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Why does content have keywords?

Why does content have keywords? According to SEO principles, any textual content needs a main keyword and a number of secondary keywords. Why is keyword research the most important part of content creation? The user can find valuable articles by searching for keywords. In the production of textual content, the principles and features of SEO are followed to make the content easier to access. In this article, there is a discussion about the keyword and the importance of using keywords and choosing them. Stay with us to learn more about the article “Why does content have a keyword?”.

What is the keyword?

To answer the question “Why does the content have a keyword?”, you must first understand the keyword. What is the keyword? According to SEO principles, a keyword is a group of words (one or more words) that the user types in the Google search engine. Keyword search in the Google search engine determines the possibility of reaching the content’s theme and purpose. In other words, it can be said that in Google search engine optimization, the keyword is defined so that the user can get the information he needs at a high speed. The use of keywords in SEO is important for both the user and the website owner. The main keyword and related keywords speed up the search operation.

The keyword and its importance in an SEO site depends on SEO rules. If the principles and features of SEO are observed in the textual content production, the content of the website will be seen by the user. The keyword determines the theme and content of the website page. Google search engine uses keywords to rank the website page. The user searches for the keyword to read all kinds of articles and textual content. Keyword research directs the user to the textual content of the website. The keyword is divided into two categories and includes the main keyword and secondary or related keywords.

Why is the keyword important?

Why does content have keywords? Because the keyword is a bridge between the user and the content producer that directs the user to the website’s textual content. Keywords (both main and secondary) have made it possible to search for SEO content. Content that is not written according to SEO principles does not contain keywords. Hence, the textual content remains without a reader. Google ranks the website page by checking the vocabulary and words used in the textual content. SEO principles determine the position of keywords and the number of repetitions of each word. So far, the question that was asked at the beginning of the article has been almost answered. The keyword and its importance in SEO can be seen in the field of marketing.

The importance of following keywords in SEO and content creation can be mentioned for advertising at a low cost. Click advertising (pay-per-click) is completely dependent on keywords. Google gives importance to the special position of the main and secondary keywords in the textual content. Therefore, you can produce suitable content and upload it to your website at a very low cost. In Google Ads, the website page owner must pay a fee so that the website’s content can be seen, but if the website owner uses search engine optimization or SEO to produce content, he does not need to pay a fee.

Introducing the keyword and its importance in SEO

  1. The content producer can adopt a long-term strategy by using keywords. Using keywords in SEO is a low-cost marketing method consistent with textual content.
  2. Audience research is very important in keyword research. By knowing the questions and problems of the audience, it is possible to produce high-quality and suitable content.
  3. One of the effectiveness of keywords in SEO and content creation is increasing website traffic. It was mentioned earlier that using SEO principles to produce textual content increases the click rate of the website page.

Keyword selection in SEO

Keyword selection in SEO is one of the most important advertising tools. The content that has reached high ranks on the website page has followed all the principles and rules of SEO. Keyword research is a guaranteed way to choose keywords. Appropriate keywords should be used in the production of textual content. Inappropriate keywords do not allow the article to be searched. Do not look for words that the user does not search for and has no use. So, valuable words should be used when choosing keywords in SEO. In choosing the keyword in SEO, there are criteria as follows:

1- Search amount and search rate

The keyword search rate shows the number of times a keyword is searched on Google. Keyword research increases website traffic and search volume.

2- Competition

In choosing the keyword in SEO, the competition with other pages should be considered.

3- Price

In terms of content advertising, the price is calculated per click.

4- Number of keywords

How many times should keywords be repeated in the content? Keywords should be used according to a specific density in the text. If the main keyword consists of a group of words, the probability of ranking the website page is high.

5- Purpose

Creating textual content based on SEO aims to make the website page more visible.

Tracking keyword performance in SEO

Why does content have keywords? In addition to the discussion of advertisements and the top view of the website, the use of content production is also very important in the ranking of the website. To track the performance of keywords in SEO, a tool such as is used. Using this tool, you can track keywords and prepare a report of their weekly changes. In addition to, tools such as Search Console and Google Analytics are also very useful. Using these tools, you can measure website traffic. The ranking of the website depends on continuous follow-up. Why is the keyword important? The importance of the keyword can be clearly seen in the performance tracking of all keywords.

The conclusion of the article “Why content has a keyword?”

In producing textual content, main and secondary keywords should be used. The position of the main keyword and the number of repetitions in the textual content are important. To get familiar with the principles of textual content production, you can take training courses and master zero to a hundred content production. Another method of content production is placing an order for text content production in companies active in the field of digital marketing. In content production companies, writers are aware of the principles of SEO and follow all the items.