Which programming languages ​​in 1401 increase the chances of employment?

Which Programming Languages In 2022 Increase The Chances Of Employment?

One Of The Most Important Skills In The World Today Is Computer Programming. All The Major Businesses In The Industry Use Computers And Computer Programs, Some Of Which Are Quite Intelligent.

Employment, This is why most job postings on job sites are dedicated to attracting programmers, but which programming languages ​​increase the chances of getting hired in small or large companies?

Follow the posts published in the programming forums. You will see that expert programmers provide each other with exciting information about developments in the world of technology and are constantly introducing new capabilities of programming languages ​​and frameworks. In addition, novice developers are advised to focus on learning which programming languages ​​first.

Suppose you are thinking of improving your skills and entering this incredibly versatile world. In that case, you should be familiar with programming languages ​​and, more importantly, know which coding language is the most suitable option for learning.

Types of programming paradigms

Before choosing your programming language, you need to know what paradigms each language supports. Some languages ​​support different paradigms such as procedure, object-oriented, function-oriented, logical, etc., while others are limited to one or two programming paradigms.

Procedural programming paradigm

  • The pattern of procedure programming languages, derived from structured programming, refers to procedures and steps for writing programs with an understandable syntactic composition. In the procedural programming paradigm, a group of commands is provided to the programmer by dividing the program into variables, functions, authorities, and conditional operators. Python is a powerful programming language that uses the above pattern.

Functional (functionalist) programming paradigm

  • Functional programming is used to construct the structure and components of computer programs that try to provide immutable data and prevent objects from changing states. In the above programming model, a program always provides the same output as the values ​​you give as input to the functions. More precisely, the works of a position interact with the information of the process, and no unexpected event is to occur in the background of the program; This approach is called “eliminating side effects.” In the functionalist programming paradigm, essential concepts such as immutability and pure function are used to build processes without side effects and improve the stability of a program and the systems on which the program is running. F # is one of the powerful languages ​​that support the above programming template.

Object-oriented programming paradigm

Object-oriented programming is one of the most critical programming models whose performance is very similar to reality. In object-oriented programming, the elements within the program are built on a logic that is very similar to the real world. For example, when we use inheritance in this programming paradigm, we create elements and objects based on a hierarchy based on heritage, parent, and child.

In the same way that we know these concepts in the real world. Important points to keep in mind when object-oriented programming include:

  • Object-oriented programming collects information in individual units called objects.
  • Each object is a single instance of a class.
  • Abstraction is used to hide the inner workings of an object in cases where it is not necessary to observe them.
  • Encapsulation connects and protects variables and methods within objects.
  • Inheritance allows subclasses to use the properties of parent classes.
  • Polymorphism allows objects and methods to manage different situations with a single interface.
  • CiplusPlus, Cisharp, Python, and Java are good programming languages ​​that best support the above template.

Scripting paradigm

All scripting languages ​​and template templates are part of the programming languages ​​subset. The difference between the above paradigm and other examples lies in its lack of complexity. In this programming model, commands are interpreted instead of compiled. These languages ​​are mainly used in connection with web applications, systems monitoring (automation), interactive game design, and multimedia.

Popular scripting languages ​​include JavaScript, PHP, Perl, and similar server-side examples; JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, and similar measures for client-side; Pearl and Python for system monitoring; and Ruby for web development.

The best programming languages

Now that we are familiar with the essential programming paradigms, it is time to introduce programming languages ​​with a good job market.


Undoubtedly, Python is at the top. This all-purpose programming language is the first choice of professional and novice programmers. It does not have a complex syntax that simplifies learning for beginners and offers powerful capabilities that AI or other professionals can easily use. A python is an excellent option for building prototypes, and because of its readability, it can quickly understand the language’s code. It is why it is widely used in developing applications and scalable web. YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are all made by Python.

This language is a good starting point for beginners. Python is the best choice if you want to invest in learning a popular language. Many startups decide to hire Python FullStack programmers to carry out projects, so there are plenty of job opportunities for FullStack developers. Learning Python is essential if you are into data science or artificial intelligence. Python can use in other fields such as web development. The high flexibility and accessibility have made it one of the best programming languages ​​for many years.


  • It simplifies the construction and use of classes and objects by supporting the object-oriented programming model.
  • A wide range of libraries supports them.
  • Emphasis is placed on code readability.
  • It Performs well with complex or scalable projects.
  • Ideal for making prototypes.
  • It is open source and is supported by a large community of developers.
  • All major platforms support it.
  • It is easy to learn.


