Vepp: a new control panel for server and website management

Not only professional developers but also inexperienced users create websites. Even novices can make their own websites. sever and website control panel should help them, however, they make the process even more difficult. They are multifunctional, but not intuitive as they are designed for advanced administrators.

Vepp is trying to strive to change this approach because they believe that a website should be available to everybody. Today, they introduce Vepp, a new control panel for server and website management. It performs all difficult technical operations itself. providing the intuitive web interface for any user.

New control panel for everyone

They started to design Vepp by analyzing the current auditory of hosting panels. They took information about third-party solutions from open sources. Here are some general results:

1) in 58% of cases there is only one user in a control panel;

2) 36% of users are newbies in administration;

3) There is only one domain (i.e. one website) per 30% of servers.

This means that most users are owners of one website; many of them don’t have experience. They might be professionals, but not in development and administration.

These conclusions match the general trends. The market of site builders has grown over recent years and it will keep on increasing. WordPress is getting new visual constructors of pages and plugins that help solve the easiest tasks. All these tools are for inexperienced users.

That’s why they first thought about users without technical background; they were trying to understand their goals and work through solutions. Their goal was to create an intuitive web interface.

Meet Vepp!

Vepp is a new product that’s why it has different name. It provides easier tools for newcomers yet being functional and secure.

Every tool in Vepp has its own place. You don’t need to have special skills to upload a website to the server, assign a domain, and configure backups. The service makes difficult operations easier and saves the user time.

Let’s look at the interface

Website creation

They have created a wizard that consists of three steps. A user only needs to select a CMS template, specify or buy a domain- and his website based on WordPress is ready to go. However, a webmaster still can create a website without CMS and configure the system according to his needs.


Website card

After you have created the website, on the dashboard you will see the information about your website; if it is accessible or not, when the last back up copy was created, and if an SSL-certificate is connected. Every widget has links to the section where you can solve the problem.


Detailed settings

In the “settings” section you can find the tools for domains, mail, backups, and file management. Every section is designed in such a way that a novice won’t waste much time on understanding the configuration and an advanced user, on the other hand, can focus on details.

currently, the functionality of some sections is limited but we will extend it in the course of time. You can read about their plans below, and now.

Current control panel functions

Information for owners of ISPmanager 5: please note that now Vepp cannot perform all the operations supported by ISPmanager. Currently, Vepp can only be used by those users who need to manage their WordPress website without deep knowledge in configuration and administration. Features for professionals will be added later.

they support ISPmanager 5 and issue security updates. That’s why you can continue using the panel as before.


They understand that it’s not enough to create a website. There are so many operations in webServer and mail configuration and users also need their help.

They are going to make vepp a powerful service for protection, analytics, and website promotion. They will add the corresponding tools in the nearest future. you can find the roadmap in trello. By the end of the year they are going to add:

  1. Antivirus for websites.
  2. Import of an exiting WordPress website into Vepp.
  3. WordPress website promotion tools.
  4. integration with google analytics.
  5. Security tools WordPress.
  6. External storage for backup copies.
  7. WordPress website speed optimization.
  8. Server status monitoring.
  9. DDoS and spam protection tool

For advanced users, they will add extended features. They will offer a hosting pack for hosting providers and a developer pack for developers.

Distribution and prices for this contro panel

You can buy Vepp with a virtual or dedicated server from a hosting provider. It is very convenient because the server is already connecting to the control panel. Besides. you can buy domains directly from the panel (you won’t face problems when assigning or setting up domain). Finally, providers offer Vepp at lower price than Vepp company.

Be the first to try

Most hosting providers who stated use Vepp offered promo actions and servers with a new control panel at affordable prices.

If you only want to look at the new panel you can use promo tariff on their website. Sign up at and connect a virtual or dedicated server. If you don’t have a server, you can use a test one. After you confirm the email you will access to the server.






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