What is Resilient Storage? and What is Data Center resiliency?

Resilient storage is an important issue in virtualization and storage space, and you can benefit from many benefits by using Resilient technology for your server.

To achieve a system with high flexibility, systems must be fault tolerant and provide a variety of data management techniques that can also include virtualizers and save them from various crises. In this way, fewer losses are caused to the organization so it can manage errors well.

Resilient technology can be used for disk arrays, clusters, storage networks (SANS), tape libraries, servers, and even personal computers.

What is Resilient Storage? – Explanations about Resilient

Resilient means that “it can deal with different shocks, different errors and no problem will happen to your system” and “it will do its best to return the system to its normal state and not let more damage is done to the system.” Self-healing is done with the help of Resilient. When a storage system is designed to protect and fix system problems due to moving, duplicating, or manipulating data, it makes your system become flexible and able to handle problems that arise. Is for the system to occur.

The challenge of building robust systems for Storage Resilient is still on the agenda and development.

Facebook has had more than 500 million active users for six years, and 50% of these users log into the Facebook system daily and do activities.

In total, more than 700 billion minutes are spent online every month by users, and this statistic is according to a source published by Facebook itself in 2010.

The Facebook platform is one of the most wonderful public systems in the world at the moment. You can get interesting ideas for large organizations with many customers through its data.

Facebook systems must be responsive to attacks against all users, resist possible risks at all times, and not allow the security of users to be compromised. Although sometimes there may be attacks on Facebook and even hackers achieve a positive result, it cannot be ignored that the security of Facebook is very high. Not everyone can access this system, which will take a lot of time. And also, many hackers have to act for this work to achieve the result.

Does the Facebook platform support Storage Resilient? – The role of Resilient Storage in the Facebook platform

The Facebook system supports Resilient Storage, which proves the strength of the Facebook platform to everyone.

The data has different degrees, and these degrees depend on the needs of the users as well as the importance of the data on the server.

The fields of information technology are not uniform and have different degrees.

However, when data is converted into information, it becomes valuable. It is possible to perform various processes on this information and even plan for the future in different time frames, including the near and distant future. did

So your data should not negatively impact the system, and you should use all your efforts so that no one can destroy your data or steal or hack your system today. You need this data. It is much more than before, and your need for Resilient Storage is increasing daily.

Most information is generally processed in a managed and stored manner.

Of course, in the meantime, your information and data may increase their risk factor, and for this reason, as mentioned, you need to protect your data and information more, for example, someone who works in the IT field. It must pay attention to these things that its task is to reduce the risks associated with data storage and management, process data and information by carefully analyzing storage management technologies, and also not allow system security to be disturbed.

Hierarchical storage management with Storage Resilient

Automating storage management tasks helps support access, data retention, and flexibility and makes automation operations very easy.

Hierarchical storage management (HSM) automatically organizes data. It determines which files are more important than other files and, therefore, assigns them to saves in such a way that your server costs much lower than what you think. Also, this operation can be done automatically or depending on the data obtained from the history and popularity of the data; in addition, the Administrator system management can also apply its settings in these cases.

In fact, despite the more advanced Storage Resilient system, you can significantly reduce your costs in the organization and develop your system in this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we intend to ask you questions and answers related to Resilient Storage technology so that you can understand the importance of Resilient Storage in your organization by reading this question and answer section.

What is Resilient Storage?

Storage Resilient or self-healing storage (storage memory) prevents various problems and system errors. If such errors occur, it can deal with various problems and errors in the shortest possible time and does not allow damage to the system and servers.

How does Storage Resilient ensure server security?

Safe to say, there is no such thing as security in the online world and no one can guarantee it. With Resilient Storage in the organization’s system and servers, you can prevent risks such as DDOS attacks, various hacker attacks, system hacking, server becoming viral, etc. If various errors occur in your system, repair it in the shortest possible time or carry out the so-called self-repair operation. In this way, Storage Resilient can guarantee your security to a great extent and not allow problems to cause your system to have no disruption (or it is better to mention, to have less disruption).

What organizations can benefit from Storage Resilient technology?

It is recommended to use the Storage Resilient system for all the organizations that exist in the world and feel that their information and data can be useful for the organization over time. It can be said that every global organization that has valuable and important information uses Resilient Storage technology, and one of the biggest and best companies in the world that uses Resilient Storage technology is the Facebook platform. With more than one billion users worldwide, Facebook self-heals through the Resilient Storage system. For this reason, nothing can disrupt the security of Facebook or users’ data.

Is it possible for hackers to attack the server again despite Resilient Storage?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is no security in the online world or even the physical world, but you can guarantee your security greatly and do not let everyone enter your privacy. For this reason, it is impossible to have 100% confidence in the world’s technologies, and they may lose their stability one day. Even with Resilient Storage in the Facebook system, sometimes the Facebook system is hacked by powerful hackers, and the information of many users is spread on the Internet.

So you can see that Facebook, even though it is one of the top companies in the world that uses Resilient Storage technology, sometimes its security suffers from various problems. Still, it repairs itself in the shortest possible time. This is one of the distinctive features of Resilient Storage.