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Which Exchanges Should We Use To Buy And Sell Digital Currency?

The first step to enter the field of digital currencies and buy and sell cryptocurrencies is to get acquainted with the basic concepts of digital currency such as digital exchanges.

In general, two categories of transactions for buying and selling digital currencies through digital currency exchanges are available to users, the first is trading in Fiat currencies such as US dollars, Euros and 1 and the second category is trading digital currencies through other digital currencies. (Exchange digital currencies for each other).

In this article, we want to introduce you to the best digital currency exchanges so that you can exchange your currency code in any of the above ways.

Binance Exchange

This digital currency exchange is one of the largest exchanges in the world where you can trade something around 130 different digital currencies.

Along with this high diversity, the low transaction fee in this digital currency exchange has made Bainance one of the most popular digital currency exchanges in the world.

Of course, when exchanging binaries and buying digital currency from this exchange, you have to pay the price of the digital currency that you intend to buy only through digital currencies, and in fact, it is only possible to exchange digital currencies with each other in binance.

Coinbase Exchange

Kevin Base is one of the top and most popular digital currency exchanges in the world and many users choose this exchange to do their exchanges. In fact, the reason for this choice of users is the easy and convenient use of the facilities of this exchange. Kevin Bass is a brokerage in which instead of buying digital currencies from other users, you buy your currencies directly from this digital exchange. In addition, the transaction fee in Coin Base is 1.49% if purchased through bank accounts and 3.99% if purchased via credit card.

Localbitcoins Exchange

Bitcoin Local Currency Exchange is an international market for buying and selling Bitcoin digital currency, which in addition to supporting Fiat currencies, but also through this exchange, users can choose the nationality of the buyer or seller of their choice. Also choose. Among the features of Local Bitcoins, we can mention the support of Iranian Rials as well as the possibility of buying digital currencies using Shetab network member cards.

Coinmama Exchange

Kevin Mama is another digital currency broker that is very suitable for novice users due to its ease of use. In addition, in this brokerage, which is also a digital currency exchange, you can buy with credit cards. Quinn Mama also allows its users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Atrium, Ripple and Light Coin. It is noteworthy that if you buy from Kevin Mama with credit cards, you have to pay more than Kevin Base, and this amount will be about 5%.

Kraken Exchange

Karkan is one of the American digital currency exchanges that has been operating since 2011 and is now one of the most popular digital exchanges in the world. In terms of transaction fees, Karkan calculates according to users’ 30-day trading volume, and therefore has fairer prices than other digital currency exchanges. One of the features offered exclusively to users by Krken is that it is possible for users to exchange margins with a maximum of five times the power. Therefore, when making marginal transactions in Karkan digital currency exchange, eligible users will have the ability to receive a ceiling of five hundred thousand dollars in digital currency loans.

Alfacashier Exchange

This digital currency exchange has made it possible for its users to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Atrium, Ripple and.. One of the features of this digital currency exchange is the support of Perfect Money. In addition, you can buy different digital currencies in this exchange, and the facilities of this exchange are not limited to one particular digital currency. One of the weaknesses of this digital exchange is the low speed of transactions compared to other digital exchange offices.

Bittrex Exchange

For those users of the digital currency market for whom security is very important, Bitrex digital currency exchange is one of the best options. In addition, Bitrex is one of the fastest growing digital currency exchanges in the world. In fact, these are the basic features that make Beatrix one of the best options available to users. Bitrex Digital Currency Exchange supports about 250 different digital currencies and also has a simple user interface. One of the negative points of this digital currency exchange is the non-acceptance of Fiat currencies at the time of registration of transactions, which means that users can only use Bitrex only to convert digital currencies to each other.

BitMex Exchange

Bitmax Digital Currency Exchange is one of the first digital exchanges in the world to start its activities in this field.

The thing about Bitmax is that Bitmax only allows users to use the services of their website

if the user only wants to convert Bitcoin to other digital currencies or vice versa.

KuCoin Exchange

Cocaine is one of the well-known digital currency exchanges,

which dates back to before the establishment of the well-known digital currency exchange Coin Base.

Among Cocoin’s capabilities is the support of this digital exchange for most digital currencies.

Apart from this, Cocaine considers its transaction fees to be very low and is therefore a popular digital exchange among users.

Changelly Exchange

Changli Digital Currency Exchange has one of the best transaction fee rates among reputable digital currency exchanges. In addition,

users can convert more than twenty known digital currencies on this website. Changli also has a simple user interface, which,

among other features, makes it one of the most popular digital currency exchanges in the world.

Which digital currency exchange should we choose?

Always keep in mind that in order to choose the best digital currency exchange ,

you should not only consider the low fee of the digital exchange,

but in addition to this factor, other factors should also be considered.

Among these factors,

we can point out that the digital currency exchange you are considering has made it possible for users to work with IP Iran. We hope this article has been useful for you and you have been able to choose the exchange you want.