What is Vlog and who is Vlogger?

Vlog and Vlogging are terms that have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years with the spread of social media, and this probably has a very big reason, and that is that it has become a lucrative and full-time job for some.

When people become aware of the income of successful bloggers, they subconsciously move towards getting acquainted with this fascinating and growing job. Especially since day by day, we see online businesses, the ease of making online ads, and being seen on the web and social networks. All of this has made it necessary to become more aware of who the lawyers are and why this category should be considered as a professional job.

What is a Vlog? Who is  Vlogger?

A blog is a combination of the words Video and Blog. But to describe a blog and blogger, it may be best to first go to the same term blog. Blogging is simply the placement of written content or articles on personal web pages or blogs.

Now imagine that people use video content and videos in which they have done something, instead of writing, this video by a blogger in his blog that can be a page on social networks such as Instagram or video-sharing websites Like YouTube, it is uploaded and shared with others.

Vlog posts include videos in which the person in question starts talking and chooses a topic and intends to comment on it, or reviews a product, or even a work of art. Demonstrates its creation.

Making a video for Vlogs is one of the best ways to connect with your online viewers or followers, and if you are not very good at writing, the videos you make will be the best way to convey your important and valuable messages.

Vlog History

Adam Kontras was the man who officially released his first blog on January 2, 2000. He used the blog to inform others about his trip from Missouri to Los Angeles.

After that, more lawyers were found, and this issue continued until around 2005, but in general, it did not gain much popularity. Perhaps the turning point in the growth and expansion of blog content started when video-sharing websites and super-sites like Youtube came into being, and this solved problems such as the need for bandwidth and the increasing volume of video content. From its launch in February 2005 until June of the following year, YouTube became the fifth most visited website in the world, paving the way for bloggers.

How many models of blogs are there and what content can be included in blogs?

Videos of a Vlog can be divided into two general models. In the first model, Fred Vlogger places his camera on a fixed stand and, for example, talks all the time about the book he has just read, his experience of the trip, or the plan he intends to make. The second model is a video that, unlike the first, the person carries with him the camera and puts together pieces of different scenes that were done during a day, week or month that he was doing a certain activity, and Published after editing.

Bloggers can choose from an infinite number of topics for their work style and the category of their blog page. From photography to health, food, travel, technology, economics, and thousands more.

Benefits of Vlogging

Vogue can change our outlook on life and the world around us and even ourselves, but it is more the earnings dimension that makes people thirsty to become vloggers. But it is not bad to learn more about the other benefits of this interesting profession.

1- A healthy hobby

Aside from the fact that a blog can record the hours or days of your life well, starting a personal blog page will open your eyes to how you perform and what you show in the eyes of others. You can monitor your growth and getting to know yourself better helps you find a better lifestyle.

In addition, addressing and challenging your challenges and problems at length makes it easier to face and solve them. This is especially true for those who have mental health problems or illnesses and are looking to find more support and companions by launching a Vlog. After a while, they realize that they are not alone, and many others have similar conditions.

2- Boosts self-confidence

Becoming a lawyer helps to overcome the fear of speaking in public and thus increases one’s self-confidence. Your Vlog is the best way to relax and communicate better with others. Chances are your job won’t take much, but even in the worst of circumstances you will always find supporters to follow you, and you just need to learn how to deal with criticism.

3- Starting an online business

You can expect to become a moneylender, but do not expect it to happen overnight. Most bloggers still maintain their day-to-day jobs while making their videos. Because they know they have to put in a lot of time and energy to be seen. However, many lawyers have said goodbye to their previous job after this because they did not give up their passion, energy, and sacrifice to achieve success, even if they have been defeated and disappointed many times along the way.

4- Finding more connections

It will be in your best interest to support other successful lawyers who have made a name for themselves, as they will reciprocate the favor. For this reason, the main focus when starting work is to be on establishing the right relationships with others because it increases the followers and gives more initiative to the lawyer.

In addition to the above, it should be borne in mind that Vlog businesses not only increase their visitors but also promote points and show fewer flaws in the products they produce and can attract more viewers and opportunities.

What is the reason for the high popularity of blogs?

1- A closer look at everything

Creating a blog has given a new meaning to the concept of advertising and being seen. Imagine that you are a big fan of health and beauty pills. Experience has shown that instead of watching an ad made by the manufacturer of anti-aging skin cream, you prefer the experience of a relatively knowledgeable person to use the desired product, as well as a video that shows the effects before and after using the cream. Watch. Something that will never be done in the media or honestly by the manufacturer of that cream.

2- An attractive hobby

Videos uploaded to Vlog are not only fun but also entertaining. Such videos create a close relationship with Vlogger viewers. Of course, this relationship has a direct relationship with the level of creativity and initiative of its creator.

3- Sense of intimacy

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. You are more likely to laugh from the bottom of your heart when your friend tells that joke. Vlog viewers interact well with their favorite blogger when they watch videos because by watching his life, they somehow share with him and over time can become his loyal followers.

