What Are The Symptoms Of Delta Plus Corona?

Covid 19 Disease, With All Its Side Effects, Has Not Yet Been Completely Controlled, And Every Day We Hear New News About The Mutation And Invasion Of The Virus In The World.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the “delta” type of coronavirus, of which there are currently cases in more than 70 countries, is becoming the predominant disease caused by Covid 19 at the level of the world, according to the Chinese news site “Su China Morningigopest.” Transform the world.

Delta Plus Corona

The mutated version of the coronavirus, which is reported to be centered in India, is on the rise in most European countries, and even in the Asian country of Vietnam, where complete control of the coronavirus has been reported Delta is common, and in countries such as Australia. Indonesia, Singapore, England, Hong Kong have also reported on mutations in this type of virus.

When the vaccination plan is being widely implemented globally, and Iran and researchers know that the only way to end this pandemic is to vaccinate people, the question arises whether the current Corona vaccines can inhibit the new type; of Coronavirus?

Regarding the features of Delta Plus Corona, Mahdis Borjkhani stated:
  • Recently, a new mutation has been created in the coronavirus, which originates in India. The possibility of its transmission being more severe and contracting the disease if the virus is received is more reported and transmitted faster.
  • Regarding the more dangerous type of delta, he said: “The more contagious power of this type of mutant will cause more people to get Covid 19 disease, and the transmission chain will go faster, and people who are prone to death will suffer this fate faster.” As a result, in general, the mortality rate compared to other types of viruses changes and faces a steep slope.

What are the symptoms of Delta Plus Corona?

  • Fever is common in this Delta Plus corona. The amount of Delta Plus corona proliferation in the affected person’s body is much higher than observed at the beginning of this epidemic. The affected person becomes seriously ill after 3 or 4 days.
  • In the UK, 91% of cases of the coronary delta are currently present, and these patients have symptoms such as headache, sore throat, and runny nose.
  • Younger people may feel cold when they have Delta Plus corona, but they can transmit the virus to people who are at high risk. In addition, asymptomatic infected people can also spread the virus to others.
  • People should watch out for cough, shortness of breath, headache, fatigue, loss of sense of smell or taste.


** So far, no specific treatment for the virus Corona has been found, and according to the latest medical and scientific findings to the type of corona Delta Plus also there is no specific treatment and no different from other types of viruses, and the drugs for a variety of viruses Corona exist for the treatment of type Delta Is also used.

Why does the coronavirus change, and when will it end?

Asked why the coronavirus is changing so much, Burjakhani said:

  • This is because all organisms and all cells, viruses, microbes, etc., are constantly mutating, and this color change is not limited to the corona and covers a wide range of viruses. So the coronavirus mutation is not very strange and is constantly changing and mutating.
  •  But when it comes to the end of the corona game and when we are approaching the endpoint, it should be said that to end the pandemic, acceleration of vaccination is needed, and the more people are vaccinated against this virus, the less chance there is of a mutation for the coronavirus. So the fact that we will not encounter new mutations will form the endpoint for this pandemic.
  • Emphasizing that there have been many pandemics in the past, such as plague, cholera, smallpox, etc., he said: “At that time, medical science did not make much progress in preventing and treating these pandemics, and the passage of time caused mutations.” Therefore, eradicate or provide definitive treatment for these pandemics with a vaccine.
  • In the past, there were many problems for people to get vaccinated against pandemics. Today, in Crohn’s conditions, history is repeating itself. There are still people who are afraid of the vaccine, while many vaccines are given in childhood. It is a matter of concern for researchers and physicians that some people today are hesitant to receive the Covid vaccine.

Does the vaccine affect the type of Delta Plus corona?

  •  The vaccine affects all mutations in the coronavirus, and no information has been obtained about whether the vaccine does not affect the delta plus type of corona.
  • In general, the vaccine is effective on various mutations, even the Delta Plus corona type, because the fragment selected for the vaccine usually contains many epitopes and does not produce a single type of antibody.
  •  Epitopes are molecules that stimulate the body’s immune system to respond and are used in various epitope vaccines that obviously work on the delta type. However, it is possible that in the type of vaccine being injected, Efficacy may vary. Still, overall, the vaccine is effective against a variety of mutated viruses because vaccine injection is an important factor in reducing deaths from coronavirus.
  • “Thanks to bioinformatics, virus mutations can be predicted, and many vaccine companies are always thinking of updating the vaccine, and this preparation is ready,” said the senior biotechnology expert at the National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. If a mutation cannot be controlled, they should immediately update the vaccine according to the type of mutation. So far, most vaccines have been effective on a variety of mutations.

General information about Delta Plus Corona

  •  The Delta plus type of corona, described as the “worrying type” of the coronavirus, are more prone to lung tissue than other strains. However, Dr. Nka Aurora, chair of the Covid-19 working group under the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) in India, said: “It does not mean that the Delta Plus-type will cause more severe disease or greater transmissibility.
  • The Delta Plus corona has a greater tendency to cover the mucosa in the lungs than other types, but that does not mean that it causes more severe disease or is more transmissible. In addition, of course, it is not yet known if this type causes more damage to the lung tissue.
  • The Delta Plus corona strain effect will only be determined by identifying more cases, but it seems to be mild in general in all people who have received one or two doses of the vaccine. So we have to be very careful and look at its spread to give us the amount of transmission.
  •  The number of Delta Plus corona cases detected may be higher because there may be asymptomatic people who have no symptoms but carry the virus and spread it.
  • But the important thing is that our genomic monitoring has identified it correctly and early enough. States have been told in the past that this is a “concern” and needs to be addressed, so several states have made little plans for areas where the virus has been detected to prevent the spread. Obviously, vaccination should be increased in these areas.
  • “It’s difficult to assess now,” he said of whether the virus could trigger the next wave of the virus.
  • “Waves are related to new types or new mutations so that it may be new, but whether it leads to the next wave is difficult to answer because it will depend on two or three things.”
  • Dr. Aurora added: “The first case is that we had a strong wave in the last three months, and it is still going on and we see that in the last eight to 10 days the number of cases has remained at 50,000, while in some areas the cases are continuing. So this wave has not disappeared.
  •  The previous wave affects the community’s response to another type, and the next wave depends on what population was infected in the previous wave. If a large portion becomes infected, the next wave of illness will be like the common cold and may not be a serious or deadly illness.
  • Another important issue is vaccination; if the rate of vaccination increases, it will be effective even if it is given with a quick dose of immunization, and the way we plan for it will greatly reduce the likelihood of the next wave because the vaccine, in addition to proper behavior, will keep us from Next saves and reduces it and can not cause damage to previous waves.


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