What is Genopets Digital Currency? Exploring the Future of Genopets

Do you like to exercise and earn money ?! Suppose you have an app installed on your mobile phone that both makes you portable. And it gives you cash for that mobility! This article will introduce Genopets digital currency, one of the most exciting projects implemented based on Solana blockchain, and then predict the future of Genopets digital currency. Stay with us.

Introducing the Genopets project and its tokens

The Genopets project is one of the most exciting projects to be launched on the Solana blockchain network shortly. This project is a blockchain game that motivates you to be more mobile and healthier body and mind. This game is from the category of Play to earn games. This means that you will also receive money for following the instructions of this game, which is in line with your health!

Genopets digital currency is a dedicated token of the Genopets project, which we will learn about its applications in the following.

This is the first time that blockchain technology and unique tokens have been used to reward users for their health! The Genopets game and project are pretty innovative and creative. So far, many games have been launched on the blockchain platform, but this one is different from the others. Digital currency genopets

Most blockchain games have two distinct tokens, one of which is issued as a token that can be bought and sold in exchange offices and the other as a token that Genopets can use in the game. In the Genopets project, the Genopets digital currency or GENE token is the principal cryptocurrency Genopets can trade in exchange offices. The KI token is also used as an in-game currency. However, like other blockchain games, most in-game assets are offered NFT tokens. Therefore, given the nature of NFTs, the principal owner of in-game purchases is the user himself.

How does Genoop work, and what is its purpose?

As you know, Genoa is a blockchain game launched on Solana’s blockchain network. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a geopathic creature that the more active you are. The better you complete the challenges, the more potential and power Genopets creature or character will have.

This game has added a new concept to the blockchain games: the idea of Move To Earn, meaning move and win prizes! This game collects your biometric data using services such as Google Fit. So data such as your heart rate, physical activity, and sleep hours will be under the control of this game.

By completing in-game challenges and completing them, you will be given a KI token.

Each Genoeps character is personalized according to your physical and mental characteristics, and the game challenges you mentally and physically according to the same information. The same thing makes you both mentally and physically advanced, as well as your Genopets character.

In addition, you can earn money from this game in 3 other ways, and this is one of the things that make this game very attractive and user-friendly. We will examine them in the following:

  1. You can earn money from this game by training and empowering your Genoese character and selling it.
  2. Most in-game assets are in the form of NFT tokens; So you can quickly sell these tokens in open markets.
  3. Like in the real world, in this game, you can earn money by buying one of the game habitats and renting it to other players who do not have habitats. In addition, the value of the habitat you have purchased will increase over time!

Digital currency genopets

Suppose you spend a lot of time empowering your genius character and increasing his potential. Now it’s time to fight the other players! Fight other players and get KI tokens by defeating them! How successful you are in winning battles largely depends on how active you are in the challenges offered by the game; Because these are the challenges that make Genoese stronger!

The KI token is very effective in in-app purchases. With this token, you can in-game purchase items such as clothing, food, and special features for your Goop.

One of the most common problems in modern societies is the problem of obesity and inactivity, which imposes high costs on governments each year. Genopets seeks to motivate people to exercise and be active, and public health is one of the main goals of this project.

Genoopt grafts and irreplaceable tokens

Non-replaceable tokens, or NFTs, are widely used in the blockchain gaming industry. Like other games in Genopets, many in-game assets such as land, food, various equipment, resources, and many other facilities are NFT tokens. This means that when you buy a field in this game, that land is all for you, and even the game development team can not take it from you.

These unique tokens are traded through the Open Sea or other NFT markets. The Genoese ecosystem has also created a place to buy and sell these in-game tokens. Digital currency genopets

Two essential types of NFT tokens in the game are:

  • Delicate crystals (Refined Crystals): this token improves and strengthens the development of in-game characters and physical Jnvptsy they are used.
  • Token habitats (Habitats): the token that Jnvpts·ha habitats in which they live. The evolution and increase of your Genopets potential are done within these habitats. One of the advantages that this token brings is the daily rewards in in-game tokens or KI.

One of the features that most blockchain games support is voting! Players who maintain the game’s primary token, the Genopets digital currency, or GENE token, can participate in surveys provided by the game development team and contribute to developing and improving their favorite game.

Genopets should note that this game has not been officially released yet, and currently, only a trial version is available. In the trial version of this game, you can also get acquainted with the game environment and check its features to avoid getting confused when the game’s original version is released. According to the game’s white paper, the development team releases the game in several stages. We have to see what features are added to the original version and which elements will be removed. Genoopets Digital Currency

Introducing the Genopets blockchain game development team

Albert Chen and Benjamin Tse founded the Genopets project. Albert Chen is a successful entrepreneur specializing in engineering, economics, and marketing.

Benjamin Tse also has extensive experience in blockchain and has been working in the field of the blockchain industry since 2016. His 16 years of experience in product design, UI / UX, and SaaS, and working as a sales consultant in an NFT chain market are some of his controversial experiences. Genoopets Digital Currency

What distinguishes Genopets from other blockchain games?

One of the parameters that distinguish. This game is the creativity that has been used in the style of the Play. The game development team values ​​health and the time you put into the game.

If we look at most of the games, we have played so far. We find that we have achieved nothing but partial entertainment and wasted time. In the following, we will review some of the attractive features of this game:

Play for free!

Unlike many other games, this game is not made to empty your pocket. You will not need to pay anything to start the game. However, some users may want to purchase various in-game items faster.