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Click Advertising

What is Click Advertising?

Click-through advertising (Pay Per Click) is one of the most important digital marketing channels for earning traffic from search engines and other advertising sources.

If you are looking for ways to increase website traffic or increase your brand awareness, click-through advertising can be one of the best ways to promote your business and reach new customers.

What is Click Advertising? How does this type of advertising work? Why should you use this type of advertising? How is click advertising different from SEO? What are the most important internal and external click advertising platforms? What is your unique click advertising service?

Get to know click ads better.

Click-through (PPC) advertising is one of the most common models in online advertising, in which online business owners place their ads on advertising platforms (such as Google Ads (external sample) or Ded9 (internal sample), and their payment is made when A user clicks on that ad.

Most online businesses use click-through ads to attract traffic, online sales, ordering, and lead generation.

Platforms that help click-through advertising services target your audience more accurately. For example, Google Ads ads can track contacts with specific demographic characteristics (age, gender, and geographic area). Or, in Ded9, you can target your contacts according to the tools used by users (mobile or desktop) or according to users’ behavior and interest in the web space.

This type of advertising is one of the largest advertising industries in the world. For example, we can mention the annual revenue of 1621 billion dollars of Google in this advertising industry.

How does click advertising work?

Click-through advertising is one of the most important digital marketing channels used in various advertising platforms. The most popular of these are Google ads and Bing ads. In each of these platforms, click-through ads are in different formats; Including:

1- Search ads

2- Shopping ads

3- Display ads

4- Video ads

5- Email ads

Although Google’s advertising platform is one of the first choices of online businesses due to its access to the widest web audience and the provision of various services in the field of click advertising, we can say that running click ads on all advertising platforms has the following main steps:

1- Register and log in to your advertising account on the advertising platform

2- Creating an ad (by choosing the right target audience and appropriate keywords).

3- Select the maximum price you want to pay per click

4- Competition of the advertisement created by you with other advertisements created in the advertising platform by your competitors

5- Determining the amount of display of your ad according to the auction system and display algorithms in the advertising platform

6- Payment for each click made by users on your ad (this fee will be deducted from your panel account balance on the relevant platform)

Note that the ad display algorithm and the auction system are different on different platforms, which we will examine below:

How does the click-through system work?

The first factor influencing the auction system is the higher click-through rate. It means that an advertiser who wants to pay a higher click-through rate will better get it.

The second factor is the ad’s quality score (Quality Score). This index includes various factors that indicate advertising. These indicators include the following:

  • Expected CTR
  • The relevance of the ad to the keyword being searched
  • Landing page user experience (where contacts are redirected after clicking on a promotional item)

Your ad’s position and chance in the display are called the ad rank. This position is obtained approximately by multiplying the two factors mentioned above. (Click-through price on ad quality score)

Note: Google’s actual formula for determining the share of ads is more complex than the above and includes more factors. This formula is confidential.

Why should we use click ads?

The main reasons for using this advertising channel can be the following:

1- You can get high traffic in the shortest time through click ads.

Unlike channels such as SEO, which have a long and time-consuming process of attracting traffic, click-through ads deliver significant traffic to your website shortly after content creation and approval on the advertising platform, and if the click-through price of your choice is not too low.

2- Click ads are easily measurable and traceable.

Unlike traditional channels, click-through advertising platforms allow you to evaluate and analyze various metrics in the performance of your advertising campaigns—indicators such as conversion rate, cost of customer acquisition, and rate of return on investment.

Over time, you can evaluate the performance and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns through the data gained, and the experiences gained and optimize them as needed.

3- You have complete control over the advertising time and the amount of budget spent.

Sometimes you need to stop your ads on busy days or temporarily turn off your ad campaigns until new versions of your product are released. In this case, click-through ads are the best option because they give you complete control over when it runs (at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week).

On the other hand, you can have complete control over the costs of this advertising channel and more accurately calculate your costs on different days and months and different keywords (depending on their performance).

4- Target your customers carefully.

Unlike traditional click-through ads, you can target your contacts with high accuracy. Based on the data that has been collected and the accurate insights you have gained about your contacts, you will have more accurate pricing based on location, device, and different days, and finally, Minimize the waste of advertising budgets.

5- Different formats of click ads are available to you.

The variety of click-through ads in different formats allows you to use different mediums of this type of advertising (such as search, display, store, video, etc.) for your business’s business goals.

What is the difference between click advertising and SEO?

Most online businesses use click-through advertising and SEO as similar advertising channels to drive traffic to search engines (such as Google). But there is a major difference between the two advertising channels, which we will mention below:

1- Click ads include pay per click, while in SEO (organic search), you do not pay for clicks.

2- Click advertising can bring you high traffic in the short term and at the beginning of advertising, while SEO is time-consuming and long-term.

Of course, it should be that these two advertising channels are not in competition with each other, and both are part of the digital marketing mix (digital marketing mix). Effective simultaneous use of both channels is recommended to succeed in online marketing.

What are the most important internal and external click advertising platforms?

In this section, we will mention some examples of the most successful domestic and foreign advertising platforms:

1- Google advertising platform

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is the most well-known online advertising platform that offers various services in search and store advertising in the Google search engine, video ads on YouTube, email ads through Gmail, and display ads (banner). Provides Google Display Network.

2- Microsoft Advertising Platform (Bing Advertising)

This Microsoft advertising platform, known as Bing Ads, is similar to Google’s advertising platform and Yahoo’s advertising platform and offers similar services. The difference is that they have less market share.

According to a January 2020 study in the United States, Google’s market share was 71.87%, Bing’s 99.6%, and Yahoo’s 44.3%.

Although the volume of Bing ads is less than Google, according to research, conversion rates and ROI through this advertising platform have been better.

3- Other foreign click advertising platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon Bidvertiser, Revcontetn, Adroll, BuysellAds,, Adblade, and Adrecover are other overseas click-through advertising platforms.

4- Internal click advertising platforms

Ded9 is currently the largest domestic online advertising platform. In addition, other platforms such as Mediaad, Tepsel, Sabavision, and Pin have provided services in click advertising. These services are in various media, such as click-matching ads, click-through banner ads, click-through ads, video ads, etc.

The last word

Click-through advertising is one of the most popular ways to advertise online. It is a major part of the online advertising budget of online businesses. It is becoming more and more popular among businesses. Of course, successful performance in this advertising channel requires spending time and gaining sufficient knowledge and experience.