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What are the benefits of listening to a podcast?

How to use the podcast?

Podcasts are everywhere these days, and there are plenty of topics to choose from. In recent years, with the growth of the podcast space, its quality has also increased significantly. Although many of us still do not know how to use a podcast. Here we look at how you can listen to podcasts, from smartphones to smart speakers and more.

The benefits of using a podcast are so great that it can be listened to with various tools today, one of which is the smartphone. The easiest way to listen to a podcast, in the long run, is through a smartphone. Virtually every device on the market has at least one way to listen to a podcast, and most phones have a lot of these ways! So, if you have a smartphone in your pocket, you already have an ideal platform for listening to podcasts.

How to listen to podcasts with a smartphone?

One of the most important benefits of using a podcast is that it can be listened to on many devices, including smartphones. There are three practical ways to learn how to listen to a podcast on a smartphone:

Podcast apps for iPhone

If your smartphone is an iPhone, then from the beginning, you will have a basic start because iOS comes with a podcast app. Just look at one of the apps on your phone, like Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts

It’s a great app for listeners that lets you browse, find new episodes, and easily subscribe. Then you have to turn off the program every time you want to listen to your podcast and select an episode for that day. Alternative apps for iOS include Pocketcasts and Spotify.

Podcast apps for Android

Android users have their podcast app. Google Podcasts is one of them, but it is much more limited than Apple’s recommendation, and I do not recommend it. Instead, download Pocketcasts or Castbox and start listening to your podcast immediately.

Headphones for listening to podcasts

If you listen to podcasts with your smartphone, you will also need a set of headphones. Most new smartphones have the right headphones, so this is a good start to listening to the podcast. Having control over the cable is also very useful to stop your podcast and listen to it again whenever you want. You can upgrade your headphones to get more of your favorite podcasts. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get a great set of headphones.

How to listen to podcasts using a computer?

Listening to podcasts with a smartphone is the easiest and longest way to go because mobile phones are great. Still, technically, the simplest and most obvious way to listen to a podcast is through live streaming. So one of the advantages of using a podcast is that you can also listen to it on your computer. The downside is that you have to stick to your desktop to do this.

In the same way, you can play any show with one of the directory programs on your computer. The most popular of these apps are iTunes and Spotify. If you have any of these programs on your computer, go to the podcast section and search inside it and click the play button. If you use Spotify to listen to podcasts on your mobile phone, it will transfer this subscription to the same operating system. Unfortunately, iTunes and Apple Podcasts do not fit together this way. This method of listening to podcasts is very useful as long as the speaker or headphones are connected to the computer.

The disadvantage of this method in the long run, as mentioned before, is that you have to sit in front of your computer to listen to the podcast, and if the show is one hour long, it can be a bit tedious, but if the episode is short, the podcast will not be. You can also stream your podcast through your PC speakers and listen to it while doing other chores around the house.

How to listen to podcasts in the car?

According to the latest podcast statistics, the car is the most common place to listen to podcasts, and that makes sense. We almost always listen to the radio in the car. We can say that the podcast is a new radio, so another advantage of using the podcast is listening to it while driving. But how do you listen to podcasts in the car? First of all, this is possible through a Bluetooth connection. Most modern cars are set up to connect to your phone so that you can make hands-free calls. The same connection can also play audio through your phone.

If that doesn’t work, the most common way is that every car has an “aux in” or “line in” port, just like a headphone jack, and all you need is something like a 3.5mm cable to 3.5 mm to connect the phone to your car. Some people use radio devices to broadcast their phone output at a specific frequency. As a last resort,t Then you can tune it to your car radio.

How to listen to podcasts using smart speakers?

You can not miss the privilege of using smart speakers designed by the world’s largest companies. Google has Google Home, Amazon has Echo, and more are announced every month.

Each Bluetooth speaker lets you stream your podcast via your smartphone, so both Home and Echo can do just that. Echo, in particular, is great for connecting to TuneIn and Spotify radio. As a result, it should be noted that the ability to listen to the podcast via a smart speaker is another benefit of using the podcast.

What are the benefits of using a podcast?

If we want to enumerate the advantages of using a podcast, one of its most important advantages is the possibility of using it at all times. We can listen to the podcast while cooking, working, driving, or cleaning the house. The benefits of using a podcast have led many people worldwide to listen to the podcast.

What is remarkable is that the podcast listening community is growing every year. Of course, all of this goes back to the benefits of podcasts, but why are podcasts so popular? What demands them in a world dominated by visual learners?

What are some of the benefits of using a podcast?

In the world of visual culture and rapid technological advances, the popularity of such a simple format as a podcast seems questionable. The latest statistics show that 49% of marketing videos are only 0 to 60 seconds long, so why do podcasts that average 41 minutes listen to at least 90% of the time? The answer to this question goes back to the benefits of using a podcast.

  • Podcasts can be multitasking.
  • Listening to podcasts is an easy way to stay up to date with the latest news and events
  • The podcast is fun.

Multi-function podcasting is one of the most important benefits of using a podcast.

The main reason podcasts are popular, and one of the most important benefits of using a podcast is that it allows your audience to save time. Edison’s research found places to listen to podcasts and found that most people listened to audio blogs while walking or working from home and while driving.

It means that people who listen to the podcast do at least two things simultaneously, such as exercising and listening to their podcast. The finding also showed that most of the activity occurred while listening to the podcast.

Awareness of the latest news is the second advantage of using podcasts.

According to the Podcast Publishing Guide, daily news podcasts have a busy market already occupied by media giants such as the Washington Post, Vox, The Guardian, The Economist, and The New York Times. The second topic consumers are most interested in on the podcast (after the music) is news. It is known as the second advantage of using the podcast.

People can refer to the podcast for the latest events and listen to it within 24 to 48 hours after downloading the podcast. A poll was conducted to confirm this. It is interesting to note that 52% of respondents said they listen to a news podcast in its entirety. However, 41% of them said they listen to it most of the time.

Entertaining podcasts is the third benefit of using podcasts

In addition to learning new things and keeping up with the news, people also choose podcasts that they want to entertain themselves with. So one of the benefits of using a podcast is entertaining people, especially in these days of coronary heart disease when we have to spend most of our time at home.

As a result, podcasts related to music, food, sports, excitement, and entertainment are the most popular of these podcasts. Podcasts are also fun because of the variety of formats they have. These formats include podcasts on topics such as interviews, conversations, late-night shows, non-fiction stories, and live video podcasts.