What is the difference between CPM and RPM and what are their uses?

YouTube is one of the most important platforms for publishing video and video content. Those who work on YouTube should know the difference between CPM and RPM. These terms have meaning on YouTube in terms of making money from it. People who want to make money from YouTube should learn these terms. In addition, YouTube has certain rules that are very important to follow.

The difference between CPM and rpm

We need to know how these concepts affect our YouTube channel strategy. And how effective it is in our income. Maybe on the Internet and many websites, they have provided you with explanations about these issues. But unfortunately, none of them are accurate. Because there is no complete source of them on the Internet, we will give you complete information about these two terms in the following. So stay with us.

What is CPM, and what is its use?

One of the important features of YouTube in the monetization system is CPM. To understand the difference between CPM and rpm, we will explain them separately. The word CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand.

With this feature, the YouTube platform evaluates the campaigns that work in it as advertisements. CPM means cost per 1000 ads. Or, if we want to express it more clearly, we should say that CPM means the amount of money given to you in your video for each view. In this way, your income will be shared with YouTube. That is, YouTube will take a certain amount and pay the rest to you.

How to calculate CPM

You may be wondering how YouTube calculates this amount. In the difference between CPM and rpm, we are trying to explain how to calculate the amounts. The amount paid may vary. But with an example, we will reveal this to you.


Suppose you have uploaded a video. Then the ad owner who gave you his ad will offer you an $8 per visit bonus. If your video is viewed 5000 times, you will receive an amount of 1.6 dollars. First, you need to divide the amount by the number of visits and then multiply it by 1000. But it’s not all yours! YouTube automatically takes 45% of the amount and gives you 55%.

Why is CPM important?

If you are a content creator, you should know the difference between CPM and rpm. The CPM feature allows you to identify which videos are valuable to advertisers. As you know, the main way to earn money from YouTube is through advertising.

The reason for the importance of CPM

So you should know that statistical information related to CPM is very important. To be a full-time YouTuber, you must identify the most popular videos. Then put your advertising program on them. For example, maybe you have made different videos in different fields. But you will notice that one of these topics has more CPM than other videos. So you conclude that you should make many videos in this field.

Explain the concept of RPM

The word rpm is abbreviated as Revenue Per Mile. The exact difference between CPM and rpm is determined here. The two are quite similar. But in general, rpm is for people who want to increase their audience. One of the most important and obvious differences between CPM and rpm is that for every 1000 views, the content creator can earn money in CPM. But in RPM, the content producer can make money from YouTube by showing ads.

com is a single measure for all types of advertising

Of course, this is one of the most popular ways to earn money from YouTube. Because as we said, most of YouTube’s income is from displaying advertisements. One of the good features of rpm is that you can watch videos that have not yet been monetized. While in CPM, a single measure is defined for all types of advertisements.

The most important difference between CPM and rpm

In the difference between CPM and rpm, you should know that CPM is the income you get from YouTube as a partner. Or rather, you share the income. But rpm is the final income you get. In CPM, YouTube takes some of the amount paid by the advertiser and deposits the rest into your account. That is, if we want to explain their difference in general, we must say that CPM is the income in which there is both YouTube’s share and your share. But in rpm, there is only your income which is the result of the advertisement.

Final word

In this article, we tried to explain the difference between CPM and rpm. As we said, today, YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms, with more than two billion users worldwide. Many people want to earn dollars through YouTube. But to follow this path correctly, they must have enough information about it.

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As we said, YouTube has terms related to its revenue system. For example, in CPM, you share your income with YouTube. But in RPM, the income you get is only for you. Of course, the system of each of them is also different. For example, in rpm, your income is by displaying ads. But in CPM, you will receive a certain amount for every 1000 impressions.