4- Short escape from reality

We are all under the pressure of work and stress during the day due to the various challenges we face. It does not matter if you are a student or a parent, watching a video of a successful lawyer’s lifestyle or life events gives you the feeling of being in a larger virtual family, and while relaxing in your room, a group. Go on an interesting and exciting journey that Vlogger has experienced.

Ways to earn money for bloggers

In recent years, the video industry for blogs has made significant progress, and every day we see more unique creations from this group. In general, lawyers can make good money in the following ways:

1- Free Google Adsense advertising service (Google Adsense)

If you have recently watched a video on YouTube, you must have noticed that an ad was played before or in the middle of the video. Video content creators can, for free, in collaboration with Google, distribute ads to the viewer at the discretion of Google, which also happens to own YouTube, and ultimately the cost of this collaboration will go to Vlogger and Google.

Therefore, the first and most common way for bloggers to earn money is to use YouTube ads on videos but to open this feature, you must have reached the conditions that these platforms have already set.

2- Marketing with products of other companies

Due to the nature of creating content for blogs, bloggers need to always use the highest quality cameras for video recording and the fastest computers to edit their videos. Therefore, these people, in cooperation with other companies and fact affiliate marketing for them, can benefit from good commissions while using their products, by showing and introducing these products or services to their audience.

3- Finding a sponsor

With the increasing number of professional lawyers, there is a need for airlines to travel, start new businesses, make more video games, or even repair old electronic and computer devices. This issue has opened the ideal space for the introduction of these jobs in the Vlog space as much as possible.

Bloggers can introduce a sponsor who supports them at the beginning or during their video. For example, if you are a professional bodybuilder and share some of your daily workouts with your followers, you can find a sponsor of sports supplements and brand them as logos or other shapes in your video.

4- Contract to write a book or make a movie

Some are on higher levels and are thinking of making a movie about their lifestyle. But it is difficult to reach this stage because the book or movie of your life destiny should be attractive enough!

5- Selling exclusive goods

Some lawyers sell products such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, or items that contain a design related to them or their field of activity. The full-fledged followers of these bloggers are very eager to support and wear such products, which shows the growing interest in them.

Simple tips to become a lawyer from today

The hardest part about becoming a lawyer is getting started. Most people think that they do not have the power to do this and that is why they never go for it. Some people wonder why, when no one is going to watch their videos, they have to be lawyers and therefore never film themselves. Some people think that they will not go anywhere immediately after starting work and that is why they give up.

You can get started in eight easy steps right now:

first step

Search among famous bloggers to find the reasons for their popularity. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from the tool, but do not forget that you should never copy their blog. Instead, find out how they used their tools to find loyal followers.

Step two

Pursue your interests and try to choose a topic for your blog. Think about what to say, what to wear, and how to behave in front of the camera. Try to choose a name that is easy to remember for your channel or page, and also do not ignore the important SEO tips that are recommended when naming.

Third step

No matter how professional your camera is, you still need a good tripod. Avoid making videos that are full of shaking hands and try to learn the rules of lighting and beautification to make the result as beautiful as possible.

Step Four

Choose a suitable location for filming and do not be afraid to be creative.

Fifth step

The moment you start filming, try to stay calm and be yourself. Your viewers will recognize the person who is trying to get someone else to pay. Take a deep breath, press the start button, and don’t forget to smile while talking about something you know.

Sixth Step

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Say what you have in mind and then stop filming so as not to be boring.

Seventh step

After releasing your first video, try to connect with other bloggers. After making the first video, make another video and be sure that this process becomes easier each time. Remember that videos should use hashtags and tags and, if possible, be shared on other popular social networks.

eighth step

Congratulations on becoming a professional lawyer!

Introducing some famous YouTube bloggers and their income

Countless bloggers are working on YouTube and some of them make a lot of money this way. Here are 5 famous Youtube bloggers.


He is one of the most successful YouTube stars with more than 54 million subscribers and in 2016 he earned 15 million dollars.


The account’s owner, Daniel Middleton, is a professional Minecraft computer game reporter with more than 14.4 million followers on YouTube. monitoring the game and earning $ 213 million to $ 2.5 million a year.

Roman Atwood

He is one of the most well-known creators of hidden and humorous videos. And his reputation of more than 10 million users has earned him $ 7.5 million.

Lilly Singh

A well-known comedian with more than 10 million followers on YouTube, making $ 7.5 million for him.


The young YouTube star is a beauty instructor with more than 17.8 million subscribers. Earning more than $ 41,000 a month from her YouTube channel.


If you are still thinking about becoming a lawyer but you are not sure about it. We can tell you for sure that it will give a positive result. From improving the way you treat others to building a greater sense of self-confidence and avoiding stress, to building a long-term friendly relationship with followers and even well-known brands can be expected from Vlogger. Note that becoming a lawyer is a lifestyle and an ideal future that only some can do well. In addition to earning money, it is also a good way to entertain and express your thoughts.