What is the plan?

You must have heard that to create content. A plan must be prepared. But you may be wondering what this kind of plan is. And why do we need a content program at all? So join us in this article to find the answers to your questions. The content program generally determines the type of content you expect and how it is created. The content plan identifies who is responsible for the content, what the purpose of the content is, and how the content influences the content strategy. With the help of the content plan, you can support your marketing activities and focus on your potential customers throughout the customer journey. To answer the question “What is a plan?” To better understand content creation, we’ve covered this in detail in the rest of this article.

What is the plan? The need to prepare the program for the content

To better understand the answer to the question “What is a plan?”, We need to know why we need a content plan. If you consistently create compelling content for your business, you will successfully implement your marketing plans. With a content program, it becomes easier for your teams to collaborate, create and share content. A good content program will increase your site traffic and sales. Because with this program, you can create quality and lasting content that stays in the minds of your audience for a long time.

In addition, content plans and programs help you act according to your most important business strategies, such as budget or available resources. By creating this program, you will become familiar with the resources needed to develop and share your content. So you can easily avoid unnecessary expenses or delays.

What is the difference between a content program and a content strategy?

Following the answer to the question “What is a plan?” Regarding content creation, we must say that the content strategy and the content plan are fundamentally different. If you have a content strategy, you probably think your program will also cover it. But you should know that a content strategy directs all your marketing channels in the direction where the content is published. In fact, with a content strategy, all marketing goals and how to achieve these goals are determined.

But at the beginning of the implementation of the strategy, you must prepare your content plan to determine how to implement it. Content plans must specify all the types of content and data needed to achieve the goals set in the strategy. Every business uses its content design to research, create, publish and track its content. Every step of the content creation process should be included in your content program.

How to create a content program to achieve the expected results

To give a more accurate answer to the question “What is a plan?” Come on. You need to know how to create it. According to research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI and MarketingProfs), companies have a plan for their content that is more successful than companies that do not. Although the content plan and how it is implemented in different companies are different, some sections are common to all content programs.

So, in general you have to answer six questions to create an effective content program?

  • What content is the content for?
  • On what platforms will the content be published?
  • What problem does your content solve?
  • Why is your business different?
  • How do you want to convey your message?
  • How to create content?

In the continuation of this part of the article, complete the answer to the question “What is a plan?” We are talking about creating different types of content programs.

Develop a program for brand awareness content

Increasing brand awareness is a common goal in all businesses. Creating quality content is one of the best ways to promote your brand. A brand-aware content introduces your brand and product to potential customers. This type of content, in addition to introducing the product and the distinctive features of your brand, also helps increase your sales. People looking for this type of content probably have no information about your brand or product.

But the question is about the content of brand awareness “What is the plan?” And what information should be conveyed to the audience? Generally, this information includes:

  • Educate the audience about the company’s brand and products
  • Show company values
  • Provide information and value to customers
  • Avoid direct reference to sales..
  • Show the product as a solution to solve customers’ problems

This type of content is more common on social media. With this type of content, you will have the opportunity to connect with different users on social platforms and introduce your brand.

App for content ranked with keywords

You need to increase the number of words to rank your site pages to drive organic traffic to your site through Google and other search engines. Ranking based on keywords is almost impossible for the audience without publishing the right content.

In general, search-engine-optimized content targets a specific search term. This content does not directly help you sell your product or brand. In fact, with keywords in your content, you want to show Google and other search engines that you know the answer to search engine queries. It does not mean just putting a keyword in the content. You must find the most relevant phrases and words for your content by researching keywords.

You need to choose the right keyword for your SEO content based on the steps of the marketing funnel and prepare the content accordingly. But the question that may arise is about the content of the SEO “What is a plan?” And what activities should be specified in the program? In general, these activities include:

  • Select specific keywords through research in your field
  • Search target match with keyword
  • Specify the type of content with the keyword you want
  • Provide informative and useful content
  • Provide solutions to the problem of potential customers

Blog posts and articles are known as SEO-optimized content. Blogs usually contain informative and useful content. In this type of content, the searchers’ question is answered without direct reference to sales.

Apps for funnel bottom content to increase sales conversion rates

A brand provides content to increase its conversion rate for audiences ready to buy or deciding to buy. This type of content directly seeks to sell a brand’s product. So it convinces the audience that the brand product is worth buying. At the bottom of the funnel content, you should be looking to convert visitors and subscribers into customers. This type of content targets people at the bottom of the marketing funnel. These people know exactly what they are looking for, but they are free to choose different brands. Although they may have information about your product type, they may not know much about your company or how different your product is.

But like other content programs, there is always the question, what is the plan for the bottom of the funnel, which is also called conversion content, and what does it include? In general, the necessary steps to be taken to prepare the converted content are:

  • Use powerful words
  • Address the main point directly in the first paragraph
  • Use related images
  • Focus on the value provided
  • Show brand differentiation. Create recurring or explicit CTAs