What Is Instagram Copyright And How To Fix Its Problems?

What Is Instagram Copyright And How To Fix Its Problems?

To Protect Users, Instagram Has Applied Strict Copyright Laws, And In This Article, We Introduce Several Ways To Solve These Problems.

Since 2017, Instagram has defined strict copyright rules for its platform, according to which users of the platform can no longer share content that violates someone else’s rights. This social network currently has more than a billion active users, and the content shared in it is seen by many people; In fact, Instagram established these rules to protect the privacy of its users.

Copyright (Copyright) or the right of publication is a law to protect the producers of content, which considers the right to use the benefits of a work registered by them exclusively for the producer of that work so that no one else can use or publish that work without permission. . The primary purpose of establishing this law is to support the efforts, time and money spent by the author, reader or… to create their work.

List of Instagram copyright rules

It may have happened to you that after uploading a video on the Instagram platform, your post was immediately deleted, and you received a message with titles such as Your video was removed; In fact, this happens when you don’t follow the rules of Instagram and the copyright of this platform. This social network explains the content that is deleted by Instagram as follows:

If we believe a user violates our policies, we may remove any content or information shared on this social network. This action is taken to protect the user community.

Using algorithms and powerful artificial intelligence, Instagram detects copyright infringement very quickly and takes the necessary measures independently through the reports of other users.

The platform explains in its instructions section that Instagram reflects society, culture, and different beliefs and intends to provide a safe and valid space for its users.

For this reason, it advises its users to publish only photos and videos they have created and to respect the rights of other people on this platform.

The rules of Instagram and the copyright of publishing works on this social network include the following:

  • Advertising use of other personal content and sharing it; Without mentioning the name of the author
  • Share a video in which music produced by the singer or composer plays in the background; Without mentioning the name of the singer or composer.

If you violate these rules, your post will be removed immediately, and you will receive a message titled. We removed your post because it doesn’t follow our community guidelines:

Nonification of Instagram post deletion

Apart from copyright violations, other reasons may cause your Instagram posts to be removed:

  • The email address you used to open your Instagram account has not yet been verified.
  • The mobile number associated with your account has not yet been verified.
  • Suspicious activity can be seen in your account. Instagram considers any strange change in posting or commenting rate as anomalous activity.
  • Many people have reported your post as inappropriate content for various reasons.

Avoiding Instagram copyright problems

In order not to encounter this message and comply with the copyright rules of Instagram, it is enough to comply with the following:

  • Share photos and videos you take or own: You own the content you post on Instagram. Do not post content you have copied or collected from the Internet and do not have the right to post. If you use someone else’s content on your account, mention that person in the caption. By doing this, you let Instagram know who the content belongs to and that you somehow retain the work’s rights for the work’s owner.
  • Post photos and videos that are appropriate for all walks of life: Sharing images that contain immoral content, promote violence, or provide false information to the user for any purpose are not allowed on Instagram.

Methods to solve the problem of Instagram copyright

If Instagram still deletes your post even after mentioning the name of the author of the work and following all the points mentioned before, you can solve this problem by doing the following steps:

Writing the name of the owner of the work in the caption: As we mentioned, if you share music, a part of a movie, photos, or various videos that do not belong to you and you know the name of the original owner, you must write it in English in the caption. Mention the owner of the work and explain that all the rights of this post belong to the original owner and you are the only one who shared it. By doing this, you have made it clear to both Instagram and the audience viewing the post that you do not own all or part of the content (such as the music on the video).

Appeal and reconsideration: In the notifications section, click on the message of your video being blocked and request a reconsideration of your post by selecting the appeal. It is enough to check the box next to the phrase “I agree” and tap again on “appeal request.”

Appeals and reviews

Now you have to wait until you get another notification that your video has been resent.

Note that if the creator has not permitted you to share the work, it is better not to do these actions; Because if Instagram inquires and this issue is identified, your account may face problems.

Solving Instagram music copyright problem

The Instagram algorithm quickly identifies and removes music and songs owned by this platform’s copyright. The solutions introduced in the previous section are efficient and doable for the Instagram music copyright problem. Still, apart from these ways, other solutions are unethical, and we do not recommend doing them in general.

  • Change the complete information of the music and the music you use, such as the name of the work, the name of the album, the name of the artist, the year of publication, etc., so that the algorithms of this program do not recognize it.
  • Change the desired music a little; From adding a second of recorded sound to the song (by apps like Inshot) to more professional editing and mixing, etc. (by apps like VideoShow for Android and Magisto for iOS); By doing this and editing the music, the output version is no longer the same and is no longer recognized as the owner’s music for Instagram copyright.
  • Use websites that share copyright-free music. Some of these websites include mix kit, Videvo, Pixabay, could, Free Stock Music, Free Music Archive, Ben Sound, and MusOpen; Of course, you may need a monthly subscription to use these websites, but you can choose the name of the music from these websites and download them separately.
  • Publish your desired music on posts with two or more slides so that the Instagram algorithm does not easily recognize it.

Instagram copyright report

Now, if you are on the other side of the issue and one of the Instagram users has published the content produced by him on this platform in his name or in some way causes you harassment by disobeying the rules of this platform, how can you listen to this issue? reach Instagram

Report on Instagram

Generally, reporting on Instagram is divided into three categories: report commentsReport shared content, and report account.

Comment report

To report a comment, after opening the comments page and selecting the desired word, touch the icon containing the exclamation mark from the top of the screen and select the Report this comment option. In this section, you have many options for reporting comments:

  • It’s spam: junk or spam.
  • Nudity or sexual activity: contains immoral content.
  • Hate speech or symbol: promote racism or gender discrimination.
  • Violence or dangerous organizations: encourage violent or destructive actions.
  • The sale of illegal or regulated goods: introduce illicit goods for sale.
  • Bullying or harassment refers to bullying or harassment.
  • Intellectual property violation: Violation the copyright law.
  • False information: contain inaccurate information.
  • Suicide, self-injury, or eating disorder: related to suicide, self-harm, or self-harm.
  • I wouldn’t say I like it: I don’t like this post.
  • Something else: Other cases

After selecting the appropriate option, the Report will be sent to Instagram, and if approved, the desired comment will be deleted.

Report post or story

To report the content shared on Instagram, touch the three dots above the image and select Report. After that, you will again see the same options mentioned in the previous section, and by choosing the correct one, you can report the post to Instagram.

Full Report of an account

After entering the page of the account that you believe has violated the copyright of Instagram, click on the three dots at the top of the page and select Report. In this section, you will see two options:

Report post, message, or comment: Report one of this account’s posts, letters, or statements.

Report account: report the entire charge to Instagram; By selecting this item, one of the following options will be displayed:

  • It’s posting content that shouldn’t be on Instagram: This account publishes inappropriate content for Instagram.
  • It’s pretending to be someone else: This Kant pretends to be someone else.
  • They may be under the age of 13: The account is managed by people under 13.

common questions

Is it possible to close the page due to copyright?

Instagram will only block a page for violating the rules of this platform if this happens several times and the user ignores the copyright of Instagram without paying attention to the warnings.

How to find out who owns the copyright of an Instagram content or song?

To know the owner of the work, before publishing it on Instagram, use a search tool such as Google or Tineye (visual content) or SoundHound, or BeatFind (audio content) to check and find the name of the work.