What Is Telegram Premium? Introduction Of Features And Subscription Purchase Training

What Is Telegram Premium? Introduction Of Features And Subscription Purchase Training

Telegram, Which Now Hosts 700 Million Monthly Active Users, Introduced Its Subscription Service Called Telegram Premium. 

This service reduces limitations and brings additional features.

TechCrunch writes that Telegram now has 700 million monthly active users, and to monetize users, it is releasing a new subscription plan that brings additional features. Telegram has not yet announced the price of the subscription service. However, this service is expected to cost 5 to 6 monthly. The Verge writes that Telegram Premium costs $5 a month in the United States.

Telegram announced in January 2021 (Day and Bahman 1400) that its monthly active users reached 500 million. It means that the messenger in question was able to attract another 200 million active monthly users in the last five months. Telegram says it has never paid to advertise its app. This popular messenger has become one of the five most downloaded applications worldwide this year.

What is Premium Telegram?

Telegram, headquartered in Dubai, often relies on its users more than advertising companies. Pavel Dorf, CEO of Telegram, said in an announcement that the company under his management needs to earn money from its users to continue this policy.

Telegram has introduced a service called Telegram Premium to earn money from its users. Users of the premium version get access to a series of exclusive features, but in exchange for access to these features, they have to pay Telegram monthly. In addition to adding new features, Telegram’s subscription plan improves some of the current features of this popular messenger.

Features of Premium Telegram; From dedicated stickers and chat management tools to reducing restrictions

According to TechCrunch, the premium Telegram service allows users to send files of 4 GB to each other (while the free version has a limit of 2 GB). Telegram also said that the premium version supports a higher download speed.

Reducing the limits in Telegram Premium subscription

Telegram says the subscription service significantly reduces restrictions

Telegram subscribers can join up to 1,000 channels, while free version users can join up to 500 channels. Users can also create 20 chat folders and place 200 chats in each of them. Telegram premium service allows simultaneous use of four user accounts, pinning up to 10 conversations and saving up to 10 sets of stickers and 400 gifs.

In the new Telegram version, the user can write a more extended biography and add a link to it. The premium version also enables the use of more characters in multimedia content captions. In addition, Premium Telegram users can reserve up to 20 public t.me links for themselves.

The subscription version of Telegram allows access to premium stickers.

It is the first time a messaging service with hundreds of millions worldwide hosts a subscription service. Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the default messaging service of Apple and Google are all significant telegram competitors. Still, they do not have a subscription service and offer all their features for free. Of course, even the accessible version of Telegram has more diverse features than these services.

Several analysts hoped that Telegram could make good money through its blockchain-based token project and not need to launch a subscription service. However, after many delays and severe problems with regulatory bodies, Telegram announced in 2020 that it would abandon the project and return $1.2 billion of the collected capital to investors. In March 2021 (Esfand 1399 and April 1400), Telegram attracted one billion dollars in capital by selling five-year convertible bonds to companies such as Mubadala Investment Company and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners.

The company, under the management of Pavel Dorf, says in a press release:

“Today is an important day in the history of Telegram; Not only have we reached a new achievement, but from now on, we have a stable way of earning money.”

The CEO of Telegram announced some time ago that the subscription service is the result of responding to the demand of users. Dorf said that many users have wanted to reduce restrictions such as two-gigabyte file uploads, however, if the limit is reduced for all users, the cost of Telegram servers will increase even more, and access to this service will become impossible. In this regard, Telegram has decided to make the premium service available to users looking for more features and fewer restrictions.

Premium Telegram price and how to buy a Telegram subscription

There are different ways to buy a particular Telegram subscription. Some time ago, Telegram released an independent version of Google Play for Android phones, which does not have some of the restrictions of the store version, including limitations on copyrighted content, and its updating is done from within the program itself. Activating the premium subscription is also different in these two versions.

In the version published on Google Play, buying a premium subscription can only be possible through an in-app payment. In contrast, for the second version, Telegram provides the option of activating the subscription using a robot dedicated to this task. In iPhone phones, since only the App Store version is offered, it is not possible to buy a subscription using the bot, and this is possible only by using the App Store in-app payment.

The purchase price of a premium Telegram subscription also depends on the country and its purchase portal.

For example, in the Google Play version of Telegram, if you intend to buy a subscription because the payment is made through an in-app purchase, in addition to the number, the region where the Google Play account is set may affect its price. For example, the premium subscription fee for Telegram with the number and area of Google Play in America is five dollars per month.

It is while if you install the non-store version of Telegram on your phone and buy a subscription through the bot, the cost of the monthly subscription will be four dollars, which is one dollar less than the in-app payment mode.

On the other hand, due to the sanctions, Iranian users have recently faced many problems when entering gift card or credit card information in Google Play, which often leads to a dead-end for in-app purchases.

Therefore, using the second method can be more reasonable; Although for iPhone users, using a gift card to make purchases from the App Store is not as tedious as Google Play and maybe even more straightforward. Still, if you intend to buy a subscription at a lower cost, you can install the secondary version of Telegram and complete the payment process through an Android device.

Do it using the robot, whose steps we will explain below.

Before doing anything, please pay attention to the fact that Iranian numbers cannot activate the premium version. It is necessary to have a non-Iranian phone number for this purpose. To have such lines, you can use virtual number providers such as Google Voice, and You can use this tutorial on how to buy and make it.

But suppose you want a premium subscription on your main Telegram account with an Iranian line. In that case, you can easily change your primary number to a non-Iranian virtual number, complete the subscription purchase process, convert the version to premium, and re-enter the phone number of the report. Return to your original number. For this job:

  • First, download and install the independent version of the Telegram store from the Telegram website and log in to your account.
  • Go to Settings, click on your current number, tap Change Number, and then tap Change.

Change Telegram number

  • Enter the new number. Please wait for the verification code and enter the code after receiving it. Now your number has changed, and you can upgrade your account.

Change Telegram number

  • Go back to Settings, scroll down, select Telegram Premium, and tap Subscribe for $X—XX per month.

Buy Premium Telegram subscription

  • Now you enter the subscription purchase bot; if you don’t see this option, search for @PremiumBot ID in the chats section and enter the bot.
  • Select the Start option and then select Pay $X.XX. Tick the page’s bottom with the terms and conditions of the exceptional service and tap on PAY $X.XX.

Buy Premium Telegram subscription

  • You will be asked to enter your credit card details on the next page. After entering, select the tick option at the top of the page to add the payment method. On the next page, tap PAY again and then Continue.

Buy Premium Telegram subscription

  • If successful, you will see the following message.

Successful purchase of Telegram Premium

  • Now you can change your number to an Iranian number again from the Change Number section and benefit from Telegram Premium features.