What Is Ethereum? Price, How To Buy It And Compare It With Bitcoin

Want To Know What Ethereum Is? In This Article, We Want to Introduce You to The Second-Best Cryptocurrencies in The World. Stay Tuned with Us.

You may have heard the word Ethereum many times these days. The cryptocurrency started operating in 2015 and was initially created as an alternative to Bitcoin. Here’s what you need to know about cryptocurrencies.

First, you need to know that the word Ethereum is not the name of this code. In fact, this word is the name of a type of blockchain. Blockchain can be considered as a decentralized distributed general ledger that records all transactions publicly in that general ledger. In addition, Ethereum is the name of a programming language that can run or develop other applications on the blockchain in question.

Of course, Bitcoin also uses blockchain, but Ethereum blockchain is more advanced and can run applications.

Ether is also known by the symbol ETH, the name given to the Ethereum network blockchain token. Ether is one of the hundreds of applications built for the Ethereum blockchain and is also used to validate NFTs, employment contracts, and other financial instruments.

What is ether, and what are the differences with ether?

After Bitcoin, Ether is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market in terms of capital, making this cryptocurrency one of the best cryptocurrencies.

According to Investopedia, Bitcoin and Ether are the only cryptocurrencies that can trade on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The ether token is $ 3340 at the time of writing.

In addition to buying and selling Crypto Ether tokens, they can also use them to pay and run applications on the Ethereum blockchain network. The cost of conducting transactions in ether is called GAS. The more computing power an Ethereum transaction uses, the higher the price of “gas.”

Ether tokens, like bitcoins, are now mined by solving mathematical problems. Of course, in the Ethereum network, instead of using the work verification model that is used in the Bitcoin blockchain network, the share verification model is used.


The change, called Ethereum version 2.0, is likely to take effect by 2024, but Ethereum’s official blog has published a post saying that testing for the change has been underway for some time and will take place in the coming months. You can now see the next tokens of this cryptocurrency called ETH2 in the Coinbase exchange.

Unlike Bitcoin, which can extract a total of 21 million tokens (it takes more than a century to extract all Bitcoin tokens), the number of tokens extracted from Ether is unlimited. This has led to a lower supply crisis for this currency code. Although ETH tokens cost less than bitcoins, they are also easier to extract. Every minute several new blocks are created in the Ethereum blockchain network. For comparison, in the Bitcoin blockchain network, several blocks are created per hour.

There is another torium-related token called the Classic Ethereum, known as the ETC. The token is a side-by-side version of Ethereum’s original blockchain, created in 2016 after stealing $ 50 million worth of ether from platforms offering smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum operators decided to “reverse” the theft and remove it from the blockchain headquarters. Ethereum Classic operators were informed of the theft and continued their work. The ethereum and classical Ethereum should not be equated; The ethereum Classic is priced at around $ 67 at writing.

How to buy Ethereum and ether tokens?

First of all, you should keep in mind that anyone who intends to buy ether or any other type of password must be careful before doing so. The cryptocurrency market is much more volatile than the common stock market. An example is a sharp fall in the price of cryptocurrencies that occurred about three months ago. Ethereum has experienced many ups and downs over the past few months and years, so no guarantee buying it will bring you huge profits.

If you plan to buy ether, we suggest spending money in this area that you can lose. Keep in mind that if the price of this cryptocurrency falls by 20%, 50%, or even more overnight, the value of your money will decrease because the market does not always have an upward trend.

However, if you want to buy ether tokens, you can apply through Binance, Bittrex, Quinbis, Jamna, and other exchanges. We should also mention that to buy Ethereum or other currency codes, and you need to create an account in these exchanges, which also includes authentication; A process that usually takes one or even a few days.


After creating an account and authentication, you can deposit dollars, pounds, euros, or other currencies into your account and purchase your desired cryptocurrency tokens. If you already have some passwords, you can add them to your account as well. It is possible to see the value of tokens purchased in exchange offices at any time.

Once you have purchased the amount you want, you can withdraw it and deposit it to a third-party storage account or cryptocurrency wallet. A wallet is a piece of software that can use on a computer, smartphone, or hardware device. In addition, the purchased ether can convert into dollars or other currencies of different countries or even other cryptocurrencies.

How does Ethereum work?

Ethereum has been rising over the past few months, with prices rising from $ 1,900 to $ 41,150. Of course, as we mentioned, with the fall of the cryptocurrency market, the price of Ethereum, like other digital currencies, fell sharply to $ 2,650. Of course, with the recent upward trend in the cryptocurrency market, the price of Ethereum has also started to rise again.

It should note that this has happened before. The price of Ethereum reached $ 1,400 at its previous peak in January 2018, then dropped to $ 400 a few months later, then increased slightly, and in December 2018 dropped again to $ 80. Those who bought Ethereum at that courier lost about 95 percent of their capital unless they kept it to this day.

Because Ethereum Blockchain and the cryptocurrency programming language have many other applications in addition to the ability to raise capital in the short term, several large companies and financial institutions, including Microsoft, JP Morgan, Intel, and MasterCard, have made significant investments in this market…

This means that unlike other digital currencies, such as Dodge coin, which are likely to have a shorter lifespan, Ether digital currency has a strong backing and will continue to function for a long time.