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Where to publish the podcast?

How to publish a podcast? This question may attract the mind of many podcasters. In response to the mentioned question, we must say that choosing a suitable platform for hosting a podcast is very important. You should choose a reliable platform to host the podcast. In this case, the growth of your audience will increase significantly.

Introducing various programs for uploading podcasts + golden tips

After producing and recording a podcast, a professional podcaster should look for a suitable platform to upload the podcast. If you want to know the best platforms for uploading audio content, it is better to stay with us until the end of the article.

What are the characteristics of the best podcast host?

To upload a podcast, it is better to choose a platform or host that has the following features:

Ability to save podcasts

Most podcasters choose a hosting plan for podcast uploads with storage capabilities. Most podcast hosts have set storage limits, such as file size, total time, etc. Programs that have this feature may ask users for an additional fee. When uploading podcasts to these programs, pay attention to the time and size of the file that the program provides you to save the podcast.

Audience analysis

A podcast hosting program would do well to evaluate how long audiences spend listening to podcasts. A podcaster needs to know the number of listeners and the time they spend listening to the podcast. In this case, producers of audio content can produce more professional podcasts.

Some podcast uploader programs are designed to improve audience analytics. Podcasters should also consider choosing a hosting plan that offers improved tracking tools for more accurate audience tracking. In addition, the host program must be able to delete unused and bad data.

Content audience change services

Audiences tend to listen to podcasts on YouTube. When uploading a podcast to the host program, pay attention to whether the program automatically republishes the podcast in the YouTube program. If your chosen program does not have this feature, it is better to choose another program to share the podcast.

Podcaster monetization support

If earning money through podcast production is important, you should choose a hosting plan for uploading podcasts that supports your strategy. If the program does not support this goal, choosing another program to upload audio content is better.

Teaching how to introduce podcasts to the Podcaster application

Follow the steps below to upload a podcast to the PodCacher application:

Create an account

First, enter the main page of the Podcaster and click on registration. You can create an account using an email address or a social profile. You can customize your profile by adding a picture, name, username, and password.

Add a podcast

After creating an account, click on your profile picture in the right corner. Then click on + and upload the podcast file in this section. Enter a suitable name for the podcast. Then click on send option. After uploading the podcast, this program will provide you with the address of the feed host.

Following the three steps mentioned above, you can easily upload podcast episodes to Podcaster. It is worth noting that Podcaster provides you with this feature by generating a unique RSS feed so that you can republish your podcasts on different platforms. Also, you can download all the podcast episodes using the mentioned steps.

Introduction of several free and paid podcast hosts

Just as it is important to use the best Windows podcast software, it is also important to use the best hosting program for sharing podcasts. Today, all kinds of podcast hosts have been designed. Some hosts provide conditions for the user to upload podcasts for free. To use some of these hosts, they must be purchased.


This external program hosts free podcasts. With the help of these types of practical hosts, you can easily provide the episodes of any podcast to your audience. Anchor provides podcasters with useful audience analysis information, detailed download statistics, etc. The most important advantages of using this type of software are the following:

  1. Upload podcast
  2. Podcast recording and production (Podcast recording is also possible with Adobe Edition. This software is useful for podcast production and recording.)
  3. Edit podcast


One of the most famous podcast-hosting programs is Podbean. Note that by doing this, your podcasts are easily promoted. Part of this host program is dedicated to podcast sales. You can use this section to sell your podcasts and earn money.


If you want to use a free host program to upload podcasts, the Podomatic program can be your best choice. You can store your podcasts long-term in this podcast hosting program. The application environment of this host program is simple. If you are at the beginning of podcast production, you can share your initial podcasts with others with the help of this program.


This type of podcast hosting program is one of the professional and exclusive programs. If you are in the early stages of creating audio content, it is better to use this free program to upload podcasts. You can connect the podcasts you have shared on different platforms to this program. In this case, you can manage several episodes of the podcast at the same time. In addition, with the help of Spreaker, you can plan to publish podcast episodes.


Blueberry is one of the paid programs suitable for uploading podcasts. This program’s environment is designed so beginners and professionals can use it easily. Blueberry program can provide a WordPress named power press. It is easier to manage podcasts with the help of this program. If you want to make money from producing podcasts, it is better to use this program to upload podcasts.


This hosting program is another reliable and paid program for uploading podcasts. It is easy to work with this platform. Libsyn allows you to advertise your podcast episodes through different apps, operating systems, etc.


The transistor is one of the most powerful podcast-hosting programs. Working with this program is easy, and you can use this platform by paying a certain amount. Note that there is no limit to uploading podcasts on this platform. You can schedule long hours on this platform. Uploading podcasts to this hosting service is easy.

Advertising methods in podcasts

Advertising on podcasts is one of the best ways to promote a brand or business. For this reason, this advertising method has attracted the attention of many people today. It is worth noting that the audience response level multiplies by podcast advertising. Pay attention to the following points when advertising on the podcast:

  1. Identification of contacts
  2. Choosing the right podcast to advertise
  3. Choosing the right platform for uploading podcasts
  4. Choosing the most appropriate method of advertising in the podcast (the method you choose to advertise in the podcast must be different. In this case, the attention of many contacts will be drawn to the advertisement.)
  5. Placing the ad in the right part of the podcast

Among the advertising methods in podcasts, three standard, affiliate, and brand podcasts can be mentioned. In the following, we will explain these three methods:

Standard Podcast

The sponsor or company offers a fee to the audio content production team or Podcaster to do the advertising in this advertising method. In this method, the Podcaster reads and records the advertisement text in audio. For the ad to remain in the podcast, the parties must agree, in which case the cost of the ad will change.

Affiliate Podcast

With this method, the company or sponsor advertises a product or service on your podcast under the affiliate marketing system. When the company or sponsor can make more sales through advertising on the podcast, they will undoubtedly pay you more for advertising.

Brand Podcast

This method of advertising in the podcast is one of the wonderful ways to interact with consumers and contacts. Some companies use this method to show their brand and get significant income.

Tips for uploading a podcast

Uploading a podcast on a suitable platform is very important. Pay attention to the following points when sharing audio content in hosted programs or platforms:

  1. Ability to download podcasts
  2. The ability to adjust the speed of audio content
  3. The ability to stop and resume the podcast
  4. Audience analysis
  5. The ability to search for a specific episode of the podcast
  6. There is a full description of the podcast episode
  7. Seasonal podcast

Final word

As mentioned in this article, there are many hosting services for uploading podcasts. You can use free platforms if you don’t want to pay to share podcasts. Also, purchasing hosting plans allows you to enjoy significant services when uploading podcasts.