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Why do we need legal Ceh? Importance of Legal Ceh

Legal Ceh In the Android game, we must know the secrets and techniques of the game. By knowing the secret codes, you can succeed in the game.

But these secret codes are behind the game.

 Therefore, it must be obtained somehow. Perhaps it is safe to say that it needs to be discovered or hacked by someone.

 This is a kind of cheating in the game.  We will talk more about legal Ceh in the following .

But as it turns out, hacking is not for everyone. As a result, some people do the hacking and many others wait for the hacked game to reach them. But hacking is certainly not a simple process and will be accomplished with advanced programming courses.


Importance of Legal Ceh


As a result, many people cheat on the game by using software that is used to break the game’s locks and reveal the game’s secrets. Since nowadays, games are available in a variety of mobile phones and people play games using their mobile phones, so hacking Android games is becoming very popular.

Android games have also spread in the world and people have a great desire to play their favorite game anywhere and anytime. As a result, we are looking to learn Android games and mobile games. Hacking an Android game seems to have a high appeal. In this text, we seek to examine this issue. Stay with us.

What is legal status?

Certified Ethical Hacker CEH is a measurement. Based on the knowledge of computer systems security assessment by searching for vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the target systems, with a function such as malicious hacker but hacked legally. This method is the evaluation of a system to identify ways of infiltration and security problems in it. The important point is that experts in this field are hired by institutions and organizations and use them for the security of their structure.


Ceh Legal has a valid certification from the EC Council, known as the Network Defense Architect (CNDA). This certification is designed for US government agencies and is only available to members of selected organizations, including some private government contractors. Certification can also be obtained by taking the CEH exam after studying at a reputable training center (ATC) or learning from various training portals.

As a result, in order to be recognized as a person who specializes in the field of legal field, one must have at least two years of practical work in this field or have a valid degree. Of course, the important point is that ceh is a kind of hacking. Therefore, due to the negative meaning of hacking, which is a kind of information acquisition, so this hacking can be used for a variety of purposes. Of course, in the field of moral behavior and work conscience will be more colorful and hacking is considered as a way to achieve positive goals.

Take a deeper look at ceh

Around the world, various people apply to the EC-Council for certification and participation in ethical hacking skills tests. The council has developed policies and procedures to support the objectives of the relevant certification programs, which include:


Take a deeper look at ceh

Become a legal hacker

A professional legal and ethical hacker is a skilled expert who knows how to search for vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the target system and uses malicious but ethical but legal hacker knowledge to assess the security status of the target system and report problems and fix them. N.

The purpose of presenting this CE accreditation is to identify the minimum standards for the accreditation of information security professionals in ethical hacking practices and to monitor them and introduce them to the community to help the public information health and ultimately strengthen ethical hacking as a A unique profession in the community.

Target audience certification

CEH certification helps all those who are concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure. In the meantime, this certification can help increase the knowledge of security and intelligence officers, auditors, security experts, webmasters and many other groups and be used by them.

Test information

The Professional and Ethical Hack Test is available through the ECC Ethical Hack Test Center as well as the Pearson VUE Test Center. This test contains 125 specialized questions that must be answered in 4 hours. For VUE you have to go to https: // www. Visited In order to maintain the high integrity of the certification exams, the exams of this center are presented in different forms.

Forms are carefully analyzed through a beta test with an appropriate sample group under the supervision of a committee of experts, and the test is based on the real world that corresponds to the real world. Difficulty criteria are also considered.


Test information


Depending on the type of test and the challenges used and its difficulty, the test score can be graded from 60 to 85. This test has an age limit and people must be at least 18 years old. People under the age of 18 can take the test only with the written consent of their parents. (This path can be dangerous and parents should be sensitive and active in their child’s performance in this regard.)

Finally, the EC Council has the right to revoke a certificate for those who violate it, just as it does in legal proceedings. All of this is to get an international professional hacking degree. The cost of this test is $ 100, which of course will include some training.

For a professional hacker, you must either take an exam and take some courses, or have at least two years of professional skills, ie have a professional background to apply for the required degree.

What do we learn in Legal Ceh hacking?

The latest business-level hacking tools, techniques and methods used by hackers and information security professionals in an organization are taught. These tools include protection and analysis, analysis and security. Examining Web API threats, web hooks, web shells, OT attacks, cloud attacks and many more are part of this tutorial. In the analysis section, the scope of attacks and understanding of TTPs, cyber attacks and the like will be evaluated. Training courses will also introduce various types of malware.


What do we learn in legal hacking?

What is Ceh Mobile Game?

Based on the above, it is clear that hacking mobile games, of course, legal hacking will help to close the way to deal with professional hackers. If the ways to deal with hackers are not closed, a lot of damage will be done to the companies that produce Android games. Using ceh law can be helped manufacturers to establish a defense and to minimize the resulting damage.

One of the ways that many people can hack Android games is by using software that does the hacking. So to counter it, a plan must be prepared to build a defensive wall against the applications that are doing the hacking. The legal framework is the courses in which these practices are taught.

To hack mobile games or the same legal field of mobile and Android games generally use software. The most famous software is Lucky Patcher, which will be used to cheat Android games. By installing it on your phone and selecting the desired program on your phone, you can hack yourself. But another professional software that is introduced in this regard is greehack. This program independently and practically hacks Android games.

cheat engine

But in the end, another professional software that is used internationally is the cheat engine, which hacks it based on a change in the structure of the values ​​introduced in the game program. All of this has been part of unplanned hacking games that the general public can benefit from. Professionals use programming to hack, which will not be possible due to this short text and requires courses in hacking professions and computer science.

In this regard, using the knowledge of professional researchers and experts in this field, professional hacking workshops can be observed and if interested, participate in them. Follow us and get more information about Legal Ceh in the next articles.