Vmware Brings Windows 11 To Macs Equipped With Apple Chips

Vmware Brings Windows 11 To Macs Equipped With Apple Chips

The Technical Preview Version Of Vmware Fusion Allows Windows 11 To Run On Macs Equipped With Apple’s Proprietary Chips.

VMware announced this week that the latest update to VMware Fusion brings Windows 11 support to Macs powered by Intel and Apple chips. Version 2H22 Fusion, available as a free technical preview, allows Mac users with Apple’s proprietary chips to download and run Windows on their system using virtualization.

According to MacRumors, features of the update include support for Windows 11 with 2D graphics and networking, installation of VMtools for Windows on devices equipped with Apple’s system-on-chips (SoC), and improved support for Linux on machines fitted with Apple’s SoC and more.

  • The possibility of running Windows 11 on Macs equipped with Intel and Apple chips with GFX 2D and network
  • Installing VMtools to run Windows 11 on M1 Macs
  • Improved Linux support on M1 Macs
  • HW 3D graphics accelerator and OpenGL 4.3 in Linux VM (requires Linux 5.19 and Mesa 22.1.3 Plus)
  • Virtual TPM device
  • Fast encryption
  • Universal Binary

VMware says that while the functionality of the new version of VMware Fusion is designed with Windows 11 in mind, these tools can also use on other virtual machines.

Currently, Fusion in Apple devices that use the company’s proprietary chips is still in progress, and there are limitations that we will mention below:

  • Fusion does not support running virtual machines on different architectures, meaning that no x86_64 virtual machines on M1 Macs are compatible.
  • macOS virtual machines are not provided in this version, but VMware is fixing this problem.
  • Ubuntu 20.04.4 and 22.04 for arm64 are currently not bootable (Ubuntu 20.04 will add to the list of operating systems compatible with this version of VMware from July 5th onwards).

VMware says it plans to receive user feedback to fix potential issues with its new virtualizer in its final version. The trial period of using VMware Fusion will be free, and you can download it from the official website of this company.