What is Pinterest?

We all had albums full of classmates’ photos, birthday parties, camps, and family trips in the old days. Over time, as adults, we wrote down our thoughts and ideas in a diary, along with our photos. Now imagine that other people can access your treasure trove of memories and photos with just one click. It is what Pinterest does. Pinterest exposes your favorite activities to others in the form of an app. They are then clicked to your personal or business pages.

Today, with the development of social media marketing, the use of applications such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is no longer limited to individuals, but also business activists (small or large) to learn and use social networks to develop useful The more their brand, the more they consider it essential.

After the success of networks such as Facebook and Instagram in attracting audiences, other platforms also started operating in the Internet space, one of which is virtual media, which by the way is not very popular in our country, the Pinterest photo-centric social network is ranked fourth in the table of the most popular. In the continuation of this article, we will introduce zero to one hundred of this social network and examine its benefits in marketing in detail.

Introducing Pinterest

According to the founders of Pinterest, this social network is a tool for searching and sharing new and creative ideas. Like other social networks, Pinterest can be used as a website and application on desktop and mobile. So that after registering, you will have the ability to collect, search and share new ideas (in the form of photos or videos).

You can also view a collection of images and videos that a person has collected or save them to your account. Pinterest combines the two English words, Pin meaning pons, and Interest meaning interests. In addition, the Pinterest social network, like other Internet tools, has special terms that you should be familiar with before registering.

Pin: Photo uploaded to Pinterest

PinBoard: A collection of images related to a keyword

Pinning: Sharing images

RePin: Re-post someone else’s photos

Pin Button: Pinterest shortcut button on websites

Pinner: The person who uploads images to Pinterest

Mention: A person’s neck tag below a post

Promoted Pins: Content puts companies at the top of search results for a fee.

Rich Pins: These pins provide users with more information (such as price and installation button).

Source Link: The URL of the website from which the content was pinned.

In fact, after registering on Pinterest, you will encounter thousands of creative and trendy photos and videos to search for each keyword. For example, if you love up-to-date fashion styles, with a simple search, thousands of photos of coats, pants, hairstyles, hair colors, etc., will be displayed for you. You will be able to save with just a simple click. Pinterest is a search engine for users because about 2 million searches are done in its environment every month!

Pinterest General Rule

Imagine a billboard in front of you. You can write a description of your products and services on a piece of paper and stick it on it with a needle. Anyone who crosses the board can understand the overall content of your business. The general procedure for Pinterest is the same. Your brand is exposed to the public in the form of photo or video content.

By registering on Pinterest, you will have a virtual bulletin board (PinBoard) that you will be able to see other content in your field after pinning the first post on it. In addition, as the owner of the board, you can rePin other people’s content and add it to your Pin Board page. Another feature of Pinterest is searching other people’s PinBoard so that you will meet people who share your tastes or collaborations with you. We will explain in detail from 0 to 100 working with Pinterest in the following.

Steps to register and get started on Pinterest

1. Register on Pinterest

After downloading the app or logging in to, to register and take advantage of Pinterest features, after entering your email, you must choose a unique 3 to 5 letter username (name A user will be shown at the bottom of your Pinterest URL). Note that the use of symbols (?,!, /, +, Etc.) for the username is not allowed.

Then go to your Inbox Email click on the Pinterest confirmation link to complete the initial steps of your registration. Of course, this app also can log in with Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. If your contacts on other social networks such as Facebook also have a Pinterest account, you will know this.

At the time of registration, if you use the Sign-up page for the business option, Pinterest will consider attractive features for your business. For example, you can link your account with your business blog, website, Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy. In addition, Pinterest provides excellent advertising conditions for you. For example, content and pins related to your business will be better seen using the Claim option. You will also do all the activities performed on your page. Observe.

2. Select interest

As soon as you create an account and log in to Pinterest, you have to select at least five topics of your choice. For example, these topics can be art, architecture, sports, gardening, etc. After doing this, your home screen will be with your favorite photos and videos. It will be updated each time the page is refreshed. So you can follow the world’s popular pages and brands on Pinterest.

3. Edit user profile

After following people and areas of interest, the first important task is to edit the user profile. Click on the profile icon in the right corner of the page to enter your profile and change the settings related to the photo, company name, username, website, region, and so on.

