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What content should we produce on YouTube?

In this article, we will address the question of what content to produce on YouTube. As you know, YouTube is one of the most important and most visited video-sharing sites on the Internet, with many fans and users. The website was launched on February 14, 2005, by three programmers and entrepreneurs, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

The idea of ​​shaping YouTube

The idea behind YouTube was to provide a platform for the general public to share home videos. In November 2006, Google acquired the video-sharing service. As a result, Google has become one of the most important platforms for sharing videos, video files, video commercials, and the online display industry, thanks to Google.

Through YouTube, users can:

Upload and upload your videos, music, and video files directly to this site so that other users can easily view them.

Share your favorite video files uploaded by other users with others and followers of your channel or page.

What is the revenue generation of content on YouTube?

Regarding the revenue of content production on YouTube, it should be noted that YouTube has a high potential for monetization due to its dependence on Google. If the content is generated, it will be indexed and retrieved by the Google search engine in a short time.

One of the ways to earn money through YouTube is to use the Google Adsense and AdWords service on YouTube, which is its most important element of monetization. Clicking on Google ads on your YouTube channel will generate a certain amount of revenue for the channel owner. The important thing is what content we produce on YouTube to generate revenue.

How to produce the best content for YouTube?

If we want to produce the best content for YouTube, we have to pay attention to the technical aspects of the content. The content produced on YouTube is mainly movies, music, and music videos. The topics are also very diverse. Therefore, the quality of the produced videos must be very high to attract the audience. The content produced for YouTube should be qualified in terms of the following technical and content features and should be attractive to the audience.

  • Lighting, effects, and editing.
  • Filming and imaging quality.
  • Space and decoration and studio
  • Speech and reading style of the content or expression of the presenter.
  • Content structure, scenario, and topic.

Content usability

User interaction with the video maker is also very important. Users may criticize or challenge a video, in which case they will comment in the comments section. This issue helps users interact more with the channel and, therefore, will be one of the factors for users to stay in the channel. The usability of the content is also very important.

Videos that have an educational or self-learning aspect are very popular among users. However, one of the positive features of YouTube is that it is possible to produce content on various topics per the rules and policies of this website.

What content to produce on YouTube?

Now that we have information about the history and scope of YouTube, we can begin to question what content to produce on YouTube. To answer this question, we can say that almost any kind of content can be shared with other users on YouTube. Of course, the content must be in line with YouTube policy and policy. For example, content that infringes the copyright or promotes violence, terrorism, sexual abuse, spam and spam, suicide ads, and the like has no place on YouTube.

Content generated revenue on YouTube.

This type of content will be reviewed and deleted as soon as users complain or report, and if repeated, the offending user’s account will be closed. In any case, if the revenue of content production on YouTube is important to us, we must pay attention to a few important points, which will be mentioned below.

Generate unique content

One of the characteristics of the best content for YouTube is that it is unique. Publishing duplicate content will have little value for YouTube and Google. Of course, this is different from republishing content. It should be emphasized that creativity and innovation in content production attract more users to the page and channel because most users are looking for new and unique content.

Produce YouTube content tailored to the needs of users

What content should we produce on YouTube that fits the needs of users? To produce content, you need to do keyword research and review YouTube hashtags and hot topics carefully and patiently. Content that contains popular hashtags is at the top of users’ searches, and they find them faster. Note, however, that the hashtag must be relevant to the subject matter and content of the video. Using unrelated hashtags will make users run away from your channel. Tools such as Google Trends or the YouTube Trend service ( can be used to learn about hot YouTube content.

Take advantage of all the features and capabilities of YouTube software.

To produce the best content for YouTube, we need to be well acquainted with YouTube tools and features. YouTube has provided a variety of possibilities for publishing videos, including the ability to subtitle, hashtag, caption, etc. Using these features helps improve content quality and attract the audience. Remember that users will find content by searching millions of videos with the help of hashtags. It is recommended that you use video analysis tools and YouTube content to get acquainted with the tastes and needs of users.

Generate shareable and accessible content

Do not forget that the revenue generated on YouTube depends on more and more frequent visits of users. In this regard, pay attention to the following:

Published videos should be attractive and effective enough for the user who views them to share them with other friends. This feature will direct more users to your page and channel.

Advise users and visitors of your page and channel to subscribe to your channel. Note that the users you are looking for are on YouTube. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Always and always be alert to new visitors to the page. Teach them how to access the first video, use the content, and subscribe to your channel.

Content production continuously

Content revenue on YouTube depends on the continuation of content production and dissemination on this platform. It proves to your channel visitors that they are dealing with a professional quality channel and content.

The best idea for producing content on YouTube

What content should we produce on YouTube that will attract many users and visitors? According to surveys, the content that has a lot of fans on YouTube and can generate revenue opportunities are as follows. So the following topics can be used to get ideas for content production on YouTube.

  • Entertainment and humor videos.
  • Videos on the subject of food, cooking, and different styles of cooking different types of food.
  • Hairdressing, fashion, and beauty content.
  • Music videos.
  • Sports-themed content.
  • Technology and science content; Content on tourism and travel.
  • Videos with educational topics, self-study, and skills development.