Viruses in Chrome OS

One of the features that is making Chrome OS such a lovely and admirable operation system is the high security of it, Chrome OS acts like a Castle with so many doors for a virus to get into it, also google likes to show off its favorite operation system and especially on how much the Chromebook is secure and unbreakable.

In today’s article, we’re gonna talk about if it’s true and if it is, how is it possible for an operating system to fight again viruses.

What are Viruses?

The best way to understanding this matter completely is to know what viruses are.

We can say it this way, Viruses are the most common shape of malware, they carry around some destructive codes and often they are executable, which means the user can run it or the virus run itself, when the viruses are running they spread their codes and command all-around your system.

When the codes are free, they can do multiple things, for example, they can clear your data or information or rewrite them, or even replacing themselves as the system files, in that case, it would be so exhausting to determine them from the original files in your system.

For knowing how the viruses work, we can give you an example, in Windows OS the files that are counted as viruses comes with .exe format and their most common target is Windows.exe, but in chrome OS, due to the lack of execution the .exe files, there is no threat from this type of files, also viruses and malware often attack older operation system and common OS, since the chrome OS just released recently, there is so malware for it.

How is Chrome OS so Safe?

In Chrome OS, there many item and modules that make it the safest operating system in the game, the easiest one to mention is the Updates, Chrome OS is constantly trying to check for new update packages and there are often so little and will be installed in a matter of seconds, having the latest security patches and new features, give the user insurance that their system in invulnerable in facing viruses for at least 4 months.

Each time the user tries to boot up the Chrome book, the Operation System do a check up on every file in the device and if it counters any kind of viruses or malware, the system itself will remove it or if it found any corrupted file or data in the system, the auto repair will start.

One of the features that google really is proud of is sandboxing, this feature work like many boxes, each application or extension or any part in the operating system has one individual sandbox, it means apps and software’s cant interrupt each other or have any more permission than what the administrator set for them.

With this feature, the malware won’t be able to harm any other application or have any kind of access to any part of the operation system.

Is Chrome OS vulnerable at all?

Viruses are just one the many shapes of malware and Chrome OS, just like any other device is still vulnerable to other kinds of malware, for example, malware that shapes themselves as an extension for google chrome, or bad android virus and applications, also there would a little security hole for those who have Android and Linux apps installed in their devices.

This type of malware is not unique to Chrome os, they can be found everywhere, any user who uses android devises and chrome browser is in danger of this types of malware, now the danger of it can multiply if the user tries installing random Android and Linux apps on their Chromebooks.

How Keep Chrome OS safe?

Here are some ways to reduce the risk of Chrome OS being infected with the malware:

Beware of phishing and scam sites: Chrome OS is actually a browser upgraded by Chromium browser, which means that Chrome OS can not stand against malware that tries to steal your information through the site Are prevented, such as phishing sites that steal your bank information and accounts, the best way to prevent this from happening is to trust reputable sites for online shopping.

Download Google Chrome extensions from​ trusted sources:

One of the popular features of Google Chrome is the use of application extensions, Google has done an excellent job of keeping the Google Store secure, we highly recommend do not download the extension, plugins, and applications for your chrome browsers anywhere beside chrome browser official store.

Avoid Developer Mode: One of the things that make Chrome OS secure is the developer mode being turned off, which does not allow unauthorized third-party applications to access the operating system, so malicious programs have less chance, the developer mode can be a powerful tool, if you do not need to install Google Chrome applications, it is better to turn off this option.

Update your Chromebook: Chrome OS checks for updates every time your system is turned on, and automatically downloads and installs them if a new update is released, and after the installation, you will be prompted to restart the system. It will show that if you are trying to keep your Chrome OS safe, it is best to always install these updates.

Put your operating system on stable build: In Chrome OS there are three completely different modes in it, stable mode, beta, and developer, in the developer mode that we explained to you above, you can install Linux operating system apps, in beta, you will be able to install Chrome OS versions that are available to users in trial mode, in this case, your operating system will not be very stable and may have some problems. This is why users who are looking for a smooth and hassle-free experience with their systems are advised to use Stable Build.

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