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What Is Turtlecoin Digital Currency? Introducing The TRTL Token

Turtlecoin digital currency is one of the cryptocurrencies that initially started as a hobby, but because of its attractive and practical ideas, it has survived and is growing. 

This digital currency has grown in price by about 9000% in the first few months of 2021. High privacy and high transaction speed are some of the features that make Turtlecoin popular.

 If you want to know more about Turtlecoin digital currency and TRTL token, be sure to read the rest of this article.

What is a TRTL digital currency?

Turtle in English means turtle. But this currency, despite its name, has high transaction speeds. Turtlecoin was created and launched in 2017 by two developers.

 The two developers were once talking about counterfeit currencies and the many coins that have entered the digital currency market. 

They were called Bebop and Rocksteady, and they all wanted to start a project that focused on technology and community development. A project that does not require a large budget, pre-extraction, ICO or marketing.

The project was officially launched on December 7, 2017. The developers who were involved with the project from an early stage did so only as a hobby and did not receive a salary. 

This digital currency without whitepaper also entered the market.

What is more important in this project is the work that has been done in this technology. Let’s take a look at some of these.

How does Tertel Quinn digital currency work?

Although Turtlecoin was initially started as an “entertainment” project, some of its features have made it an advanced digital currency that is still easy for beginners. This is due to a number of specific technical specifications in Turtlecoin.

Short block time

The blocking time on the Turtle Quinn network is only 30 seconds. This is much less than the 10-minute bitcoin block time. This means that transactions you send with Turtlecoin are confirmed about 20 times faster than transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Privacy features

Because TurtleQueen digital currency uses the CryptoNight hash algorithm, like Monroe (XMR) it has many privacy features. Every transaction you send is private.

One reason for increasing Turtlecoin’s privacy is that it uses the Mixins algorithm. Mixins mixes your private key with other users’ keys. These Mixins are based on a concept called the Borromean Ring Signatures developed by Blockstream.

Previously, if you did not care that your transaction was public, you could choose zero Mixins. Turtlecoin has recently upgraded its protocol and requires at least 7 Mixins per transaction.

Easy extraction

Extracting Tertel digital currency is relatively easy. Extraction ease has become quite rare these days due to the intense competition of mining in some proof of work (PoW) blocks.

User friendly wallet

Due to the fact that Turtle Quinn cryptocurrencies are active on their own blockchain, it can not be stored in every wallet and requires a dedicated wallet connected to the Turtle blockchain. 

To make the digital currency easy to use, the developers of TurtleQueen wanted a wallet that was user-friendly and had a user-friendly graphical interface. 

There are 5 graphic wallets for the Turtle Coin digital currency that you can use.

Golang, Winforms, Python and Electron wallets are supported on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Golang is a Windows wallet programmed with C #. For example, below is an image of the Golan UI.

Turtle Quinn digital currency

To view the main site of Turtle Coin digital currency, refer to this link .

Trtel Quinn digital currency prices

Trtel Quinn digital currency with the abbreviation TRTL has grown by about 9000% in the first few months of 2021. The total market value of this digital currency in April 2021 is about $ 53 million.

Turtle digital currency entered the market in 2018 with a price of $ 0.000034. In April 2019, there was a price increase and the price of Turtle Coin rose to $ 0.00022; That is, its price almost increased 70 times. After that, it decreased again and returned to its original price. 

Until in March 2021, with the boom of the digital currency market and the price growth of Bitcoin, these cryptocurrencies also experienced great growth and had a high price increase, and from March to April, in less than a month, the price of TRTL token was $ 0.0008. Receipt. 

This sudden rise in price drew more attention to this digital currency.

To see the current price of Turtlecoin digital currency, you can refer to the Turtlecoin (TRTL) price page .

In the figure below, you can see the one-year price chart of these ciphers.

Turtle Quinn digital currency

How to buy Turtle Quinn digital currency

You can buy this digital currency in exchanges such as KuCoin, CoinEx and Hotbit.

Turtle Quinn Digital Currency Roadmap

A good reason to support the Turtlecoin project is its good roadmap. The Turtle Quinn team has good plans for their network development, which we will describe below.

Karai Smart Contracts

The Turtlecoin team is currently developing their own Karai smart contracts. These smart contracts allow the Turtlecoin network to be used as a platform for the development of distributed applications.

This feature allows Turtlecoin to compete with many smart contract blockchains such as Atrium , NEO and the like. However, due to the privacy nature of the Turtlecoin blockchain, these smart contracts will also be private.

Turtle Quinn digital currency

Quick blocks without syncing (Mobius)

Users who have worked on complete nodes in the POW chain know how long it takes to sync the entire chain. The same is true of Turtle Quinn digital currency.

What Turtlecoin developers want to introduce are fast blocks that do not require syncing. These blocks are called Mobius and produce faster blocks on a shorter chain. These fast blocks on short circuits can greatly reduce the side effects of a large blockchain.

This update is much larger than the other changes; Therefore, the Turtle Quinn team has not yet announced a timeline for this update.

TurtlePay Network

This is another really ambitious move in the Turtle Quinn digital currency roadmap. The team eventually wants to create a Turtlecoin payment network so that Turtlecoin holders can easily process payments with their wallet currencies. 

Of course, this network currently has very fast transaction times, and if they are able to run Mobius, they can achieve this goal.

Concluding remarks

The Turtlecoin digital currency is one of the most rapidly growing coins in the past year. Features such as high transaction speed, privacy, easy extraction and user-friendly and graphic wallets have made this digital currency popular.

The Turtle Quinn team has some exciting plans for the future of this digital currency. Among other things, they want to set up smart privacy contracts, fast blocks that do not require synchronization, and a payment network for this digital currency.

If the currency development team can add these features to their network, this digital currency can become very popular and have a lot of price growth.

 But you still can’t be sure of the future of this digital currency, and if you plan to invest in these cryptocurrencies, think more or wait for the Tertel Quinn team to release more information about their activities.