What is google Knowledge Graph and how does it work?

Google has recently published new information about the knowledge graph. But what is Google’s knowledge graph? Join us to describe the Google knowledge graph in this article fully.

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What is a knowledge graph?
The goal of the Google Knowledge Graph
Construction of knowledge graph
Types of knowledge graphs

1- Companies

2- Influential people
3- Local businesses
4- Media (film, music, book, series, TV show)
5- Nutritional information
6- Products
The difference between knowledge graph and rich snippet
How to modify a knowledge graph? (modification of knowledge graph)


What is a knowledge graph?

Knowledge graph or knowledge graph is a virtual encyclopedia based on real data that Google refers to to produce certain elements of search results and its purpose is to improve the quality of results. We have previously talked about things that help improve SEO and search results, and here the focus is on the knowledge graph. According to Google sources, the knowledge graph currently has over 500 billion facts about 5 billion entities.

The task of Google Knowledge Graph, which is shown as a box next to the search results, is to provide additional information about people, places and things. These boxes will help you to get more understanding about the subject you are looking for in the shortest time. The following images are examples of the knowledge graph that is displayed when Steve Jobs is mentioned:


The goal of the Google Knowledge Graph

The goal of launching the Google Knowledge Graph is to provide the user with enough basic information in the shortest possible time.

Construction of knowledge graph

Knowledge graphs are generated automatically and their information is usually extracted from Wikipedia and Wikidata . But these sites are not the only sources used, and according to Google, hundreds of sources from all over the web are used to verify the contents.

What is displayed in the knowledge box is different according to different entities, but the format of a knowledge box is usually defined as follows:

  • Title and short summary of the searched keyword
  • Longer description of the topic
  • A picture or pictures of a person, place, or other thing
  • Birth certificate information and available facts
  • Links to official and approved social networks and websites

Knowledge graph can contain more specialized information. For example, some of these panels may include the following:

  • Songs of music artists
  • Different episodes of a TV series
  • List of sports team players

 For example, when you search for the Shahrazad series, you can see the pictures of the actors, biographies and parts of it with a little scrolling:


Types of knowledge graphs

 knowledge graph has different types, but the most popular knowledge graphs are:

1- Companies

These types of graphs help people to get general information about the company, its founders and how it works. Among its other advantages, we can mention the linking of websites and social networks in this graph