4. Familiarity with the Pinterest environment

The first page after entering Pinterest is the Home Page, where you can see recent pins. In addition, it is possible to search for pins and trends among different categories on this page. In addition, if you want to see the main website of the pins, you will see the source link by clicking on the image.

5. Security

Pinterest provides good security options for users. For example, you can enable Two-factor Authentication in the settings. After activating this option, you must confirm your mobile number, and the required 6-digit numeric code will be sent to your mobile number each time you log in.

In addition, you will be able to see all the times you have logged into your Pinterest account with different devices. So if there is a suspicious device in it, you can prevent it from continuing to work. To do this, go to Show Sessions in the settings section and click End Activity.

If you have a professional business and do not want the whole world to see your ideas, by creating Secret Boards, only colleagues are allowed to see your pins. Of course, keep in mind that if a Secret Board becomes public, you will no longer be able to return it to Secret.

If internet browsing is not important to you, you can keep your Pinterest account hidden from the eyes of search engines. It would help if you turned on the Search Privacy option in your profile settings to do this.

Blocking users is another way to create security and peace on Pinterest. For this reason, if a user publishes inappropriate content, you can easily block their access to your Pins.

6. Making Pin Board

A home page is where you can follow your interests and businesses. On the other side of your page is like a mysterious garden of your interests and pins. From time to time, categorize your pins so that the cleanliness of this garden is not lost. To create new Pin Boards, go to your profile page and after selecting the Create Board option, enter all the required information.

After this step, it’s time to share your favorite photos with others. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest is to use the Pin It option. This option will be available to you after installing the Pin it button plugin on Chrome, Firefox, etc., browsers. You will download and install this plugin on your web browser at the following link.

Otherwise, you can use the + option to publish your desired photos on Pinterest. Of course, sometimes, you can add your desired photos directly from the pages of other websites to your Pin Board. To do this, use the Save Pin option, select the Save from Web option, paste the URL of the desired website there, and save your desired photo in the last step after opening the website page.

The last way to pin is to upload the photo directly from your device (computer or mobile). Of course, keep in mind that this method will not insert a source link, and you have to do it manually.

7. Search and browse (Pinterest Explorer)

Aside from being a social network, Pinterest also acts as a search engine. By browsing it, you will get familiar with the content produced by other companies and companies. You can collect the required photos in one of your created boards. In addition, with a little searching, you will come across different pins such as photos, videos, cartoons, and products that can be sold.

To do this, flip the Home Page carefully because millions of pins are published on it during the day. From the Search section, you can also see millions of images by entering your desired keyword. Of course, Pinterest also intelligently makes some words related to your search available to you. Filters such as All Pins, People, Your Pins, and Buyable Pins are also available for more advanced search. For example, by searching for the word coffee, you will come across a page like the one below.

8. Follow and increase followers

Like other social networks, the Pinterest platform focuses on exchanging ideas and opinions between people. To share your thoughts and ideas on Pinterest, you need people to see your content. With a little more activity, producing consistent, quality content, and using Pinterest tools, you will be able to attract a large number of followers in a short period. You can also follow your loved ones through the pins on the Home Page. In addition, using the feature of Pinterest messengers, you will create chat page chat with your friends and colleagues.

The Importance of Pinterest in Business Growth

Every online business should make using Pinterest one of its top priorities. According to research by, customers on this social network spend more money on products, plus more than other social networks. By examining the following factors, we will realize the increasing importance of Pinterest in business.


According to com, about 85 million unique visitors visit Pinterest every month, more than the total number of visitors to the former Google Plus, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Every day many people click on the links of the pins, and during the day, many people are exposed to the content of your website and brand. Of course, visiting your website via Pinterest Source Link does not affect your website SEO, but it still sends many visitors to your site.


As you can see, your Pinterest visitors spend more money on products. In addition, your site visitors will increase dramatically through Pinterest links. In other words, using Pinterest in online businesses will increase the number of potential customers or Lead.

Steps to create a business account on Pinterest

Unlike a personal account, the Business account is Public by default. In other words, users can follow a public page without admin permission. By creating a Business account (or changing the use of your account to a Business account), you will win. Your business will be exposed to millions of visitors. In the following, we will review the steps of creating a Business account:

We start by going to and clicking Join as a Business. Then you choose your type of business. Then complete your registration process by entering the personal details you selected as Admin.

