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What Are The Easiest Languages In The World?

Familiarity with the easiest languages ​​in the world

Which language is easy? Which language is easier to learn? What are the easiest languages ​​in the world ?

… Is just one of thousands of questions that most language enthusiasts may ask themselves as a second or third language before learning any foreign language, or have searched the Internet at least once to find the right answer.

In fact, languages ​​cannot be divided into simple, easy, or difficult. Depending on the abilities and talents of individuals, the most complex foreign languages ​​may be difficult for some and the simplest languages ​​may be difficult for others.

By accepting these points, other factors can determine the degree of difficulty or simplicity of the language. Here are some examples of these factors.

Factors influencing the ease or difficulty of languages

  • Motivation

One of the determining factors in facilitating learning is your motivation. If you choose any language to learn until you are not motivated enough to practice and learn new grammar tips or vocabulary. You still find it difficult to understand the simplest points. So being highly motivated helps people to know any language, the easiest language in the world to learn .

  • Mother tongue

Your mother tongue is another determining factor in the difficulty or simplicity of a language. When you choose a language to learn, if that language has commonalities with your native language such as grammar, phonetics or vocabulary, your ability to master it will be easier.

For example, a person whose mother tongue is German, Swedish and Norwegian will be the easiest languages ​​in the world for this person, while an Arabic speaker will not have such a feeling towards these two European languages.

The easiest languages ​​in the world

  • second language

The second language alone can be one of the easiest languages to recognize in the world . For a variety of reasons, a person may be bilingual and learn a new language as a third language.

In this case, the special features of your second language will be very effective in mastering the new language. For example, a person from an Arabic-speaking country may not be very successful in learning English through his or her mother tongue, but his or her fluency in a second language, German, will help him or her learn French more quickly.

What we have stated so far was a set of factors that, from an individual point of view, can make it easier to identify the world ‘s easiest language. Now, according to linguistic factors, we will introduce some examples of the easiest languages ​​in the world.

The easiest languages ​​in the world

1- English language

In the first place of the easiest language in the world , English can be placed. A language that is known around the world as an international language and many teaching aids and teaching aids can be easily found in different parts of the world and as a result, those who are interested in it, get many opportunities to practice and learn.

Also, the absence of grammatical complexities, the absence of gender in determining grammatical nouns, as well as simple and short words in this language can be considered as effective factors.

Top 10 easiest languages to learn for English speaking people

Here is a ranking list of the top 10 easiest language to learn for native English Speakers according to the American Foreign Services Association.


1 Danish These 5 languages are considered to be of Germanic descent.  According to studies, the similarity in vocabulary with English helps native English students understand a good 30% of the new languages from prior knowledge and therefore makes it easier.  Note however that Afrikaans is included but German is not in here due to its complexity in its Grammar.
2 Dutch
3 Norwegian
4 Swedish
5 Afrikaans
Some history as to why English is so close to the Germanic languages:
6 Spanish The romance languages – yes, Romanian is one of them – are the second easiest in this category due to the fact that even though they might not have many similarities with the English language as the above mentioned, once you know one of them, you know a good part of the next.  So, is Italian easy to learn? No, if it’s your first romance language.  But yes, if you already know Spanish, French, Portuguese or Romanian.
7 Italian
8 French
9 Portuguese
10 Romanian
The famous pop singer Colombian singer, Shakira, is a great example of how once you know one, you get easiness in learning other European languages.  She speaks 6 languages: Spanish (Castellano), Portuguese, Italian, French, Catalán but also English:


Which are the easiest to learn European languages or Asian languages?

The most spoken languages that people like to learn are especially divided into 2 main categories, European languages and Asian languages.

When we look at the AFSA (American Foreign Services Association) rankings on their categorizations we’ll see that as a general rule, Category 1 is full of European Languages, while most Asian Languages are ranked as Category 4.


2- French language

French is also one of the easiest languages ​​in the world . Despite its many literary and artistic works, this language has gained a special place in education. A language spoken in some countries, such as France, Canada, Belgium, Madagascar, and some African countries. This language has rich lexical resources and has undergone many changes in the field of linguistics throughout history.

Having some lexical commonalities with English and German has made it easier for people familiar with these two languages ​​to learn this language.

Another thing that makes it one of the easiest languages ​​in the world is the existence of different countries that use this language as a second official language, so that almost 100 million people around the world are fluent in this language.

Those who are interested can easily be in the educational environment of this language and make an effort to learn it. It should be noted that while learning, words may be difficult to pronounce and spell at first.

The easiest languages ​​in the world

3- Spanish language

Spanish is one of the easiest languages ​​in the world . One of the reasons this language is so easy is to write words according to its pronunciation.

In other words, its writing and speech are very close to each other. But the existence of different tenses of verbs in this language may make learning a little challenging. It is worth noting that there are only 10 vowels in this language, including compound vowels, which could be another reason for the simplicity of this language.

In addition to these factors, we can point to the Latin origin of this language, which has led to many lexical commonalities with English,

French and other Latin languages, so those who are fluent in one of the Latin languages ​​will easily learn Spanish. Took.

4- Italian language

We have ranked this language in the fourth place among the easiest languages ​​in the world because it is used in 25 different countries of the world such as Argentina,

Switzerland, Italy and و and provides a good opportunity for more people to master it.

One of the advantages of this language is the sharing of sounds,

vowels and consonants, with different languages ​​so that the learner does not need to produce a new sound.

Other examples include its grammatical similarities with other European languages

​​and the small number of morphological verbs versus languages ​​such as Spanish and French.

The presence of words with Latin roots has also facilitated the translation of words into other European languages,

such as the English word FOREST meaning forest, which is also called FORESTA in Italian.

Another reason for learning this is the way words are read according to their spelling, which is like Spanish and Istanbul Turkish,

in other words, unlike languages ​​such as English or French, word spelling is not different from its pronunciation.

Finally, it is better to point out that the sentences of this language are melodic, meaning that most of the sentences have a vowel at the end, which causes a kind of melody when uttering the sentences.

The easiest languages ​​in the world


Deciding and choosing the easiest language in the world requires a study of many linguistic factors, and in this article we have mentioned a few examples.

We hope that language learners consider more precise criteria when choosing the right language

and pay more attention to factors such as the use of language in their career plans and personal success.

Regardless of the ease or difficulty of a language,

learning a foreign language introduces people to different cultures around the world and inspires a new perspective.

The above suggested languages ​​are a collection of languages ​​that you will easily access

and will benefit from numerous literary, artistic and  resources.