What is Microsoft Azure? – Everything about Microsoft Azure

The future of computing and the use of the world of technology belongs to the cloud space, and Microsoft Azure has worked very well in this field, and people are using it more and more daily.

The future of computing and the use of the world

d of technology belongs to the cloud space, and Microsoft Azure has worked very well in this field. And people are using cloud services more and more, and businesses are also trying to provide to change their business from traditional to digital, and the power of cloud computing can help them in this field.

According to recent reports, seventy-three percent of organizations support at least a part of their infrastructure in the cloud. It can be safely said that prominent organizations worldwide also use Microsoft Azure.

According to the research, 17% of businesses will be fully supported by the cloud in the coming years and will establish their business based on cloud computing.

The average cost of cloud computing is also on the rise, from $1.62 million per business in 2016 to $2.2 million today, and it’s not just companies at the forefront of this digital shift to secure their businesses. Rather, most technologies and technologies intend to use cloud computing in this field.

Many businesses that use cloud services use Microsoft Azure. At the beginning of this year, for the first time in history, Microsoft earned more than 110 billion dollars in revenue, most of which was through Microsoft Azure. The unique reception that the world’s organizations had towards Azure was extraordinary.

You may think that cloud computing is something that everyone does. Still, it is not bad to know that cloud computing technology is a relatively new phenomenon and that there is a lot of misinformation about computing and cloud space.

In this article, we will discuss most of the topics of Microsoft Azure that can be questionable for you so that you can have complete information about Azure.

What is cloud computing? – All about Cloud Computing

Instead of storing, installing, and running programs on hardware, cloud computing uses the Internet to access storage, software, and services.

You may use a cloud computing service such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive to store your files. Internet, access your files, and you don’t need to have the hardware with you anymore.

Cloud software works in the same way. This software will be installed and run on a remote server owned by the company that provides this software, and when you want to use it, you will connect to a website and access your user account from there. And then access it through a web browser of about Microsoft Azure technology.

All you need to access cloud applications and services is a smart device such as a mobile phone or computer and the Internet. For this reason, your cost for buying equipment will be very low, and on the other hand, cloud software has a very low cost, which means that other organizations do not need to pay high costs for the right to use the software and only with a monthly fee of one software, they can use it.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service provided by Microsoft, and the Azure portal covers more than 600 services.

Microsoft Azure hosts a wide variety of software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Azure offers three main areas of functionality, which include virtual machines, cloud services, and application services, respectively.

What is Microsoft Azure used for?

Hundreds of services are available through Microsoft Azure, and any business that wants to use a specific program can easily find it on Azure.

Who uses Microsoft Azure?

Many companies use Microsoft Azure technology and have started a business or developed their business using its cloud space.

One of the great benefits of Microsoft Azure is its flexibility. Users can add new services, increase their storage capabilities and create new programs when they use them, and they don’t have to worry about the lack of RAM, CPU, processor, RAM, power, hard drive, and server issues…

Since Microsoft Azure does not require expensive hardware such as servers and routers, it can greatly reduce the costs of hiring an employee specializing in server maintenance and other IT issues.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of business services, which can be useful. Its cloud computing is so powerful that it can be safely said that it will not cause any errors for you, and the calculation will be accurate. If you don’t want to use Microsoft Azure, your work will be very difficult and cost you a lot.

By using the intelligent tools provided by Azure Microsoft and developers related to various businesses, businesses can digitally transform their operations and processes and help them become more productive and efficient in their business.

Its scalability means that businesses can adapt to changes quickly and will not have any problems updating themselves.

Location of Microsoft Azure servers

There are Microsoft Azure servers worldwide, and this is done so that the speed of information exchange is high so that people can handle their work more quickly.

Microsoft Azure is currently registered in 54 regions and 140 countries. Customers can choose the region that suits them, allowing users to choose their location in all corners of the world to take advantage of the speed to start their business.

Since opening its first data center in 1989, Microsoft has invested more than $15 billion in its infrastructure and wants to add new areas to its Microsoft Azure coverage, expanding these services everywhere. Unfortunately, it should be noted that due to the US sanctions, Microsoft Azure services do not work properly in Iran, and it is facing problems.

How can startups use Microsoft Azure?

When a company is ready to move everything to Microsoft Azure, they can use Microsoft’s FastTrack program, which helps businesses get their services up and running faster daily.

What is the cost of using Microsoft Azure?

