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What is the difference between an application and a scholarship?

The steps taken to obtain admission from foreign universities are called applications. The application process includes the following:

  1. Before taking any action, you must decide whether you intend to take this stressful and costly path or not. If the answer is yes, then you need to plan and plan carefully, it is recommended that you write a detailed plan for your next year and proceed accordingly.
  2. You have to choose your destination country, it is better to consider all the aspects about the country you are going to immigrate to; Such as the expenses, customs and culture of that country, the climate and the type of visa that most students receive to study, and even the conditions for receiving residence and work after graduation are issues that you should consider.
  3. Find a list of favorite universities in the destination country
  4. Specify the documents required to apply to that university.
  5. Complete English and take TOEFL, GRE, IELTS exams
  6. Prepare the required resume with the field of study
  7. Write a cover letter or SOP
  8. Correspondence with professors is the most important part of getting admission and it is recommended that you take this part seriously if you are looking for a scholarship.
  9. Getting a referral and a job offer can play an important role in getting you accepted and studying for a visa.

Important points in completing the application process

Contact professors

The key to success in getting admission from the university is to obtain the consent of the relevant professor before the university administration office starts reviewing the files; Before you start correspondence with professors, be sure to read the field of work and the latest articles of the professor, emphasize in your correspondence about the field of work and experiences related to the field.

Write a resume or CV:

The resume consists of several sections:

Personal profile

Educational and work records

List abilities, talents, honors, and experiences

Do not forget the resume must be up to date.


Write SOP

Indicates the purpose of your education and your vision for the future; SOP must be handwritten, never copy to write SOP and in writing it try to mention the positive aspects and describe your non-scientific skills in it.

Translation of documents

Receiving transcripts stamped by the university and approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and then translated in the official translation agency and stamped by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology is mandatory.

Language exam scores

One of the most important parts of applying is getting an IELTS, TOEFL and GRE score; For information on the appropriate score of each university, you can refer to its website.

What is a scholarship? And what is the difference with an application?

What is the difference between an application and a scholarship?
The difference between an application and a scholarship

Scholarships are scholarships given to students by the university and the destination training center. The main advantage of this scholarship is that there is no need to repay the student; Therefore, if a student is accepted in a scholarship, he / she no longer needs to pay a fee to continue his / her studies at the university, which of course depends on the amount of the scholarship.

Scholarships are offered by students, universities, educational institutions, academia and even the government, especially to low-income students. they receive

Scholarships include two categories without side activities and with side activities; A group without side activities can pay the full cost of education and living at the place of study, such scholarships are called full fund and students apply to receive it.

Non-activity scholarships can also be awarded to students as a percentage and will only help a little.

Scholarships will be paid for the activity done by the student, otherwise no payment will be made; Such as RA, TA scholarship, internship


To receive a scholarship for graduate school,

students must indicate when submitting their application that they wish to receive a tuition fee,

in which case the destination university will review the student’s file to pay for tuition and living expenses;

If the terms and amount of the fee are agreed, the student will be notified.

Individuals can increase their chances of accepting a scholarship application by submitting articles,

language score, high grade point average and که that the article plays an important role in admitting students.

So far, we have briefly explained two hot topics these days for students, but the question is, what is the difference between an application and a scholarship?

What is the difference between an application and a scholarship?


As mentioned,

most scholarships cover the tuition and living expenses of low-income students and those who are in a good academic position,

and students no longer have to pay for tuition abroad,

but also a fee from the destination university. receives;


there are no such conditions in the application and the cost of all the steps for admission to the desired university,

study and living is the responsibility of the student.


The final word

Student migration is one of the topics that has received a lot of attention today, but the conditions and costs in this direction are of great concern to many students. There are scholarships to address some of their concerns about studying.

Although scholarships have made admission difficult,

it is still possible for applicants to study abroad to increase their chances of admission by earning a high GPA or submitting a variety of papers;

Of course,

there are people who are just looking for admission to universities abroad

and the amount of tuition and living expenses in the destination country does not matter much to them.