WhatsApp Security Tricks That Many People Don't Know

WhatsApp Security Tricks That Many People Don’t Know

WhatsApp Is One Of The Popular Applications That Has Made Communication With Others Easier, But There Are Security Tricks In This Program That You May Not Be Aware Of them.

Important security tricks for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and fastest communication tools. It makes it easy for you to communicate with others and gain good experience working in this environment. But it is interesting to know that there are essential security tricks about WhatsApp that you may not know about; Join us in this part of Namnak’s trickery to tell you these tricks.

Enable two-step verification

Enabling two-step verification on WhatsApp is one of the best things you can do to increase your security and one of the most straightforward steps. It is enough to activate this feature to improve your safety and prevent anyone from accessing your WhatsApp.

To do this, enter the WhatsApp settings and then the user account and press the activation option in the Two-Step Verification section; In this section, it will ask you for a six-digit code that if someone else wants to enter your WhatsApp and does not enter this six-digit code, they will never be able to access WhatsApp.

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Check anonymous links

Entering unknown links is not only for WhatsApp; all communication platforms, including email or Instagram, also have these links. What makes the situation worse is that you may receive these destructive links from people you know, some of which will cause security problems; You should be very careful and don’t click on any link.

Enable security notifications

Security notifications on WhatsApp let users know when they have a problem on the chat page. These notifications create a connection between the two devices, and WhatsApp knows when to manage the conversation, and if the discussion has been made on a new device, WhatsApp will notify you; So, if your WhatsApp is hacked or installed on another device, your audience will know about it.

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Getting out of the old phone

If you lose your old phone and the SIM card is still in it, WhatsApp can recover itself and become unavailable; So, if you don’t want the person who stole your phone to have access to WhatsApp, you can have a copy of your SIM card and insert it into the new mobile phone; Then install your WhatsApp on it and log in so that the old phone is out of reach.

Use a different profile picture.

Did you know that even anonymous people can have a lot of details from your profile? Suppose your WhatsApp profile picture is the same as other platforms like Facebook. In that case, the other party can easily download or take a screenshot from it, find you through Google photos, and have your information available. Just enlarge your profile picture.

To prevent this from happening, what you should do is to keep your profile picture from those who are not your audience; Hide that to do this, you have to go to the WhatsApp settings and then the user account, the privacy section, the profile picture and then change to the audience so that only the audience can see your photos.

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Hide WhatsApp media from the gallery

You can set the videos, gifs, or photos that come in WhatsApp to the settings so that they are not shown in the mobile gallery and hide them. To do this, enter the WhatsApp settings, the conversation or chat section, and the ability to view media and turn it off. In this case, the photos sent from WhatsApp can only be seen inside the application itself and will not be seen inside the gallery or other applications.

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Log out of WhatsApp Web if not in use.

WhatsApp Web is a handy tool, Especially for those who work with computers. Sometimes you don’t want your information to be spread because you have given your laptop to someone else. To prevent this from happening, you can exit WhatsApp when you are not working with your computer; That is, use the WhatsApp web notification message on the mobile phone to see when WhatsApp is active on the computer and disable it whenever you want.