points of content production

What are the important points of content production?

Nowadays, one of the best ways to communicate with the audience is through social networks and websites. For this reason, producing suitable content for social networks and websites has become very important. Note that when creating content, you must follow the important points of content production correctly to create valuable content.

Checking the important points of content production

In the online competition, the first words are spoken by people with great expertise in content production. To produce content, you must be familiar with its tricks to attract a large audience to your website. Note that writing the right content equals attracting more audience and thus increasing income.

Key tips for producing appropriate content

When creating content, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

1. Having a good idea for content production

The first step to creating content is to have a good idea. First, you should determine the topic of your website and articles, then start generating ideas based on them. To do this, it is better to have a notebook and write down related topics, then choose the best topic.

2. Knowing the audience

By knowing your audience and users and identifying their needs and wants, you can easily create content and communicate with users.

3. Preparing a list of suitable keywords

Prepare a list of keywords for which you want to create content. To prepare the right keywords, you can use SEO tools and choose the most searched words.

4. Generating phrases related to keywords

According to the keyword, you can generate suitable related words. Using these words will make your text more valuable.

5. Writing an attractive title

One of the principles of content creation is to write an attractive and appropriate title. You can intelligently combine keywords and important phrases with writing the title. The right title can attract more users.

6. Using the appropriate subtitle

It is very important to use the right subtitle when creating content. You can categorize topics and pages by choosing a suitable sub-heading. By doing this, the user’s access to the content becomes easier and faster.

7. Compliance with keyword density

One of the important points of content production is to observe keyword density. The keyword should make up 1 to 3 percent of the entire text.

8. Examining competitors’ websites

Before creating content, check your competitors’ websites and try to fix the shortcomings in their content creation. By doing this trick, your website will go up easily.

9. Preparing a complete list of production articles

Make a list of all articles produced on your website. With this, you can easily link to other content relative to the website’s main topic.

10. Writing a proper introduction

It is better to write the article’s introduction to encourage the user to read more.

11. Non-use of copied content

Never copy content from other sites on your website. If you use copied content, your site’s credibility will be reduced.

12. Using quality images between paragraphs

If you want to draw the attention of many readers to the content, it is better to use attractive images between paragraphs.

13. Mechanical SEO

Review the article based on the latest SEO algorithm.

14. Using writing tips in a correct way

One of the most important principles of content creation is to use writing tips such as commas, periods, etc., in the text. Note that using any of the writing tips in the wrong way will waste your efforts and reduce the readability of the article.

15. Compliance with the number of words in the text

The size the number of words suitable for standard website content is between two and three thousand words. The minimum amount of words is 500 words. If the number of words exceeds 4 thousand, it is better to divide the article into two separate articles.

16. Writing the title meta tag

The title meta tag is the first part read by Google. Therefore, it is better to write the title meta tag according to the topic of your text. If Google realizes that the title meta tag has nothing to do with the topic of the content, it will probably penalize your website.

17. Writing proper description meta tags

Writing a proper description meta tag is very important and helps to optimize your website.

18. Not using the black hat technique

Google does not accept the black hat technique, and if you use this technique during content creation, you will be fined by Google.

19. Introducing the source link

If you have copied your article from another website, it is better to put the source link at the end of the article.

20. Correct display of content on mobile phones

Today, most users connect to the Internet with the help of a phone, so the website’s content must be written in such a way that it is displayed correctly on the phone.

21. Text heading

With the help of H1, H2, and … tags, you can categorize your content and give a certain order to the content.

22. Font size

One of the important points of creating content is using the right font size. Never choose a font size that is too large or too small.

23. Paragraphing

One of the principles of content production is paragraphing. If the text is paragraphed correctly, the user’s eyes will rest a little while reading the article.

24. Emphasis on very important content elements

To increase the article’s readability, you can change the color of some important text parts. You can also bold some sentences or words. The use of emojis and emoticons also makes the user’s mind engage in the content while reading.

25. Use of numerical list and bolts:

Using numbers or bullet points makes it easy for users to understand your content without dealing with long paragraphs.

Tips for writing an attractive content

When creating content, it is better to use the following tricks:

  1. Do not write the article’s main title too short or too long.
  2. Use the right amount of keywords.
  3. Use awesome headings and subheadings.
  4. Never be afraid that your content will be written differently.
  5. To attract the audience’s attention, use images and popular symbols such as quotation marks, attractive shapes, etc.
  6. Using the words of famous people also makes your text more interesting.

Where should we go to create the right content?

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Among the services provided by Raya Marketing to its customers in the field of content production, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Production of translated content
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  6. High-quality content production


If you want your audience to be interested in the contents of your website, it is better to familiarize yourself with the important points of content production. In addition, by placing high-profile and appropriate content on your website, the audience will tend to spend more time reading other content. As a result, your conversion rate will also increase.