important factors in UX

What are the important factors of UX?

What is UX? What are the important factors of UX? Join us in this article to answer these questions together. UX, or user experience, is the final feeling of the user as a result of using the product. It does not matter if the mentioned product is a physical object such as a car or an electronic product such as a website or application. In any case, the user will experience different sensations at the end of the usage process.

Years ago, addressing this issue played an important role in the success or failure of a business. But the title UX was proposed by Donald Norman in 1990. It is impossible to ignore UX today because there is a very tight competition in almost every field; For this reason, failing in this matter means falling behind in the competitive market.

Now you may be wondering what factors contribute to a positive user experience. A lot of research has been done in this field, and finally, seven things have been mentioned as important and influential factors in UX. You can find additional information in the article “What is UX?” Please read it.

What is useful in UX?

As the title suggests, your product should be useful. That is, in the absence of it, there is a need that the user is either unable to solve or has a hard time solving it. Being useful is the most obvious condition for influencing people. Because basically, the existence and sale of useless products of any kind are facing problems.

The used principle helps users reach their final goal or get closer to it. Note that users can be considered a relative principle. It means that the product may be useful for one person and not for another. Of course, there are always people who do not find the results of your activities beneficial.

However, your criterion for checking a product’s usefulness or lack of use should be the majority of users, not all. If we look at this sector from an economic point of view, we should say that the number of users is sufficient to achieve profitability. If this principle is questioned, you should reconsider the production of the product.


What does usability mean in UX? What is the difference between usability and usefulness? Usability should not be confused with usefulness. A product is considered useful when it is efficient, attractive, and useful. Of course, the simplicity of its use should not be forgotten. In addition to the good feeling, the user must be satisfied with it during the interaction. All the product features should be in such a way that the user can use them. The product should not have a feature that the user cannot use.

Usability will define its role when combined with other user experience factors. If the product is useless due to your efforts, the rest of the factors will be questioned. One of the examples that we can mention in this regard is the design of links and buttons on a website in such a way that the user accidentally clicks on them. Click somewhere wrong.

This design is seen when closing advertising messages. In such a way, the user mistakenly clicks on the ad due to the small size of the cross button. Although this may be profitable from the view of income and marketing, it is better not to do it. Because it will harm the user experience, the product or service should not only have a group of users in mind. Still, it should pay attention to them so that everyone can use the result provided.

What is credibility in UX?

Validity does not have a complicated principle. Customers and users must believe what you tell them. Although this definition seems simple, achieving it is not easy. Because its prerequisite is building a solid foundation of trust and honesty, as a result of dealing with this problem, the credibility of your name and brand can bring extraordinary income.


What is the value of UX? The product produced by you should be useful and valid. As a result of these two factors, the final product will be valuable for the user because it makes sense to pay for it. Note that this cost is not always financial. Sometimes, the cost that the user pays for receiving your product or service is his time and energy.

What is a valuable benefit of UX? The ultimate goal of any business is to make a profit. If the product is valuable for the user, it will create value (or profit) for the provider. What is the meaning of creating value in UX? If you feel that the product is not valuable enough or that it is impossible to succeed in competition with others, you should seek to create something valuable.

For example: providing complete and practical explanations about the product on the site is one of the things that makes it valuable. Of course, these descriptions should be more complete and practical than competitors. Another way to create value is to show knowledge and expertise in your field of activity.

For example: creating a full blog with useful information can be effective. This issue makes the user feel confident and trustful when buying or using your products. Creating a two-way communication channel to hear customers’ words and things like that gives the user a sense of value. Note that only creating a communication channel is not enough. You should also pay attention to user feedback.

What is accessibility in UX?

In this section of what is UX article, it is necessary to mention accessibility. Accessibility means that users of all ability levels are considered when providing services or products. The simplest example that can be given in this regard is stores and arcades that have ramps instead of stairs for the physically disabled. This issue will expand the range of customers. Accessibility can be implemented in many cases.

For example, the keys of household appliances should be designed so that people with any level of literacy and even without literacy can use them.

What is desirable in UX?

What is the effect of being desirable in UX? To check the desirability of a product, its demand should be checked first. Unlike other factors, the desirability of a product is largely dependent on users’ tastes. For example, cheap products may be desirable, while others prefer branded and expensive products. Favorability makes users more involved in your product.

What is Findable in UX?

The seventh and most important part of the user experience is findability. The user should be able to find the desired product or service on your website easily. It is necessary to have facilities such as search and personalization of products according to the user’s taste on the site. Otherwise, the user will not find the desired product, reducing your profit and disappointing your customers.

The findability of a product is important because it is the endpoint for all the previous factors. A useful, usable, and desirable product is useless if it is not presented to the user and the person is not successful in finding it. The result will blow away all the previous efforts.

What is availability in UX?

Being available does not mean that certain facilities exist or do not exist. Rather, it means that the facility provided is accessible to users. Sometimes this happens by sorting and creating a menu for the products. Users prefer to find the content or product they want with a few clicks. The more successful you are in this field, the better the user experience.