What Is Freedom Or Freelancing?

What Is Freedom Or Freelancing?

The Conditions Governing The World Of Employment And Employment Are Becoming More Complicated And Difficult Day By Day. 

Various reasons for this difficulty and complexity can be pointed out, including bad economic conditions, an increase in the educated labor force, the imbalance between supply and demand in the labor force, complexity of business activities, modernization, and of course, becoming intelligent.

Many jobs, lack of work experience, lack of balance between organizations’ requests from specialists and the wages they pay to these people, long-term contracts where the parties do not agree upon the clauses, and many other things.

What is freedom or freelancing?


What is freelancing?

The spread of the coronavirus has caused many activities to undergo fundamental changes, and the jobs that can do remotely have prompted experts to offer suggestions to companies for remote activities. This issue has made technology specialists not interested in being permanently present in companies like in the past, and they are more interested in doing exercises in the form of projects.

An approach generally referred to as freelance, fee-based, or fee-based. Freelancing is a work contract that a person or a company undertakes to do something for an employer in exchange for a specific salary. A freelancer is a person who provides his services without a long-term commitment to an employer or company.

Typically, these people are paid by the hour, per day, or project and are essentially running a one-person business. Specialists in various fields can work independently instead of being employed by a company.

Among the jobs for which there is freelancing, we should mention music, writing, programming, photography, journalism, hairdressing, editing, graphic design, website design, consulting, and a significant part of engineering activities.

What freelancers do is different from each other.

Some of them ask the client to sign a contract, while others start the work with verbal agreements, which, of course, as in the article ” What is a temporary or hourly work contract and what points should be paid attention to in this connection?”

We mentioned it, and it’s better not to rely too much on verbal commitments. Some freelancers may estimate the entire project’s cost and take an amount as an advance payment, which is quite customary. Of course, payments are made in different ways; freelancers They may be paid by the day, by the hour, or by the project, or instead of receiving a fixed amount, they may use a value-based pricing method for the client, receive a percentage in advance, or, for complex projects, in stages and upon delivery of each part. Receive the amount of that part from work.

What are the advantages of freelancing over permanent work?

People can work as a freelancer at the same time as a part-time job or full-time as a second job. The experience of different work makes their characteristics, and as a result, they form a network of customers for themselves. In general, freelancers have more work variety than permanent employees because they have more freedom to choose when and where they work, regardless of a fixed income.

According to reports from the fee-based industry, professionals prefer freelancing over other jobs for various reasons that we mentioned in the introduction. For example, most female professionals prefer freelancing because they have more discretion in planning and flexibility in doing things. Freelancers are not limited by location and can work anywhere.

Is freelancing flawless?

The answer to this question is negative. Like other types of employment, freelancing has its disadvantages. Uncertainty in client communication, informal contracts, and payment methods can be troublesome for a freelancer.

In the beginning, freelancing can be difficult because it takes time to prove one’s expertise. In this work, everything depends on the reputation and duration of your activity. For this reason, a good salary may not receive in the early years. Effective communication is essential during freelance work.

There are times when there is more work than time available, and the freelancer must demonstrate commitment to the contract and the client. Therefore, time management and sufficient skills are essential to a freelancer’s success.

Have sufficient knowledge and expertise. Freelancers must do all the work themselves—accounting, marketing, sales, project implementation, customer relations, etc. In addition, there are no legal privileges such as insurance premiums and facilities.

How is the freelancing situation in Iran?

In specialized terms, the fee is the wage calculated and paid for doing a certain amount of work that can be measured or counted quantitatively per unit of work. The salary is determined as an individual, group, and collective wage based on the result of the desired outcome related to a person or a specific group of specialists or group of specialists.

In the group and collective wage system, in addition to the job of each specialist, the contribution of each of them in the amount of activity and the related fee should determine in advance, and the specialists should accept the subject.

When a contract is concluded between the parties, the provisions of Article 15 of the Labor Law are implemented in case of a work stoppage due to various reasons such as unforeseen events that are beyond the will of the parties, but whenever the factors of work stoppage are predictable for the employer and beyond the control of the expert.

In addition to the fixed wage (in the case of a combined work contract), the employer will be obliged to pay the wages for the period of work stoppage based on the average salaries of the last month of the worker’s employment. In the event of a dispute, the above matters will be determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Iran.

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How to have business activities as a freelancer?

To start your professional world as a freelancer, you must have the abilities and skills to attract clients. After choosing your skill and job, you should introduce your work through a business-related program, internet sites, or virtual pages. Some websites allow people to introduce themselves and their skills, post their portfolios, and get custom projects from employers for a set price.

In addition, they can set prices on the sites for the work they do so that employers can choose them based on their portfolio needs. They can promote their work on all social networks, but a LinkedIn profile can be helpful because it acts as an online resume.

It should note that professional employers use LinkedIn because it is a good source for finding work done by a freelancer. Every freelancer needs a mobile number specific to his work so that he can provide it to employers. Anyone can be a successful freelancer by studying, providing the things mentioned, and discovering personal skills.