install it in a blog or folder subfolder. I addressed this issue. The only advantage that blogging services may have is having a high authority domain, which can help you grow faster in search engines. Still, other main reasons will disrupt the use of blogging services, including not having a map. The site mentioned the impossibility of registering the site on Google and limited access.

Let’s start with a review and consider large sites. What do you think is why a hosting website like a web host uses a blog? Or what is the reason for a site in the field of compost sales used in agriculture to come and have a blog on its site? Does not having a blog for sites in this field cause them to have lower sales than their competitors who use blogs and content production? At least it can be said that the answer to the last question is yes, because:

Successful businesses have blogs!

Certainly, businesses that have a blog are more successful than businesses that do not have a blog. Because the blog of these businesses has become a hangout for customers, this issue also causes the focus on the brand. Whenever the customer needs guidance about the relevant services, instead of browsing various sites, he can easily get his questions answered through the blog of the same site.

The Benefits of Blogging and the Benefits of Having a Blog

These days, you must have heard about content and internet marketing, and you know the importance of content production, which is becoming more and more colorful daily. Content production is the best way to attract many customers to your business. It may be interesting for you to know the following figures.

  • Companies that have blogs have up to 97% more inbound links to their site than non-blog sites.
  • 81% of American users trust blogs and use the information provided on blogs.
  • Those who work in internet marketing and have a blog are 68% more than other key customers.
  • 60% of users get a positive view of a company when they read the custom content on their blog, and 61% of American users buy and use the services of such a company in the same way.

For various reasons, such as the lengthy process of attracting customers through blogging, the inability to produce content, the unwillingness to pay for the author and content production, and various other reasons to create a blog for the site. But they are unaware that the future is content production, and without content production and just focusing on advertising can not succeed. Of course, content production is not limited to textual content and can be used through various multimedia content such as videos, podcasts, and infographics. But the mentioned items are after the text content because they alone can not meet the needs of each user. I will now introduce the benefits of blogging and having a blog for business.

1. Get the needs of the day

The main advantage of having a blog for the site is that you can get customers’ daily needs, and with the right planning, you create a new product and introduce the site’s products. The greatest creative ideas are formed by examining these needs, and there has always been no product from the past to the present until a need is felt.

Just look at the blog and site statistics and see what customers look for most. What are they looking for? What topics are you interested in in your business? And all the other information that you can get by getting statistics. Then, by examining these needs, create a product or content in the blog and meet the customer’s needs. After doing this, you should see changes that the following are good examples.

  • Attract customer satisfaction
  • Getting brand power
  • Focus on the product and be on the list of the first business to launch the idea
  • Get more traffic from search engines
  • Attract new customers
  • More sales
  • And…

2. Increase SEO

Sites that focus solely on selling a particular product or service have far fewer pages. Even in a business, there may not be news of creating a new page for a year because this site does not provide the services or products. Therefore, we need to produce more pages by creating a blog for the site and be known as an active site by Google. Of course, generating pages does not mean we have to submit several low-quality and useless content daily to have more links in Google. Rather, our pages must be built entirely on the principles of content production.

Let’s do this in the form of a hobby and fill your free time. What do you think will happen after a year of blogging? The following events, which are my own experiences, may interest you.

  • I do not see Alexa rank as a criterion for measuring a site at all. But after a year of regular and daily activity in Alexa site blogging, it faced a significant increase of 6 times.
  • Site traffic at the time of launch may have reached 2,000 IPs per day, but after a year the total traffic reached more than 10,000 unique visitors.
  • The average site ranking in search engines was between 8.9 and 12, but after a year it reached 2.3 in business related words, most of which is related to the same blog.
  • Basically, having quality and comprehensive content is very important for both the user and the search engine. So this is why businesses that competed a year ago are far removed from them. So that they can no longer be considered as competitors.

So it is very easy to see that using a blog on the site will lead to a very high growth of a business in search engines, which has many benefits.

3. Increase site traffic and attract visitors

Thanks to this increase in SEO using the blog, the majority of visitors are provided through the blog. During this time of year, blogging and content production in the field of internet business that you have, you have not spent any money on advertising. Now, if after a year you spend the money you intended to spend on advertising to further improve your blog and focus more on blogging, won’t the situation increase many times over?