What is Alexa Rank and How can you Add Alexa Extension for Firefox Browser?

What is Alexa Rank and How can you Add Alexa Extension for Firefox Browser?

There has always been a tendency to rank among us humans.

Part of this tendency to rank is rooted in our innate desire to compete, and part of it is to use the ranking to compare and distinguish the stronger and the weaker.

The online space also provides a wide range of tools for digital activists to participate in rankings and compare themselves differently.

One of these ranking tools is a service provided by Amazon’s Alexa site.

You may have seen many people talk about the Alexa Rank or Alexa rank of their site and consider it one of their performance indicators.

For this reason, we have introduced this lesson to the Alexa ranking service and discussions related to site ranking.

If you are familiar with Alexa and the concept of Alexa rank, you can go straight to the methods of reducing Alexa rank.
history of the company

Alexa Company History

The service we know today as Alexa Internet Company offers Alexa or Alexa Ranking. The company was founded in 1996 to evaluate and measure information traffic in the web space and archiving web pages.

Amazon acquired Alexa Internet three years later in 1999 and has since owned Alexa Internet and, of course, Alexa Ranking.

If you are not familiar with the site and Alexa rank, we suggest you first visit http://www.alexa.com and type the site’s address in it so that you can see the site rank in Alexa and then continue reading the lesson.

A smaller number means a better ranking, and as you can guess, the ranking of Google and Facebook sites is in single digits.

What does Alexa rank indicate?

Alexa states that it calculates the ranking of websites based on the number of visitors and the average number of pages each person visits on the site.

Of course, in the Alexa report, other parameters such as bounce rate and average time of users’ presence on the site are also provided. Still, these parameters are not used in calculating the site ranking.

Apart from the official announcement of Alexa, we also concluded in the supplement by examining several hundred of the top sites in the country that the correlation coefficient between the time spent on the site and the bounce rate with the ranking of the sites is close to zero.

What techniques are there for lowering Alexa rank?

As we said, lowering your Alexa ranking in three ways may be important to you:

  • Claiming to have a larger audience than your competitors (at least convincing the general public)
  • That is the first encounter. When someone gets to know your site, they will assume it is more credible (sooner or later, they will find a more realistic impression)
  • That you want to consider advertising space on your site and sell it to others (which will be one of the most important criteria, Alexa rank)

You probably know that there are several businesses in Iran that, in exchange for a certain amount of money, implement methods to quickly reduce the Alexa rank on your site (including using robots, using injected code in applications, etc.).

These methods work fast, but usually, as fast as downgrading is done, you’ll expect a return to the previous level (unless you constantly pay them and then deceive others with rank). Formally, reimburse the cost incurred).

But assuming that one of the three motivations mentioned above is strong in you and you want to use simpler methods to lower your Alexa rank, we suggest that you consider the following:

If you have a corporate site, dedicate some of it to a blog.

The blog will not only encourage your current audience to visit the site frequently, but it will also increase your SEO inbound traffic (what are the three main sources of site traffic?)

Think about having backlinks from good and strong sites.

Having links from other sites, although not as effective on SEO now as in the past, inbound traffic can improve your site’s Alexa ranking (if you do not know why links from other sites have diminished, you can read SEO history).

Write serial content. Serial content encourages the reader to read more pages and improve Page View (one of the key factors in Alexa rankings).

Make time for internal linking.

Internal linking increases click depth and directly affects Alexa. Make sure that every article you publish has a link to at least 3 or 4 other articles on your site, and in addition, refer the audience to at least 2 or 3 other articles of your own (numbers do not matter; it’s important to define a Is the standard for inbound and outbound links and staying true to it).

Pay attention to site optimization for search engines (SEO).

Unlike Alexa, which can have little effect on SEO, SEO affects Alexa by increasing inbound traffic.

If you are active on social media, post your content after posting. Social media traffic helps lower Alexa rankings. But remember to follow the principles of content strategy and content marketing. Republishing exactly one article in different media is not a strong strategy.

Instead, it would help if you published sections of the article or key phrases and then linked to the full article. Someone who reads your post on Instagram, Telegram, or Twitter and does not come to your site must have achieved something.

How can you Add Alexa Extension to Firefox Browser?

Install Alexa Toolbar in Firefox

To install, you must first enter the link to the toolbar on the official Alexa website at the following address through your Firefox browser and then click the Install Alexa Browser Extension button.


On the new page that opens for you, you must accept the license to use this tool by clicking the Accept and Install button so that you can perform the installation.

Then a pop-up message will appear in the upper left corner of the browser asking you to install the Alexa toolbar in Firefox.

After hitting the Allow option, the installation process begins quickly.

After receiving the successful installation message, close your browser and open it.

Jala, you should see a small Alexa toolbar icon on the right and top of your browser, which you can easily see on any website by clicking on it on any website.

After installing the Alexa toolbar, you will have very good information about the success of a site, and you can even know to a large extent, the competitors’ keywords and the number of their backlinks. To use the Alexa toolbar, how do we find our site ranked in Alexa and Google?

The installation process of the Alexa toolbar in the Chrome browser is quite similar.

So In the Following, we have Prepared a video to learn better.