View hidden files in Direct Admin

Many times you need to access and finally edit some files. One of these important files for configuration and security is the htaccess file. Htaccess is the most important file you deal with in WordPress. But the issue that people sometimes ask is where is the location of the WordPress htaccess file? Is it part of the hidden files in Direct Admin and CPanel or not? In many management panels such as cPanel, the htaccess file is hidden by default, and you must go through a specific process to view it in hosting your But in Direct Admin, the situation is not like this, and you can access it easily. In this article from the Fa host knowledge base, we point out the hidden files in Direct Admin and how to access them. If you use the cPanel control panel, you should read the tutorial on how to view hidden files in cPanel.

The topics that will be discussed in this article are as follows:


  • Hidden files in Direct Admin
  • Where is the htaccess file?
  • htaccess file in direct admin

Hidden files in Direct Admin

For many users, the question has arisen whether Direct Admin has a hidden file? In response to this question, it should be said that in Direct Admin, unlike other management panels such as CPanel, there is no such thing as a hidden file. This means that the users of this management panel can access public_html their desired files get access.

This topic is for those who want to enter the htaccess file quickly and without needing side work. And apply the changes you need. It is very appropriate. Because it is no longer necessary to act like the CPanel management panel and remove the file from hidden mode at first, in the following, we will tell you in more detail about the htaccess file. What is it, and how can it be accessed through the Direct Admin management panel.

Where is the htaccess file?

In general, the hosts placed on the Apache web server, a section called htaccess. have htaccess. It stands for access, hypertext, and It through. You can manage the settings of the web server. Using this file. You can modify the Apache configuration according to your needs and the features you are looking for.

Hidden file in Direct Admin 

  • Using this file, you can rewrite your links.
  • Create directories with special passwords.
  • Activate Hotlink for your website.
  • It prevents other websites from using the bandwidth of the site.
  • Restrict access to specific IP addresses.
  • You can change the time zone of your website
  • Change the default indexed pages.
  • Change the extension of existing files.
  • Use https to HTTP on your host to place the redirect command.
  • And…

In general, you can do many of the main and decisive actions for your website with the help of the htaccess file. Could you do it? Next, we will tell you where the htaccess file is in Direct Admin and how you can access it to make changes.

htaccess file in direct admin

As mentioned earlier, htaccess. Cannot be considered as one of the hidden files in Direct Admin, and in fact, there is no such thing as hidden files in this management panel. If you want to access this file and know the location of the htaccess file in the Direct Admin host, you should proceed as follows:

  1. In the first step, you need to enter your Host Direct Admin management panel by entering your username and password.
    Training to enter the direct admin
  2. Then System Info & Files ” sub-menu File Manager.
    Hidden file in Direct Admin
  3. On the page displayed to you, public_html and click on it.
    Where is the hidden file in Direct Admin?
  4. In the ” public_html is a file called ” htaccess. » It can be seen that by keeping the mouse on it, you can see a menu like an image below, from this menu Edit File.
    htaccess file in direct admin
  5. This way, a page like the following image will be shown to you, containing the content of the htaccess file.

Where is the htaccess file in the direct admin?

Finally, you can make any changes to this file and click on the ” Save ” button.

In this article from the FA host knowledge base, an attempt has been made to answer a very common question about hidden files in Direct Admin. Because of the htaccess file. It is one of the most important and original files that should be used to make basic and basic changes in the configuration of your web server, and access to it is of great importance for people. According to this tutorial, you can easily and in the shortest possible time to the htaccess file. Access and edit it according to your needs