advertising agency

What is an advertising agency?

Nowadays, due to the diversity of advertising tools and the complexity of advertising methods, advertising agencies have been created to meet businesses’ advertising needs. Maybe at first, the definition of this word seems simple, and we say that an advertising agency means an organization that does advertising for us. But when we get to work, we might get confused and not know exactly what the duties of an advertising agency are and what we should expect from them.

In this article, we want to talk about the advertising agency and its duties. So please stay with us until the end of the article.

What is an advertising agency?

An advertising agency is a group that works in advertising planning and development and manages all aspects of advertising and marketing for its clients. The clients of these agencies, known as creative agencies, are often private businesses and non-profit organizations.

Such organizations aim to present a creative and new image of the desired product to potential customers so that these products remain in people’s minds with an attractive and correct advertisement.

What are the duties of an advertising agency?

The advertising agency is responsible for a wide range of tasks. This series includes bringing an idea to life and commercializing a new product or service to expand public relations.

Some of the important tasks of this organization are:

  • Correctly receive the advertiser’s idea and turn it into an effective and significant communication message.
  • The goal is to increase sales.
  • The quality of its services is high and provided in an integrated and professional manner.
  • Strive both to increase the economic growth of the advertiser and raise public awareness of the product.
  • Receive feedback from customers and product audiences and use them to improve the services it provides.

Why should we use an advertising agency for product advertising?

  • The methods these agencies offer to their clients are integrated and meet all the client’s needs in advertising. Such as the need for content producers, filmmakers, etc.
  • These organizations have a large communication network.
  • These organizations help us to use the available resources in the best and most economical way possible and save current costs.
  • They do advertising work with the highest possible quality.
  • They are familiar with advertising strategies and can identify your target customers well. Therefore, the desired message is designed for the right audience.

Disadvantages of using an advertising agency

The advertising company may be unable to communicate well with the clients or delay the delivery of the project. Also, because these companies use discounts to buy media, it may not be possible for you to use all these media features.

In these agencies, advertising and marketing services are provided creatively.

What services are provided by the advertising agency?

Services provided by advertising agencies include:

  • Environmental advertising
  • Advertising on radio and television
  • Digital or internet advertising
  • Content production
  • Digital marketing

Environmental advertisements are the advertisements we see in our surroundings, such as billboards in different places. Like buses, airports, sports fields, etc.

Advertisements on radio and television are the same commercial messages you see on radio and television.

Digital and Internet advertising includes advertising done in the digital environment and on the Internet, such as click ads on Google or SMS ads, email marketing, and the like.

Content production requires content such as textual content, advertising teaser, motion graphics, animation, photography, and videography to create high-quality advertisements.

Digital marketing means using digital tools for advertising and marketing.

This section includes determining strategy, creating advertising campaigns, analyzing competitors, analyzing business, defining advertising slogans, and the like.

Types of advertising agencies

Full-service advertising agency: Such a company provides you with a wide range of advertising services and has a marketing solution for every idea you have.

Interactive Agency: These companies will do any part of the ad for you. You may want to give them a part of the work.

For example, use the organization’s creative department but leave the plan’s implementation to another agency. Based on this, these companies interact with you.

The company’s or organization’s advertising agency: these types of agencies are intended for the organization itself and only do the marketing and advertising of the same company.

Media buying agency: Such an agency manages the spaces in which the ad is displayed and the schedule for displaying the ad.

Specialized agency: these types of agencies only do advertising work in a specific field, such as the financial field, the pharmaceutical field, the field of social issues, etc.

Creative agency and boutique: These agencies offer only creative work and ideas like artwork for advertising. Of course, the services of these companies are complete or can be done interactively.

What we should expect from an advertising agency

  • Planning: In this section, the agency checks whether all the customer’s needs are correctly understood or not. It is the starting point of the client’s interaction with the agency.
  • Marketing research: In this part, the agency researches the advertiser’s customers and tries to investigate the customer’s behavior and understand what factors motivate these people to buy the desired product.
  • Research on competitors: These companies should know the competitors of the advertising company and their marketing strategies.
  • Creativity: the product of these companies should be presented in the most creative way possible.
  • Selling advertising space: These agencies try to provide their clients with the best conditions, place, and time for advertising by checking the regulations. They also create a correct insight for their customers about the media that effectively market the product.
  • Providing integrated services for advertising: In this context, the agency should provide strategy and creative design and introduce a suitable medium for advertising.
  • Marketing services: In this section, it should offer marketing solutions to its customers, which include advertising, sales promotion, advertising campaigns, environmental marketing, public relations, and things like this.
  • Content production services: The agency must produce suitable content for advertising and marketing.
  • Providing solutions for technical and digital problems
  • It should provide suitable and integrated quality according to the type of brand and inform the brand owner of the best methods and tools to promote their brand.
  • Try to promote the brand and plan to achieve the goal set by the brand owner.

last word

The advertising agency helps us to find the best methods and tools to promote our brand or product and provides the best media and space for advertising.