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Vashi Strait; Summer Resort Near Tehran

The smoky color of the capital’s sky and the hustle and bustle of city life are a good excuse to be eager to go to nature and breathe in the fresh air. 

If you live in Tehran, you do not need to choose a destination far away to experience a pure mountain nature that combines the greenery of the plains and the clarity and coolness of the water; A pleasant paradise has a pleasant place around you.

On Firoozkooh Road, near the village of Jalizjand, there is a spectacular promenade in the heart of northern Iran, which is a popular choice for hot summer days. Vashi Strait is the name of this region of Firoozkooh.

If you are tired of the heat of Tehran’s summer weather, take your backpack and travel on Firoozkooh Road. We are with you on this summer tour and we will be your companion in the cool water pleasure and watching the mountain valleys.

River climbing experience on the cliffs of Vashi Strait

Vashi Strait

Two straits called Vashi and Sa and a green plain between these two Behnam Savashi, make your way for a great summer fun near the capital. If you are a hiker in the cool water of the river and you enjoy going to the heart of the valleys and hiking behind the beautiful cliffs, you have chosen a good destination to have fun. It is interesting to know that the nature of Savashi plain, which is located on the path between the two straits, is the hunting ground of Fath Ali Khan Qajar, and the carved inscriptions that you will see on the heart of the rock wall in the path of the first gorge, are proof of this.

Vashi Strait

With a light backpack and a world of adventure, take the road to Firoozkooh and dive into the water and do not be afraid of getting wet and cold. This is a good opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and experience a pleasant and different feeling.

The first steps in the coolness of the First Strait River

Vashi Strait

Your river trek starts with the route of the first gorge, which is also known as Vashi. You have a long way to go between the high walls of the mountain. It accompanies you all the way through the river and does not deprive you of its coolness. In the middle of the water, walk on the small and large rocks of the river. Walk and do not be afraid of water, this river does not endanger your safety; Of course, as long as you take careful steps and watch out for slippery rocks on the riverbed. As you go along, the excitement of the route increases and the slope of the vertical walls in some parts of the route hides the sun and the blue sky of Firoozkooh from your view.

Inscription of Vashi Strait - left over from the Qajar period
Inscription of Vashi Strait – left over from the Qajar period

The charm of the first strait is not limited to river climbing; Surviving inscriptions from the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, in the heart of the stone, appear in front of you, which tells the story of the days when the king went to the Savashi plain with a group of his companions to hunt. The artistic carvings of this petroglyph are praiseworthy and the role of the spearmen is also evident in its beauty. Unfortunately, this inscription was not safe from damage and people who do not value historical monuments have written a memorial on it.

Crossing the Savashi plain and towards the Sa Strait

Savashi Plain - Photo by Ali Afzali
Savashi Plain – Photo by Ali Afzali

After crossing the first gorge, you will reach the green plain of Savashi, which completes the beauties of the Vashi gorge. The warmth of the sun in this area will be pleasant after the cooling of the water. Rest in this plain for a while and get ready to continue the route and reach the Sa Strait before you run out of energy. After passing the green plain of Savashi, you will reach the Strait of Sa, where the difficulties of walking will be less than the first strait, and at the same time, its beauties will be more.

A waterfall waiting for you at the end of the path

Vashi Strait Waterfall

The unique nature of this area will surprise you at the end of the walk so that you will feel tired. The clear and cool waterfall that awaits nature lovers at the end of the second strait will be the best end of this climbing river that completes the summer fun around the capital.

The sound of water, the image of a silver wig unknowingly left on the rocks, and the radiance of sunlight on the diamond drops of water, represents the most beautiful frame of the Vashi Strait. Sitting around the pool, which is in the heart of the rock that welcomes the waterfall, will be a good place to relax and enjoy the relaxation of the water flow.

A warm and enjoyable day in a friendly gathering

Photo by Nastaran Fotouhi
Photo by Nastaran Fotouhi

We are all eager to get rid of the hustle and bustle of life in the city and fall in love with the tranquility of nature. The river of this region and the Savashi plain are a good opportunity for the capitalists to regain their lost peace and resume their urban life with energy.

On hot summer days, be sure to take the road to Firoozkooh with your friends to take a dip in the heart of the water and pass through the wall of rocks to see the best views of nature. We suggest that you choose a day in the middle of the week to go to this promenade so that you are not bother by the crowds and crowds on holidays.

River climbing in the strait

Going to Washi Strait is an experience that will be much more enjoyable and fun with a friendly gathering, so we suggest that you do not miss this group fun. Prepare the equipment needed for this short trip and enjoy the warmth of summer with the coolness of the river with a very light backpack in the pleasant nature of Firoozkooh. Write us about your sweet memories and experiences from this promenade near Tehran and guide others with tips and suggestions that will be useful for exploring this lovely nature.