  • It’s Not a good option for mobile computing.
  • Due to its interpretive nature, written programs are slow.
  • There are drawbacks to database access compared to other languages.
  • The Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) feature is not very good at string programming.


For almost a decade, Java has been the first choice in enterprise programming. Java is widely used to build large-scale web applications. Many companies are reluctant to replace Java with similar instances because Java is stable. If you are looking for a software development job in a large company or organization, Java is one of the first languages ​​you should learn.

Almost every business needs Android apps to enter the $ 2 billion Android ecosystem. Java is widely used in the development of Android apps. It has created an excellent job market for Java developers. Since Google has designed an Android Studio development environment that supports Java for this purpose, developers have no particular problem building Android applications with this language.

  • Career Outlook: Excellent; Because large organizations approve of it.


  • A wide range of open-source libraries supports them.
  • Provide suitable mechanisms in the field of automatic memory allocation.
  • Excellent support for object-oriented programming.
  • Provide an efficient stack allocation system.
  • Provide the highest degree of independence from the platform, thanks to JVM.
  • It Provides suitable security mechanisms that prevent common security problems.
  • Ideal for distributed computing.
  • Provide a set of APIs to perform various database, networking, and XML parsing tasks.
  • Good support for Multithreading.


  • The lack of templates puts programmers at a disadvantage in building quality data structures.
  • Relatively complex memory management.
  • Slower performance than compiler programming languages ​​like C and C ++.

++ C / C

These two  C ++ and C + programming languages ​​are almost decades old, but they are still the most widely used programming languages. Practically all low-level software such as operating and file systems are written in these two languages. Programmers widely use CiplusPlus because it is fast and stable. The language is supported by a robust STL library, which provides access to a rich collection of ready-to-use libraries for applications such as data structures, computational operations, and algorithms.

  • Career Outlook: Good; However, it has fewer job opportunities than Java and Python.


  • There are several compilers and libraries to work with CiplusPlus.
  • Access to objects written by other programming languages ​​such as C.
  • Run programs faster than other programming languages.
  • Support for various programming paradigms that make the process of building applications more structured.
  • Its Ability to build different and multi-platform applications.
  • Provide the highest degree of portability.
  • Provide powerful mechanisms to facilitate debugging, testing, and maintenance of applications.
  • It provides near-hardware programming capabilities that make it a good choice for Internet of Things programming.
  • It can use to make video games, graphic programs, math simulations, and time-sensitive programs.


  • It has a complex syntactic composition.
  • It Does not support namespace ( C ).
  • It has shortcomings in solving some of the challenges of modern and real-world programming ( C ).
  • Lack of dynamic memory allocation mechanism and automatic release ( ++ C / C ).
  • Learning it takes considerable time ( ++ C / C ).
  • It is supported by a small collection of libraries ( C ).

Java Script

JavaScript is a front-end programming language widely used in interactive front-end applications. Currently, some organizations and startups use NodeJS, a JavaScript-based runtime environment. Developers use Node.js to use JavaScript for server-side scripting to create dynamic pages on the server and send the result to the user’s browser. In this way, JS can use for server-side and client-side scripting.

  • Career Outlook: Extremely high because many startups use it.


  • Client-side JavaScript is speedy. Since it does not need to be compiled, it dashes in the browser.
  • Enriches the website interface.
  • It Provides the highest flexibility.
  • It is known as the standard web programming language.
  • Because it runs on the client-side, it sends less workload to the server.
  • Tough To provide high flexibility in programming, various plugins such as Greasemonkey are provided to programmers.
  • The composition has a simple syntax that speeds up the learning process.
  • There are many resources to learn it.
  • Programmers can use it to build different types of programs.
  • It can use with different programming languages.


  • It only supports the genetic inheritance mechanism.
  • Because the commands are executed on the user’s machine, some users disable JavaScript on their browsers so that hackers can not execute malicious code on their systems through JavaScript. It causes the sites not to be displayed correctly in the user’s browser.
  • Browsers have different interpretations of some of their commands.


Google developed the Golang programming language. This language is often used by companies that need distributed systems because of the tremendous support it has for multitasking. Startups are also very interested in this language.

  • Career Perspective: Provides good job opportunities. It is more suitable for people who know the target market.


  • Because it is a static language, it is very secure.
  • Its syntactic composition makes it easy to learn.
  • The library has a comprehensive standard that hosts pre-built functions that make working with original data types easy.
  • Ideal for building one-page applications.
  • It has good documentation.
  • Because commands are compiled into machine code, they are swift.


