What Is Premium Telegram; Introduce Features And Subscription Purchase Training

What Is Premium Telegram; Introduce Features And Subscription Purchase Training

Telegram, Which Now Hosts 700 Million Monthly Active Users, Introduced Its Shared Service As Telegram Premium. This Service Reduces The Limitations And Brings Additional Capabilities.

Telegram writes that Telegram now has 700 million monthly active users and is launching a new sharing plan to bring in additional users, which will add other features. Telegram has not yet announced the price of the shared service. However, it is expected to cost $ 5 to $ 6 a month. Verge writes that Telegram Premium costs $ 5 a month in the United States.

In January 2021 (January and February 1400), Telegram announced that the number of monthly active users had reached 500 million, which means that the messengers in question were able to attract another 200 million monthly active users in the last five months. Telegram says it has never paid to advertise its app. This popular messenger became one of the five most downloaded applications this year.

What is Premium Telegram?

Headquartered in Dubai, Telegram has repeatedly said that it relies more on its users than advertising companies. Telegram CEO Pavel Dorf noted that the company under his management needed to make money through its users to continue the policy.

Telegram has introduced a service called Telegram Premium to earn money from its users. Users of the premium version have access to several dedicated features, but in return for access to these features, they have to pay Telegram monthly. In addition to adding new features, the Telegram Shared Plan improves some of the current capabilities of this popular messenger.

Premium Telegram capabilities; From custom stickers and chat management tools to reducing restrictions

According to TechCrunch, the Premium Telegram service allows users to send up to four gigabytes of files to each other (while the free version has a limit of two gigabytes). Telegram also claims that the premium version supports higher download speeds.

Reduce restrictions on Telegram Premium subscriptions

Telegram says sharing service significantly reduces restrictions.

Telegram subscribers can subscribe to a maximum of 1,000 channels, while the free version users can subscribe to a maximum of 500 channels. The Premium Telegram service allows the simultaneous use of four user accounts, the pinning of up to 10 talks, and the storage of up to 10 sets of stickers and 400 gifs. Users can also create 20 chat folders and place 200 chats in each of them.

In the new Telegram version, the user can write a more extended biography and add a link to it. The premium version also allows the use of more characters in the caption of multimedia content. In addition, Premium Telegram users can book up to 20 public t.me links.

The shared version of Telegram allows access to premium stickers.

It is the first time a messaging service with hundreds of millions of users worldwide has hosted a shared service. Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the default messaging service of Apple and Google are all big competitors to Telegram. Still, they do not have a shared service and offer all their features for free. Of course, even the accessible version of Telegram has more diverse capabilities than these services.

Several analysts hoped that Telegram would be able to monetize its blockchain-based token project without the need to launch a shared service. However, after many delays and severe problems with regulators, Telegram announced in 2020 that it would abandon the project and return the $ 1.2 billion accumulated investment to investors. In March 2021, Telegram raised $ 1 billion by selling five-year convertible bonds to companies such as Mubadala Investment Company and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners.

“Today is an important day in the history of the Telegram; “Not only have we achieved something new, but we already have a sustainable way of earning money.”

The CEO of Telegram announced some time ago that the shared service is the result of responding to users’ requests. Dorf said many users wanted to reduce restrictions, such as uploading a 2GB file. However, if the limits reduce, the cost to all Telegram servers would increase, making it impossible to access the service. In this regard, Telegram has decided to make the premium service available to users looking for more features and fewer restrictions.

Premium Telegram price and how to buy a Telegram subscription

According to Takranch, the premium version of Telegram will be available to iPhone users in India at a monthly fee of $ 6. The service is also said to cost € 5.49 ($ 5.77) in Spain. The Telegram representative did not respond to a request for further details. Some media outlets have announced the price of this service in the United States at $ 5.

A Premium subscription is offered to the user as an in-app purchase. Download the latest Telegram update for your device to appear in the Telegram Premium option menu. Through this option, you can purchase a Telegram subscription.

The function of converting Wissamessage to text in Premium Telegram

Users of the Telegram Premium subscription service can convert voicemails to text and access dedicated stickers. Telegram says users can rate the ability to convert speech to text to improve over time. Telegram did not mention the languages ​​supported by this feature, but it is probably limited to English at the moment.

This Telegram version also allows you to respond to messages through more emojis and use moving images as your profile picture.

The new version of Telegram hosts additional capabilities for managing chats. The user can change their default chat folder so that the user’s desired folder always opens when the application is initially opened. You can also enable the automatic archiving and meeting of new chats by referring to the settings of the Privacy and Security section.

Telegram has been hosting advertisements for several months. The ad version of this service does not display any ads. All users of the subscription version of Telegram will receive a special star-shaped badge that will display next to their name. Users of the Telegram shared understanding will have access to dedicated icons for the app.

Dedicated Telegram Premium subscription icons

Telegram Premium offers dedicated icons to users.

Paul Dorf says all the features Telegram now offers will remain free. The core capabilities of these messengers are provided to all 700 million monthly active users, and over time, shared users will receive several unique features.

Telegram is said to be adding a new feature that allows users to join public groups without needing an invitation link. Another feature is to allow approved groups and channels to display a blue tick at the top of the chat screen.

Telegram says it has updated the chat preview feature in the Android version. This feature is similar to the iOS version in the new version of Android Telegram and allows you to view the entire content of the chat page by scrolling. The new Telegram version on new iPhones and iPads can render animations at 120 frames per second. Telegram says the latest update fixes software bugs and improves app performance.