What is the bounce rate of a website?

One of the topics that play a direct role in the ranking of a website in search engines is the bounce rate of a website. The bounce rate in SEO is one of the most important criteria that should always be controlled and tried to reduce. In this article from the Fa host knowledge base , we decide to check what the bounce rate is and teach how to reduce the bounce rate of the site. So if you want more information in this field, stay with us until the end of this article.

The topics that will be discussed in this article are as follows:

  • What is website bounce rate?
  • Bounce rate in SEO
  • Reducing the bounce rate of the site

What is Bounce RateWhat is the website bounce rate?

In response to the question of what is the site’s bounce rate, it should be said: The site’s bounce rate is a measure that shows you how many percent of people who entered your website left your website without doing anything or interacting. Interaction means clicking on one of the menu items, read more or internal links placed on a page. If a user’s visit to the website is limited to only one page and there is no traffic on the website pages, that user’s movement is calculated as a negative bounce rate.

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You can use the site’s bounce rate as a very key measure to measure the quality of your website’s pages. Although the definition of bounce rate seems simple and understandable, understanding what this number tells you can be a bit difficult. The analysis of this measure is a bit complicated, which is why many users cannot understand its meaning well and use it to improve the performance of their website.

Bounce rate in SEO Jump rate in SEO,

Search engines have put their main focus on attracting and engaging users. Because they are built in such a way that the better a website can meet the needs of Internet users, the better it will rank in the search results. One of these factors is bounce rate.

Search engines believe that such a website has the main criteria of a valuable website and should be displayed in the first ranks of search results. This is why many SEOs and webmasters emphasize on having a low bounce rate. In general, it can be said that a high bounce rate will not bring good results for your website. Because the bounce rate indicates that the content and structure of your website is not attractive enough for its readers and cannot attract their attention. However, it cannot be said with certainty that a high bounce rate is always a bad thing.

A high bounce rate sends a series of negative signals to search engines. In fact, the bounce rate for them indicates that other visitors did not find the content on your website interesting enough to click on it. But when a user is browsing your website, this signal is sent that your content is attractive enough.

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For example, you may own a business website and your main goal is to communicate with customers via email or mobile phone. In this case, you do not need visitors to go to other pages of the website. They can get all the information they need through the contact us page and quickly leave your website after receiving it. The important thing is that you should be able to identify which page does not have the necessary attraction, bounce rate has a destructive effect and which one does not have a negative effect on your performance.

Reducing the bounce rate of the siteReducing the bounce rate of the site

There are many factors to consider to improve your website’s bounce rate. For example, one of the easiest ways to reduce the bounce rate of your website is to:

  • Make sure external links on your website open in a new browser window or tab. (Of course, this is not recommended at the moment because opening the page alone is not enough and the user must react to it.)
  • Site navigation
  • beautiful design
  • No annoying pop-up ads
  • Fast loading website
  • Being mobile-friendly
  • And…

Of course, the role of choosing appropriate and relevant keywords should not be overlooked. Is the content provided to the user exactly what you mentioned in your short description? The answer to this question can provide you with the right background about the bounce rate of your website. The main thing is that in addition to checking all the points mentioned, you should also be careful about the content you provide. Attractive content with proper internal linking can definitely convince the audience to visit your website.

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Bounce rate is one of the main topics that webmasters are very careful about. Because it not only affects the proper SEO management of the website, but also shows you which of your website pages can create better interaction with the audience. Certainly, the more suitable the contents of the pages of a website are, the better they can have an impact on its readers. This influence will eventually lead to a constructive interaction between the internet user and your website. In this article from the Fa host knowledge base, an effort has been made to familiarize you with the concept of bounce rate and provide suitable solutions to solve it.