What is the difference between UI and UX?

Most of us have a laid-back attitude when painting a picture about ourselves. But it isn’t easy to work with them. This is where the concept of UI and UX comes into play. Also, if you are even a little familiar with the world of design, especially web design. No doubt you have heard the words UI and UX. Each has different meanings in the design world and other performance and efficiency. Join us to answer any questions you may have, as we will discuss the difference between UI and UX in this article.
What is a UI?
UI, which means user interface design and stands for User Interface Design. In essence, the UI is designing a part of a website or application that the user can view. Also, this design pays more attention to the visual aspect of the subject. Simply put, the UI designer determines the appearance of each part to give a good look at the website. User interface (UI) design is important because it communicates directly with the user. In general, people pay less attention to websites that have a weak UI.
What is UI Design?
People who use smart tools like computers undoubtedly need to create user interfaces that anyone of any age can use. UI designers decide what the program should look like. UI design is very important, so UI designers must ensure that the user language they create is appropriate to the application as well as the needs of users and visitors.
Examples of user interface (UI)
What does the menu look like?
    The color of the search button matches the original color of the site.
    How to design a box for advertising banners?
What is the difference between UI and UX?

What is UX? UX stands for User Experience Design, which stands for User Experience Design. This design refers to the emotions and comfort, and ease of use of the user when working with various components of the site. In UI design, the aspects of user interaction with each part of the site are measured. Whether or not each part is easily accessible to users. Also, working with any part of the user’s comfort and convenience is considered. Also, these are only part of the UX design. The second view regarding this design is related to user guidance.

The reason for the importance of UX

UX is one of the parameters that affect SEO because Google cares about the behavior and reaction of its users and site visitors. Google has the ability to determine how useful the site has been to people. Therefore, it gives sites with a high user experience a better ranking in the Google search engine.

Note that the site’s appearance is not considered here, and more attention is paid to the user experience on the site as well as the performance and efficiency of the site. UX greatly affects remembering the site in people’s minds because if a site is useful to the user, then the user will not forget it. to learn and the term SEO Click

What is the difference between UI and UX?


We recommend you spend time on your site UX if you want to succeed in your SEO. Because Google separates user-friendly sites from non-user-friendly sites, click on on-page SEO for more information and the difference between off-page SEO. Hence it gives a large volume of search results to highly functional and user-friendly sites.
Examples of user experience (UX)
    What options are located in the site menu.
    In which part of the page is the search box located?
    Which part of the site is the banner ads?
What is the difference between UI and UX?
As you can see, these two terms have completely different meanings. But most of the time, they are confused by people. Now that you are well acquainted with UI and UX, we will explain the most important difference between UI and UX.
o     The most important difference between these two types of design is that the UI is related to the site’s appearance and pays more attention to the site’s appearance. Still, UX is related to the coordination of the design with the user’s needs. The UX task is to increase user loyalty to the site. We will make the content easier for you by giving an example.
Consider that you want to put a section in the products section called product filtering so that people can easily find the product they want by filtering. Here, the appearance of each field, how to display options, etc., are related to the UI design. However, the options included in this filter so that the user can access the product they want or where the product filter section is located are related to the UX design.
Although these two designs have separate meanings and concepts, they complement each other in design. You can create a beautiful and user-friendly design using both of them.
What is the difference between UI and UX?

The final word

Although UI and UX are two completely separate concepts, they alone do not work. For example, consider that it may look good when you enter a site. But your opinion about the site will change completely when you plan to work with that site. Therefore, placing these two types of designs next to each other will create a site with a high level of quality. We hope you find this article by Saba Host useful.