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Why Not Charge Your Phone During The Night Until Morning?

Undoubtedly, charging the phone overnight will damage your device’s battery and its battery life will be very short. Here is everything you need to know, so stay tuned.

You might think that if you plug in your phone while you sleep because you no longer use it, your device will charge properly, but in fact today’s smartphones have the ability to charge your phone to 100%. When the charge arrives, they will stop this action.

 But on the other hand, during the day and night, our phone consumes some charge for its permanent work, which causes the charge of the device to fall below 100% even if you do not use your phone, and if it is connected to the charge, the charging process will start again.

Will be taken and this issue, which is the recharging of your device’s battery, will cause damage and damage to your phone’s power supply.

How is battery life determined?

Undoubtedly, all users are looking for a longer battery life for their phone, because no company can offer a guarantee for the battery life of their phone to its users, because the amount of users use their phones is different and this issue causes a difference in battery life of each phone. . Therefore, all users will be upset about changing the battery of their phone.

Rechargeable batteries slowly lose their capacity over time (even if you do not use them). After almost a year of regular use of your phone, you will see a decrease in battery capacity. Even phones that do not need to be recharged for two days at the time of introduction with a single charge lose almost this feature after a year.

Smartphone manufacturers determine the useful life of a phone through the “battery charge cycle”. The charge cycle of a single battery is defined as 0 to 100% charge, how long it takes for the charge percentage to reach zero again. The number of expected charge cycles shows you how much the battery can withstand a full cycle before it begins to significantly lose capacity.



In most parts where we need rechargeability to store some current, Li-Ion batteries come to mind. Batteries used in smartphones, vaporizers, laptops, Tesla cars and even chainsaws.

Why do rechargeable lithium ion batteries break down so quickly?

In all smartphones and tablets, we see the use of a type of lithium-ion battery called Lithium-Ion Polymer. These versions of lithium-ion batteries are small and charge very quickly.

Your phone’s battery is also of the same type, when its destruction rate increases when it is constantly charged more than 80% while charging the phone and when the battery charge is reduced, its percentage drops below 20%. The best time to charge your device with the best mobile charging mode is 50%.

To increase battery life, you should pay attention to these issues, that is, skip the full charge of the battery and do not let your battery charge rate fall below 20%. 

If you pay attention to these issues and keep your battery charge between 20 and 80%, you can add almost 1000 full charge wheels to your battery life, which means that your phone will have a battery life of about 3 years.



Now the question arises why this happens and the battery life decreases over time? In these batteries, we have a layer of lithium cobalt oxide and a layer of graphite. In these batteries, lithium ions are transferred from graphite to cobalt lithium oxide to release energy.

 When the battery is charged, these ions return to the graphite layer.

As a result, both modes can damage the battery. This is because the integrity of the cells is compromised, increasing the internal resistance by overfilling a layer with lithium.


How to take care of your battery?

One of the bad behaviors mentioned above is charging the battery overnight, which increases the temperature and breaks the battery, and if you correct this habit, the battery life will be longer.

Never place your phone under a pillow and allow your device to be exposed to the air to prevent possible battery fire as the air travels.

Never expose your phone battery to hot or very cold weather. For example, never leave your phone in your car as the sun may shine on it and cause the temperature to rise too much.


Is it possible to use its applications while the phone is charging?

You should not use high-pressure activities such as gaming while charging your phone. Normally many users do this. However, doing this regularly can cause irreparable damage.

No doubt we have seen a movie on YouTube or other social networks to watch them, but this is at a time when the phone is charging and will have a negative impact on the battery.



It is recommended that you do not work with the phone at all while charging to extend its life. But some light tasks, such as checking messages and emails, do not put much strain on your phone’s battery.


How to reduce battery drain on your device?

Undoubtedly, the above can help users maintain their battery. Now if you want to spend a lot of time with it on a single charge and prevent it from draining too early; You need to lower the screen brightness first, which means less battery power and you can spend more hours using your phone. Many of today’s handsets have a “save” feature. This feature creates usage restrictions for users to increase your usage time.



On many phones, activating Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speeds up the charge reduction, and some other features, such as phone data and GPS, quickly drain your phone’s battery, so be sure to turn them off when you don’t need them.


How to increase your battery life?

  1. Use a partial charge and keep your battery charge between 20 and 80%.
  2. Be sure to refrain from charging your device overnight.
  3. Keep your device at a constant room temperature, so avoid excessive and low temperatures.
  4. Reduce the battery of the device by turning off unnecessary services.