What is whmcs and what is its use?

WHMCS or Web Hosting Management Complete Solution is a complete financial and automation platform for hosting companies. This powerful system provides hosting companies with everything needed to manage services and users. Matt Pugh, CEO of WHMCS, explains this product:

Our mission and goal at WHMCS is to simplify and automate the set of operations in hosting companies. This product will allow you to easily manage your business and increase the efficiency of your services.

It should be mentioned that you need to get a license to use WHMCS. The prices offered for WHMCS are as follows:

  • Plus plan for $18.95 – 250 user limit – no whmcs brand link
  • Professional plan for $24.95 – 1000 user limit – no whmcs brand link
  • Business plan for $39.95 – no user limit – no whmcs brand link
  • Starter plan for $15.95 – limit of 250 users – including whmcs brand link

WHMCS automation can expand through modules, APIs, hooks, languages, templates, and verification operations. You can see how to develop the capabilities of this automation in this link and CEO.

WHMCS index capabilities

This unique system has many features, among which a few key items are mentioned:

  • WHMCS is complete automation for hosting companies.
  • The possibility of registration, ticket, payment, order registration, renewal, upgrade, etc., can all be done in whmcs.
  • The management level of whmcs has many wonderful features that can be developed.
  • The whmcs template and additional features can be easily changed, improved, and added.
  • Many user requests and actions are performed automatically.
  • It is possible to register registrars and all kinds of control panels in whmcs for automatic operation and CEO.
  • WHMCS automation supports the Farsi language.
  • And dozens of other things…

Images of the WHMCS user and management area

whmcs user area

whmcs user interface

CEOWHMCS installation and configuration

The training for installing whmcs and its configuration will be provided to you in the form of dedicated training. But you need to know that you should never use nulled or illegal whmcs. Because such work will directly affect the security of your system and users, you can obtain the whmcs license directly or indirectly. After purchasing it, the installation package will be provided to you. As soon as the WHMCS installation and the WHMCS configuration tutorial are ready, we will put the link here for you to use.

WHMCS security

Considering the sensitivity and importance of WHMCS in hosting businesses, this automation is very well supported. We remind you again that you must use the legal and licensed version of WHMCS so that the security of your site and business is not compromised. In addition, you must take a series of measures to ensure the security of whmcs.

Conclusion and summary

WHMCS automation can be used in other businesses besides hosting. Whmcs can be used wherever there is a need to manage users in the form of a system of issuing, reminding, blocking services, and the like. If you are planning to start a hosting company and collection and are looking for an excellent automation system, WHMCS is undoubtedly the only ready and complete tool for this at the moment