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What should we see when visiting Saadabad Palace?

Saadabad Palace was once just a summer house for the Qajar kings, but now the complex, from the palace and museum to a place for a day out, is a good destination. 

It is also one of the attractive tourist attractions of Iran for tourists.

In the following, we will briefly introduce Saadabad Palace in Tehran and its different parts that can be visited. be with us.

A brief history of Saadabad Palace

This region of Tehran has always had a pleasant climate, even in the Qajar era. For this reason, the Qajar kings built a large palace in a 110-hectare garden to use its climate as summer land.

After many years (exactly in the Pahlavi era), other palaces were built around the original palace, which today we know as Saadabad Palace. After the Islamic Revolution and a few small renovations, the complex was opened to the public as the Saadabad Palace Museum.

What are the sections of Saadabad Palace?

Visiting different parts of Saadabad Palace

One of the best features of Saadabad Palace is that many museums are gathered around it and therefore many people with any taste and interest can have a good time visiting it.

In this section, we want to have a brief look at the different parts of Saadabad Palace.

Upon entering Saadabad Palace, the first thing that will attract your attention is the palace grounds. As we have said, this palace is built in the middle of a large garden and that is why there are tall and old trees, attractive vegetation and many birds in the complex.

The path that you have to take to reach Saadabad Palace has been determined for you with asphalt, and apart from this, one path is like a forest. Meanwhile, the Darband River flows along its route through the Saadabad Palace complex.

 Having a river in the complex, in addition to multiplying the beauty of Saadabad Palace, has also helped to improve its climate. Perhaps this is why Saadabad Palace, along with other attractions such as Golestan Shams Al-Amara Palace, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Iran for foreign tourists.

The number of palaces in Saadabad Palace complex is so large that you can spend a whole day visiting it. In this section, we have named the palaces of this complex and we will briefly explain about the Green Palace and the Palace of the Nation, both beautiful and special palaces of this palace complex.

  • Green House
  • Nation Palace (or White House)
  • Ashraf Pahlavi Palace
  • Canvas Palace
  • Pahlavi Shams Palace
  • Farah Pahlavi Palace
  • Black House
  • Hope Brothers Museum
  • Mir Emad Calligraphy Museum
  • Farshchian Museum
  • Leila Pahlavi Palace
  • Shahram Palace
  • Water Museum
  • Republic Building

Learn a little about the Green House

If you remember, we said that Saadabad Palace was built during the Qajar dynasty, but during the Pahlavi rule, other palaces were built around it. The most famous of these palaces is the Green Museum Palace. The reason for naming this palace is because of the special stones that were brought to Tehran from Zanjan by the order of Reza Khan.

This palace was built for Reza Khan’s summer summer and other parts were added to it during the second Pahlavi period. Now the Green Palace Mirror Hall is very famous among other parts of Saadabad Palace.

Nation Palace; ‌ Combining Iranian and European architecture

The Green Palace is not the only colored palace in the Saadabad Palace complex. This time we want to know a white palace. This section is usually known as the Nation Palace or the White House. Of course, its Arabic name (White House) is apparently also used occasionally.

One of the important and at the same time beautiful features of this palace is that its design and architecture are inspired by the palaces and palaces of the French rulers, and in fact, the Palace of the Nation is a kind of combination of European and Iranian architecture.

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Your experience of Saadabad Palace

Experience visiting Saadabad Palace

In this article, we have introduced Saadabad Palace of Tehran to you in a very brief way. If this palace was interesting for you, after reading its complete guide in Nabro, you can visit it at a reasonable cost and share your experience with us.