When Pictures Are More Eloquent Than Words

When Pictures Are More Eloquent Than Words

In This Shutter, You Will See Different Images That Have Interesting And Sometimes Funny Stories Behind Them. We Invite You To Watch Them.

Some pictures are like storybooks; They may seem simple at first, but when your eyes look deeper and deeper into them, you will notice small details that, when put together, tell a compelling story. Combining the image, the subject’s face, and much more can help the design that the image is trying to convey.

In this section of Shutter, we have compiled a collection of such images for you and invite you to watch them.

When Pictures Are More Eloquent Than Words

Passport airport toilet

The flight was for two hours ago!

Nursing father's triple maternity hospital

A picture from 1946, when there was no ultrasound!

Old woman balloon 100 ups

Today, the neighbor’s lady turned 100!

Small refrigerator

Unsuccessful online purchase of refrigerators

A torn book-dog

Today is the second day we brought our dog home.

Donkey riding fruit tree garden

Baby toilet phone

I found My phone in the toilet, and this was the last picture in the gallery!

Wet asphalt bike on the street

Cat-filled refrigerator

Be careful of cat hands when trying to close the refrigerator!

Funnel seafood chicken

I wanted to take a picture of ice cream, but suddenly

Bullet Coin

Coins to prevent my grandfather from being shot!

Snow ice skiing game

Rock climbing turpentine glasses

Sausage dogs and golden chickens

Cut down tree and squirrel-stumped tree

I’m sorry I cut down the tree in front of the house!

Cat and cactus

This cactus was supposed to stop our cat from sitting by the window!

Nursing cats from sick dogs

Our dog is sick, and our cat is comforting him!

Baby Girl Game Room - Toy Story

It is my daughter from the day she saw the “Toy Story” animation!

Domestic cats and snow

You see, our cat’s morning walk!

Children and parents fight

Living as a parent of three children


We hope you enjoy watching this Shutter. What do you think about these images? Which one did you like the most?