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What was the first robot built in the world and what was its use?

At a time when there was no trace of our modern world on Earth, humans built the first robots in their dreams.

 Imaginary robots can be traced back to Greek mythology, ancient Egyptian temples, Buddhist mythology, and traditional Chinese mythology. 

Although man was a few hundred years away from building a device that would automatically act and replace human actions, he did his best to make his dream come true sooner. In the 10th century BC, the Chinese built a machine that could both sing and dance.

In the fourth century BC, the Greek mathematician Arhotus built a steam-powered machine bird. Machines became more advanced over the years thanks to the efforts of engineers and scientists of different eras of history, until the word robot was first used in a play in the 1930s by the Czech writer Karl .

What is a robot and what device is called a robot?

Humanoid robot

Until a few years ago, we could call a simple machine that could do small things without human help, but these days, it is no longer easy to define a robot. In general, any machine designed by humans and programmed by a computer is called a robot. 

Because robots follow mathematical and programming equations to perform their actions, they can match or even surpass humans in accuracy and speed of action. Robots can help humans in a variety of tasks, from film and television to industrial and agricultural production lines to warehousing and even medical surgery.

In what year and by whom were the first robots made? 

In 1961, the world’s first industrial robot was built in the United States by George Devol . The robot, called Unimate, was used at the General Motors plant. Animet took over the casting of car bodies instead of workers; Because it was extremely dangerous for humans, they could be poisoned by poisonous gases or lose their limbs if careless. Robots in the service of humanity!

Unimate robot

In 1966. Shiki (Shakey), the world’s first intelligent robot motion, at the University of Stanford was built. While the rest of the robots needed to plan the tasks in detail for a simple operation, Shiki could, with a general command, break down the task into smaller tasks and handle it on his own.

In the 1970s. The first intelligent humanoid robot that had all the mobility of a human was built at Wasseda University in Japan. The robot was able to move its limbs, walk and speak to its Japanese audience. It was the first robot built to resemble sci-fi movie robots; A robot that reinforces the nightmare of robots conquering the earth in the human mind.

Astronaut Robot

Aside from Earth, robots have had and continue to have a tremendous impact on human vision of other planets in our solar system and throughout space. Svjrnr (Sojourner) was the first robot landers to finish its mission successfully. The eleven-and-a-half-kilogram robot was active on Earth for about 83 days, and on September 27, 1997, it made its last contact with Earth.

The first astronaut robot built

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However, as we approached the beginning of the 21st century, robots became more and more advanced. With the advancement of science and technology, humans have been able to build robots that can do many things that were previously impossible for them to explore on other planets and planets. 

Robots were used in communication technologies, medical devices, planetariums, weapons, rescue technologies, the automobile and other industries, transportation, and even home appliances.

Home school robotics training

It is hundreds of centuries from the bronze talus built by Hephaestus to the smart brooms of modern homes. Following the first robots and their history, we touch on the greatness of human dreams. 

We live in an age of robotic explosions. An era in which new innovations and new beginnings are added to history every moment.

 Following science-fiction books and movies, we come up with ideas that may not work in the not-too-distant future; As the dreams of engineers of previous centuries came true. 

To enter the mysterious world of robots and use them in various aspects of life, it is not bad to start with home school robotics courses .