  • The lack of a virtual machine prevents complex applications from performing exceptionally well.
  • Lack of high flexibility compared to other languages.
  • Lack of GUI library.
  • Limited support by application libraries.

Programming language R

R programming language is one of the most widely used languages ​​in data analysis and machine learning. This language provides an extraordinary framework and many internal libraries to develop robust machine learning algorithms. It can also use for general statistical calculations. Developers who want to join teams working in data science in large companies should look for R -learning.

  • Career Perspective: Incredibly Excellent


  • Its Ability to run programs smoothly on different operating systems.
  • Support from the active community of developers.
  • Its Open source allows changes to be made in the shortest time.
  • Its Suitable language for accurate and complete statistical analysis.
  • High scalability.
  • Strong and active ecosystem.


  • Lack of compelling security features compared to other languages.
  • Lack of specific programming instructions.
  • Poor memory management.
  • Low quality of some packages.


Swift’s programming language is used to build iOS applications. IOS-based devices are top-rated, so if you are interested in developing applications for the Apple ecosystem, you must learn Swift.

  • Career Outlook: Great, given that the iOS app space is growing.


  • Its Automatic memory management prevents memory leaks.
  • Strong support by Apple.
  • Add new features.
  • Provide robust documentation to help developers write clean, readable code.
  • Syntactic composition is similar to English, which makes the codes more readable.
  • When used for front-end and backend development, it speeds up the code sharing process and speeds up the development process.
  • Compared to other programming languages ​​such as Python and C, it is fast.


  • Its Restriction of applications to the Apple ecosystem.
  • Lack of full support for some older projects, so that it can only use to build iOS7 apps and later.


One of the most popular languages ​​is programming. For this reason, it is in fierce competition with Python and JavaScript. If you want to work in big and famous companies, you have to learn PHP programming language thoroughly.

Career Outlook: Great, lots of opportunities are available.


  • Supported by powerful frameworks.
  • Due to its simplicity, it is suitable for designing web pages.
  • Provide powerful debugging mechanisms with Xdebug.
  • A large community of developers supports them.
  • Provide comprehensive automation tools for testing applications.
  • Support for object-oriented and function-oriented programming templates.


  • Website development with PHP is more time-consuming than with other languages.
  • When it comes to security, a programmer has a lot to do.
  • Error management is not very powerful.
  • It would help if you used different plugins to build robust applications.


C # is an all-purpose programming language developed by Microsoft. This language is widely used in backend programming, making video games, mobile applications, desktops, etc. If you want to build desktop applications for Windows, learning Sharp is inevitable.

  • Career Outlook: Less than other languages, but if you are going to be hired as a .NET developer, you need to learn this language.


  • Because you do not work directly with pointers, it is more secure than C and C ++ languages.
  • It has an understandable syntactic composition.
  • Supported by Microsoft.
  • It is the Ability to work with large game engines such as Unity.
  • Its syntactic composition is similar to Java and CiplusPlus.
  • The comprehensive .NET library supports them.
  • Ideal for developing Windows applications.
  • It provides a rich collection of data libraries.
  • The time to compile and execute programs written in this language is fast.


  • Allows you to use pointers in Unsafe blocks.
  • It has less flexibility than Cyprus Plus.
  • You need to spend a considerable amount of time learning it.
  • You need to have enough knowledge to solve the programs’ problems.


Matlab is a statistical analysis tool used in areas such as image processing. However, MATLAB is excellent for people who want to work with machine learning and in-depth learning, finance and computing, communications, and signal processing.

  • Career Perspective: It has a good market due to its use in various fields.


  • Due to its rich library, it simplifies developing scientific simulators.
  • Because it does not require a compiler to run, its programs work well.
  • It is Ideal for developing scientific research applications.
  • Platform independent.


  • Apart from the field of numerical calculations, it has no more application.
  • Fixing errors that occur during runtime requires a lot of experience and knowledge.
  • Because the programming language is interpretive, programs written in this language are slower.

What is the best programming language?

  • Which programming language you choose to learn depends on the goals you set for your career. If you are looking for machine learning and deep learning, you should not waste your time on C # or JavaScript.
  • Python and JavaScript are in high demand in the world of startups. Many startups use Django ( Python ), Philosophy ( Python ), and Node.js ( JavaScript ) as bundled frameworks. Therefore, both are easy to learn and are the best programming languages ​​for beginners.
  • Large companies use Java and PHP. Many use Spring ( Java ) and CodeIgniter (Patch) as frameworks.
  • MATLAB and R have a strong presence in the world of data analysis. C + C / Golang and Golang languages ​​are the first choices in building scalable, low-latency systems.