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What Is The Difference Between ADSL And VDSL? What Are The Best Choices For Your Internet?

What is the difference between ADSL and VDSL? Is it true that you do not need extra money to set up VDSL Internet? Is this new internet compatible with current modems? Join us to find the answers to these questions.

About a month ago, the Minister of Communications promised to quadruple the speed of home internet on his Twitter account. “We will at least quadruple the speed of the home Internet, ” he said on April 30 .

One week after announcing this news, Jahromi stated that the process of installing equipment in Qom is being carried out at a very good speed, and home internet will be activated at 4 times the current speed for about 30,000 subscribers of Iran Telecommunication and Shuttle from today.

As this issue becomes more serious, the Minister of Communications stated that this increase in the speed of the Internet does not mean that its price will increase. This was good news for users dissatisfied with the speed of the Internet. But is it 100% correct and setting up VDSL internet will not cost the user?

What is the difference between ADSL and VDSL?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and VDSL stands for Very High Speed ​​Digital Subscriber Line. As the name implies VDSL, the speed in this type of Internet will be higher.

Currently, there is only one type of VDSL internet in the country, which is the simplest type and is located on the current copper wires with a capacity of 12 to 25 kHz.

The Minister of Communications announced the maximum speed of this type of Internet at 70 Mbps and said that its upload speed will increase to 16 Mbps.

Of course, this speed is directly related to the common distance from the telecommunication center.

In ADSL internet, the main point for having a quality service is having a quality line, proper cabling from the center to the house and the capacity of the line bed. But in VDSL, the distance between the user and the telecommunication center is the first letter.

 Users who are close to telecommunications (less than 1 km) enjoy higher quality VDSL internet.

Of course, the distance between the user and the telecommunication center is an issue that also affects ADSL Internet. On the other hand, since VDSL is mounted on copper cables, line quality, cabling and more are still important for this service.

However, the distance from the user to the call center is more important than the other elements.

VDSL Internet makes better use of the copper ADSL Internet platform, so users will have better speeds without the need for re-wiring. Even if these lines have a problem outside the user’s home, the telecommunications company is obliged to fix the problem for free or replace the cables.

Since VDSL internet tariffs are not significantly different from ADSL, it can be said that changing the type of service will not cost users. Of course, only if you do not intend to buy a VDSL modem.

Do we need a new modem for VDSL internet?

Yes. ADSL and VDSL modems are different from each other, and if you want to use the full potential of high-speed VDSL Internet, you must purchase a special modem for this Internet service.

Currently, the highest ADSL internet service in the country is 16 Mbps, but ADSL modems can offer up to 24 MB depending on the quality of the line and the distance to the center.

This means that if you can not buy a new modem for your VDSL service, if the conditions are right, you will have the chance to take advantage of the higher speed of the new system to some extent.

Otherwise, you have to buy a special VDSL modem, which according to the current conditions and restrictions for importing modems, have high prices (at least 700 thousand tomans in online stores) in the market.

Of course, buying a modem is currently the only costly part of the story, but in the future, as VDSL becomes more widespread in other provinces of the country, the companies’ policy of providing this service with ADSL price may change.