Sketch and Figma

What are Sketch and Figma and their differences

Two programs, Sketch and Figma, are among the design applications. It is not clear which of these two programs is superior to the other. In order to use one of these two programs for design, you need to get more information about their features and specifications.

You should know that the best design software shows different advantages for each user based on their practical experience, with a separate review related to Sketch and Figma. You can easily compare these two programs and finally choose one of them.

Comparison of Sketch and Figma

Some points related to Sketch and Figma and you should keep some of them in mind are:

1. Sketch introduction

The sketch is one of the programs that was released in September 2010. Since this program was used as one of the applications, it won the Apple Design Award. It is considered one of the first design software and one of the best programs that create the scene of design and applied design in general. Among the three Sketch and Figma or XD programs, you should know that this program is more developed and is known as an editor.

Some of the features of this program are

  • Instant design preview in this program is one of the most important features.
  • There are vertical and horizontal lines for reference and guidance in this program.
  • It is possible to export from this program.
  • Platform support based on cooperation with several people is one of the other features of this program.

The advantages of this program are

  • Design at a very high level with a unique scale is known among the advantages of this program. You should know that high-scale design is done quickly by this program.
  • Users can maintain and build the electronic library system with continuous use to create stability and the possibility of repetition.
  • The high range is known as another advantage due to the very strong tools that exist in Sketch.
  • Pixel designs and the automaticity of these designs are among other things that show the advantage of Sketch.
  • A more accurate and faster display for the browser to appear is one of the other known features and advantages.
  • There is stable support for the user community in this app.

You need to increase your knowledge about the disadvantages of Sketch and Figma. Some of the disadvantages of the sketch are

  • You should know that Sketch has a free version, works only on Mac systems, and cannot be used on Windows.
  • They have designed this program without image editing and retouching capabilities.
  • There is no function related to preparing a prototype in this program. Many problems and issues can be solved to some extent by third-party plugins. However, all these plugins need constant support from the developers.
  • In general, using this program should know that your hardware resources are occupied. For this reason, an old computer cannot use this program.

2. Introducing Figma

Figma was designed in 2016. You should know that Sketch and Figma were designed in different years. But both are useful tools and unique experiences. This program is known as a platform with unique features. Features such as preparing a design prototype and group collaboration have made this program popular.

We can introduce this program as one of the best tools for designing the practical experience. The possibility of providing various solutions for designing various images by this program is one of its advantages. You should know that this two software, Sketch, and Figma, are the only software that fully performs their functions according to cloud computing.

The features of Figma are

  • It is cloud software and is known as one cloud software.
  • Browser and desktop support are known as other features of this program.
  • The possibility of several people collaborating in this program simultaneously is one of the other key features of this program.
  • This program has a mirror, known as the Figma mirror, as its important feature.
  • Figma supporting several plugins is introduced as one of the main and essential features of the program.

You should know that Sketch and Figma both have many advantages, among which the advantages of Figma are

  • The simultaneous cooperation of this program with other programs for unparalleled transparency is known as one of the advantages of this program. It is very easy to use this program for group work. The simultaneous cooperation of this program with other programs has made it easier to use it for a group activity.
  • File sharing options
  • This program is very easy and can be done in the shortest time. Being easily possible to import and export this program is known as another advantage of this program.

Some of the disadvantages of this program are

  • Users must be permanently online to work with Figma. We should know that if you don’t have Internet, you don’t have Figma.
  • The need for at least 4 GB of internal RAM and a high-power graphics card is another thing you need to provide to work with Figma. For this reason, some people whose system does not have this feature may not be able to use Figma.
  • Local caches in this program may make updates and the latest changes somewhat difficult for users.
  • The absence of many global colors can make it somewhat harder to use and design stability.
  • The group members can access the files using Figma only when these sample files are loaded in the libraries.