If you have already created a personal account on Pinterest, you can convert it to a Business account with the Convert option at the top right of the page.

After registering, you will need to edit your Profile page information. For example, you choose a business name, create a username, choose a photo or brand logo, and write company descriptions in this section.

The last move

Finally, you need to read the terms and conditions of Pinterest and agree to work on it. At this link ( you can see all the rules, but we will briefly explain some of them to you:

  • You can only create accounts for the companies you work for.
  • The content you post on Pinterest is for millions of users. Users can save these photos and publish, categorize, and display them. In case of inappropriate use of your content by users outside of this social network, Pinterest will not be responsible.
  • Pinterest believes that if you share the content of companies and other people, there will be no infringement of copyright.

Now, after registering and creating your first Pin Board on Pinterest, you can guarantee your success in this social network by doing some solutions. This work introduces the brand, increases traffic, and attracts more potential customers. Of course, keep in mind that, unlike FaceBook or LinkedIn, your followers on Pinterest fall into two categories.

The first group is those who, by following a specific Board, become aware of content related to that area. Of course, some users follow a specific page and use its content. So on Pinterest, a user’s Pinboard followers are more than that user’s followers. Aware of this point, we will introduce you to solutions that will increase the followers in your Business account.

Strategies to increase followers on Pinterest

Increasing followers on Pinterest is not as difficult as increasing followers on Twitter and other social networks. You can quickly increase the number of your followers with a little continuous activity and a little creativity. In the following, we will introduce you to some useful solutions for this task:

Introduce your Pinterest account on other channels

The fastest way to increase your audience is to share your Pinterest account on other social networking pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). In addition, you can place a Pinterest follow button on your website for your users to click on.

Create good boards for specific content

It will draw you into the specifics of your content. Use keywords that you have already used in SEO strategies to choose the name of your boards. In fact, by doing so, you have collected very useful and high-quality pins on your page.

Search for others’ pins

If you think your content is appealing to other users, follow them. Try to interact with them by commenting on their content to encourage them to follow you.

Do not use people’s faces in your Pins.

Research has shown that photos without a human face are 23% more shares than other content. Of course, using the faces of employees, consumers, and managers of a business also has benefits. So try to increase the variety of your content by creating different Pin Boards.

Choose from unique colors.

Statistics show that the use of dominant colors such as red, black, green, and pink, increases the sharing rate up to 3 times. Orange or red photos also get twice as much RePin. So be smart in choosing the colors of your images.

Create user-specific boards

By doing this, you allow users to be present in your business. They can share their photos on your page and be part of a larger collection.

Encourage your customers

Show customers that you are happy with your products. It will create a positive view of your brand. For example, you can create a Pinboard containing photos of customers smiling on Pinterest.

Boost your website content

However, you should publish the images and content of your website or online store on Pinterest. So try to consider quality images and photos for your website content that will easily attract users’ attention on Pinterest.

Launch a contest and challenge

Ask your users to send you the experience of using your products. In addition, you can award prizes to the best photos by considering prizes, which will encourage them as much as possible.

Add the Pin it Button plugin to your website.

Add the Pin it Button tool to your website to make it easier for users h your content on Pinterest. By doing this, you are more people with your brand and business.

Use the link in your pins.

Use links to your business website or other Ford Landing Pages wherever possible. It will drive traffic to your web pages on Pinterest.

Create a video gallery

Using Pinterest is just not for designing and publishing photos. You can manage and produce quality videos of your products, create attractive and spectacular Pin Boards and provide more comprehensive and detailed descriptions of your brand to users.

Use #Hashtags

Users use hashtags in their pins to search for the best. You can also launch a hashtag campaign for your business by using the same hashtags on all your social networks, thereby actually g homogenizing your business and products.

Cover special occasions

You can create a special Pin Board to share your photos, videos, celebrations, conferences, and meetings with users.

Publish your pins on your business website

One of the convenient and simple features of Pinterest is that it allows you to share images on websites, blogs, and other social networks. It will cause your content and images to go viral.

last word

Now that you know the importance and place of Pinterest in the business and you have fully learned how to use it. Do not waste time and immediately register to expand your business as much as possible. The Pinterest social network provides a great opportunity to introduce the brand and attract more customers with its great popularity among users.