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Why Does The Crypto World Have High Hopes For Digibyte?

In today’s world of blockchain and the cryptocurrencies that have been implemented on it, Digibyte has a good market share. 

Today, Digibyte is recognized as one of the fastest, longest, safest and most decentralized UTXO blocks in China. 

The platform was officially launched in 2014 and since then has been at the forefront of cryptocurrencies with its highly advanced and unique features. As you know, DGB is the official currency of Digibyte.

But why is it known these days as a digital currency with a very bright future in the crypto world?

  • Completely decentralized infrastructure

One of the main reasons for paying attention to Digibyte in the crypto world is its 100% decentralized structure. In fact, unlike many other cryptocurrency systems that make vain claims about decentralization, Digibyte fully guarantees decentralization.

One of the special features of Digibyte is its multi-algorithmic factor. In fact, unlike ordinary blockchains that only work with one algorithm, Digibyte 5 has a unique, independent cryptographic algorithm for extraction. This will create more security in this area.

  • More security

Digibyte uses advanced features such as the Multi-Algo factor as well as an instant problem-solving policy to eliminate the risks of unwanted focus during extraction. In fact, in this algorithm, there is no centralized entity for blackmail and manipulation. Among the various algorithms, the Odocrypt algorithm has a special place and provides the advanced security mechanism of Digibyte. This algorithm has taken portal security to a whole new level and has been cleverly designed to prevent unwanted ASIC impact by rewriting and reshaping it every ten days.

  • High speed

Since its birth, Digibyte has been able to transform the world of cryptocurrencies with its high speed and scalability on the chain. China Blockchain processing speed is 40 and 10 times faster than Bitcoin and LightCoin.

  • Forward thinking approach

Digibyte has been developed and launched with a forward-looking approach. The Chinese blockchain platform has been a pioneer in many of the early blockchain applications, including Odcrypt, segwit, Multi-Algo, and استخ extraction factors. The first blockchain features featured by DigiBite were DigiAssets, DigiShield Guard, Digi-ID, and the Dandelion ++ protocol.

  • Existence of valuable currency

DGB is a scalable PoW encrypted p2p currency. This coin guarantees very high trading speeds and very affordable costs. In addition, Digibyte currency cannot be hacked, counterfeited, or destroyed, which makes it very secure.


Currently, one of the best platforms that offers DigiBite in Iran is  Arzif application  , which you can easily register by downloading it from Google Play and become the owner of a dedicated Digi Byte wallet there. So if you are interested in Digitabit and digital currencies, install Arzif and start trading this valuable digital currency.