What is Bing search engine?

In the article on what is a search engine, we said that apart from the Google search engine, there is another engine called Bing search engine, which many people may not use as much as Google. In this article, we will tell you what Bing is (what is bing) and when did it compete with Google. Stay with us.

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What is Bing?
How does the Bing search engine algorithm work?

Choosing the best options to display on the results page
What goods does Bing want to offer its customers?
Bing search engine features

What is meant by blue links in Bing search engine?
Execution of tenders from among the best candidates
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In the article What is a search engine , you can read about the concept of a search engine.

What is Bing?

Bing or Bing is a search engine designed by Microsoft and has a similar function to Google search engine, and its pleasantness for users is due to its uncomplicated algorithms.

According to the statistics published in 2019, Google, with a share of 90%, is still at the top of the most popular search engines, followed by Bing, Baidu, Yahoo and Yandex. Perhaps at first glance, the share of other search engines compared to Google may seem insignificant, but Bing, with an 8% share and a growth of searches up to 1.3 billion per month, is becoming a serious competitor for the popular search engine of users. It is Google.

In the new rebranding of this search engine, its name was changed to Microsoft Bing. Microsoft’s Bing search engine also changed its logo in this rebranding.

The growth of the Bing search engine

How does the Bing search engine algorithm work?

Bing has a Whole Page algorithm that organizes the results (SERP) content before displaying it to the user. This algorithm makes the search engine check the content of the sites before displaying the results to the user and finally show the most relevant sites to the user.

Nathan Chalmers, the senior manager of the Bing search team, has recently provided explanations about how this search engine works, which we will discuss below.

How does the Bing search engine work?

Choosing the best options to display on the results page

Choosing the best options to display on the results pageDoing this is the responsibility of the teams who are responsible for optimizing the results based on the best user experience and SEO of the site. In fact, Bing’s goal is to bring the user to success as quickly as possible.

The criterion for selecting candidates in the Bing for display in the top results is the content value of elements or pages. Knowledge graphs, boxes of images and videos, instructions, etc., if they can create more value than blue links for users, the probability of their placement in the top ranks will increase.

After selecting the candidates, it is the judge’s turn for the final stage, the Whole Page algorithm . By organizing the candidates, this algorithm categorizes the best results based on the searched term to display to the user. For more information, you can read the article What is SEO ?

If you consider each page of search engine results as a product that Bing and Google sell to their users, you will probably get a better view of search engine algorithms by answering the following question.

What goods does Bing want to offer its customers?

The role of the Whole Page algorithm is to produce the best possible product from the available parts, as suggested by the Bing Optimization team.

Well, to better understand the problem, we will go into details about how to organize the results.

Bing search engine features

The prominent features of the Bing are considered one of the important indicators in the competition with Google, which we discuss below with some of these features:

  1. When you search for your term in Bing, it will display some suggestions related to your term to get better results. This feature is called Auto-Suggest and you can disable it if you want. But we do not advise you to do so.
  2. Infinite Scroll helps you not to move between search result pages when searching for images in the Bing engine, and this is a feature that cannot be ignored easily.
  3. feature Quick View that allows you to get brief information about your search result without clicking on it.
  4. Search history is another feature that Bing has over Google. In this feature, the time and date of the searched term is saved and you can refer to it again. This feature can be disabled in Bing.
  5. A feature that is important in searching for videos in Bing is the display of the first thirty seconds of the results without the need to click and enter the page, which is called Smart Video Preview