According to the services available on the Microsoft Azure portal, the costs can be different, and for this reason, before buying a plan on the Microsoft Azure website, you should see what your needs are and which of the special economic plans is suitable for you. was

For example, Microsoft Azure Application Service, which allows users to create powerful cloud computing-based applications for web and mobile, starts at $0.013 per hour. Azure Managed Relational SQL Database as a Service costs $0.021 per hour. Note, however, that both are free for the first 12 months, like most Azure services.

Can users get Microsoft Azure services with a free account?

A free Microsoft Azure account is available to all new Microsoft customers. For those users who want to test Microsoft Azure services, Microsoft has provided users with a $200 credit toward the cost of the service for the first 30 days.

In addition, users can have free access to more than 25 permanently free products for 12 months, and after they have reached a suitable answer regarding the functionality of Microsoft Azure, special economic programs/plans. Prepare your own.

It is better to mention that in the first 30 days of using the Microsoft Azure user account, Microsoft has allocated $200 to your user account, and you can use all the features of Microsoft Azure indefinitely. But after a user’s 30 days are over, Microsoft Azure services will be limited, and you can use Microsoft Azure for free for up to 12 months, after which you will be required to pay fees.

Services offered free of charge in the first 12 months include the following:

  • 750 hours of Azure B1S General Purpose Virtual Machines for Microsoft Windows Server
  • 750 hours of Azure B1S General Purpose Virtual Machines for Linux
  • 128 GB of Managed Disks is a combination of two 64 GB (P6) SSD storage, plus 1 GB snapshot and 2 million I/O operations
  • 5 GB of LRS-Hot Blob Storage with 2 million read, 2 million write, and 2 million write/list operations
  • 5 GB of LRS File Storage with 2 million read, 2 million lists, and 2 million other file operations
  • 250 GB of SQL Database standard S0 instance with ten database transaction units
  • 5 GB of Azure Cosmos DB with 400 reserved in units
  • 15 GB of bandwidth for outbound data transfer with free unlimited inbound transfer

The amount of storage in Microsoft Azure services

Microsoft Azure services have different amounts of storage, so you can prepare a special economic plan according to how you use Microsoft Azure services.

Storage depends on many factors, so you need to see how much space you need to upload your files to Azure.

You can customize Azure packages using Microsoft’s official website and specify how much hard drive, CPU, power, RAM, server type, processor type, etc., you need.

Web application and mobile application support with Microsoft Azure services

One of the points that made Microsoft’s Azure services popular was the support for web and mobile applications, which greatly reduced the costs for developers. Because of this, they were able to develop their business more quickly. From another point of view, customers gain more satisfaction.

In the following, we have prepared questions and answers for you regarding  about Microsoft Azure technology Microsoft Azure services, which you can read to get more information about.

Frequently Asked Questions

The distribution of Microsoft Azure took place in 2010, and in the early days when it appeared, it was able to attract a lot of audiences, and in this way, Microsoft achieved a lot of income.

Azure services is a win-win game between the developer and Microsoft.

On the one hand, Microsoft can earn more money. On the other hand, developers and various organizations can have the most profitability with the lowest cost and develop their business in the shortest possible time.

For this reason, it is suggested to use Azure services for all interested people who work in an organization and want the most productivity with the lowest cost.

In the following, questions related to Microsoft Azure services have been collected for you, and by reading them,  about Microsoft Azure technology you can gain a lot about such a service.

What is Microsoft Azure?

In a simple and concise language, Azure services were created by Microsoft. It was meant to be a cloud computing service so people can use their software, web applications, databases, and cloud computing at the lowest cost. They may set up and benefit from the most benefits.

What is cloud computing? Is cloud computing used in Azure services?

As you read in the article, Azure services from Microsoft were created based on cloud computing, and through cloud computing, you can use your software without the need for hardware and only with the help of a smart device such as a computer or mobile phone. And also a simple internet connection, setup, and use.

On a broader scale, cloud computing can reduce significantly lower a company’s costs and reduce costs.

How much does it cost to use the Microsoft Azure service?

One of the important questions for users is, what are the costs of Microsoft Azure services and how much do they need to spend to be able to use Microsoft Azure services. It should be answered that Microsoft Azure services are free for all new users for 12 months. In the first 30 days, Microsoft allocated $200 to its new users, who can use Azure services unlimitedly. And after 30 days, people’s user accounts will have special restrictions, and this routine will continue for 12 months. After 12 months, you must prepare a suitable plan depending on your needs.

Are our Azure services used in the programming industry?

One of the most important advantages of Microsoft Azure services is Unit Testing, which programmers can use to test written programs and see how stable the written software and web applications are. How is it?